Zero Nutrition - Healthy Living Lesson

Uploaded by BiblicalHealthTV on 06.06.2012

What about the junk food industry? The junk food industry is fascinating. They have taken…now,
let’s…for those of you who were here for the beginning of the series….you will remember
that we described the basic human need for nutrition. Does anyone remember what that
is, the category of food? Fruit. The answer is fruit. But what is in the fruit that is
our basic need? Sweets. Sweets. Sugar. What is the junk food industry? What is it’s
big draw? Sugar. There are not stupid. They know, they know what you need, they know how
your bodies work; but they have just helped you pervert satisfying that need.
We have an entire junk food industry that is based on sugar and what is the second need?
Salt. So, think of a junk food that comes to your mind. It exaggerates the taste of
sugar or exaggerates the taste of salt. Those are the two categories. Instead of them having
to sell this to you, it is like a drug, they just give it to you once and you’ll just
keep coming back. And, then we have these advertisements which say, don’t keep an
apple in a your desk drawer, keep a chocolate bar. They do not have your health in mind.
Dr. Andrea: And advertising….like you said, think about breakfast cereals. It boggles
my mind when you go down the breakfast cereal aisle. The same kind of thing as at the fast
food restaurants, the toys are in the box, the kid wants a toy or there is something
they can color on the back or whatever. They are loaded with sugar, preservatives, food
coloring; it just a mini version of a cookie or something like that. That is supposed to
be a nutritious breakfast? And then with the cow milk on top? It amazes me!
Dr. Jeff: You spend an extraordinary amount of money. This is not like, well you know
these people really want it, so we’ll give them the money incentive, we’ll take….You
can spend $4 for a box of cereal or more! Only to kill yourself! That is really what
it is. Zero nutrition. Zero. Now, they discovered that certain people would shy away from sugar
for health reasons, so there was another market that was created inside the junk food industry.
I heard it, NutraSweet, the artificial sweeteners. Well, I have to tell you, if you have decided…you
have made a rock solid decision…I am going to eat that junk. Say you have decided, I
am going to eat that cookie, I am going to eat that chocolate bar, eat it with real sugar
in it, even though the real sugar is processed sugar. White sugar is far better than those
poison toxic chemicals that they call artificial sweeteners. It should never ever pass your
lips. It is kind of like asking someone to melt your brain. There is a covering around
the neurological tissue, and that covering gets dissolved with this junk.
Dr. Andrea: Among other things: cancer which is right on the label.
Dr. Jeff: And it sits, they sit on the table. We were at a restaurant the other day, we
were away for a conference and you know sit in the restaurant and the tables always go
like this (indicates the table wobbling). So Anj took a stack of those pink things and
she stuck them underneath. And, I said that is about what those are good for. They are
good to level the table. [everyone laughing]