Hand Puppets & Puppet Shows : Making Puppets Walk & Run: How to Master the Art of Puppet Theater

Uploaded by expertvillage on 01.10.2007

Hello again! This is Paul Louis from Puppets n’ Stuff puppets. You can find us on the
worldwide web at www. puppetsnstuff.com. We are back with our puppeteer techniques. We
are going to talk a little bit about walking and running with your character. Basically,
if you are working from behind a stage, and you are kind of sitting in one position or
standing in one position, and you want to give the effect that your puppet is walking,
a good thing to do—let’s turn him to the side a bit—is basically just move your elbow
up and down ever so slightly as you bring him forward. Let’s do that again. Now, you
don’t want him to just glide across, making him look like he is a spirit or something,
you want to give him a little natural walking movement. If he is running, you could do it
a little bit higher as you go up and down, and a little faster. Let’s do that again.
So keep practicing. Also, actually what I would like to mention is, when you are walking,
I like to kind of have the puppet go from side to side too, a little bit. See what I
mean there? He is going a little bit from side-to-side, and if I was to make him walk
and move, he would be like this. I will show you that again…and that is how you basically
make your puppet walk and run. We will be right back.