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i don't need to be a bitch but the last four times the from here the foods awful

well uh.. anne apologize for the food of speech and said he was certainly do our best to make sure that that doesn't happen again yeah! that was the last waitress said


could you drop by my food please i can't deal with that bitch anymore

here ladies

and he's busy so i thought it would come down for that

but i still have salad left

well well well would you like me to take them back and bring out a few minutes

yeah!! and let it dry out under the heat lamps
just give me the food
too stupid


did that waitress listen to a word i said

this steak is medium rare

I ask for a medium and i wanted extra greedy on my mashed potatoes

let me ask you something

how hard is your job

how intelligent you have to be to take food order

europe's rewrite and


I can fix this for you right away

good now i can finish my salad

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