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Hi, I'm Jan.
I know.
Your friend Vanessa told me a little about you. Tell me more.
You first? Sure.
Why did you become a dancer?
My mother was a dancer. She created opportunities for me and I took them. And things have worked out well.
That's the short version; what's the longer one?
My mother was protective of me. She didn't want me crippled playing football, which was my first love.
It was a tough choice. I liked to dance but not playing ball? It took me away from my friends and my world.
I think my mom wanted that to keep all those wonderful street influences from leading me astray.
So, I started with the Dance Theater of Harlem. My mom's my hero.
And your dad?
He's not part of the equation. What about you? Are you close with your mom?
But nothing. If you don't want me to ask I won't.
She has some issues, some emotional problems.
She goes up and down a lot.
Things didn't work out for her the way she planned.
Do you look after her?
I do when she lets me.
But she doesn't allow you to most of the time?
No, she says she's fine...
...she's great. She's the greatest person I know and I love her very, very much.
She really understands me and Robbie. Thinks he walks on water and he loves her too.
Can we talk about something else?
Your dad. Not in the equation.
Got it, got it.
I feel like I'm having five-minute therapy sessions, one after the other.
I hope you don't mind me asking, but why did you change your hair?
I just wanted something different.
I mean, wigs can be very powerful.
In the African American culture, wigs are very prominent. I mean women wear them for so many reasons.
Simplicity, to change their appearance of course.
To not be seen. To be someone than who they are.
To forget themselves.
Why are you wearing a wig?
I don't know.
Women wear many hats.
If you don't want me to ask I won't.
I already answered it.
Then you'd make a terrible spy.
Because you're truthful even when you're not.
You are a very impressive man.
But you don't want to engage anymore.
Let's just say it doesn't work out and move on?
It works for me.
Not for me.
Really? I'm getting just the opposite impression. You know I think that you need to have a really good time.
Have one of those blow out nights where you let it all go and just dance your blues away. I'm not a good dancer. Just an enthusiastic one, kind of epileptic.
No one's going to judge you.
You know who likes to dance?
Does she?
She does, she's quite good at it. Loves it.
You sound like you want me to ask her to dance?
Yes, that would be great.
Okay. I'll do it.
I bet you won't regret it.
Not now!
Excuse me. May I ask Vanessa a question?
Of course.
Will you dance with me?
Here? Yes. Now?
I, uh... I can't be rude to Paco.
It's cool with me.
I can't now.
I'm sorry, it's my fault.
You've got to stop apologizing woman and just live.
I don't know, I don't know.
I'm sorry but am I the only one seeing this?
Malcolm, what are you doing?
I don't think he's bartending.
Did they slick that bar?
Alright we got a dancer!
I'm not even that type of guy, but this is really romantic.
Wow, going up. Malcolm?
Okay, a little scared of heights.
You can put me down now.
Oh my god, oh my god.
This is the part where everyone is supposed to join in.
Only in the movies, huh?
V, wait!
Let's dance.