TRAKTOR KONTROL X1 Demo - Lesson Seven: FX Control Part 2 - Video Tutorial ‖ Sonic Academy

Uploaded by SonicAcademy on 26.01.2010

Of course, not everyone uses effects in Chained mode
so if you're one of those people who prefer to use Advanced mode,
or even a combination of the two, like we are here,
the X1 can be used to control up to 3 individual parameters of your preferred effect.
So on deck 2 here, we have FX unit 2,
we can switch this on with a delay set up here,
we can control dry/wet,
and we have the filter controls of the delay,
the delay rate,
the feedback...
and so on.
In the Advanced mode, to select a different effect,
you simply hold down “shift”
and press “FX on” to scroll through your available effects.
FX unit 1 and FX unit 2 can of course be assigned to either 1 or 2 decks,
using the “FX1” or “FX2” assign buttons to toggle your selection on or off.
So these buttons are located in the center,
so it's “FX1” and “FX2”
that's for deck 1, that's for deck 2
and it's the same on the right hand side here as well.
So we can choose to use FX unit 1 on both decks or FX unit 2 on both decks,
or we could have both FX units 1 and 2 on both decks as well.
This effectively gives you up to 6 different effects on each deck at any one time
if you decide to use Chained mode on both decks
with full hands-on control over the parameters.
The FX assign buttons all have secondary functions for activating
Snap mode and Quantized mode, as well as allowing you
to set the corresponding deck as the Master for synching.
To access the secondary controls, again you hold down “shift”
and press the button you want,
so set that up as Master by pushing that button
switch our “Snap” on or off
or switch out “Quantized” on or off here as well.
So that's the FX section on the Traktor Kontrol X1,
and you really do have a huge amount of control at your finger tips.
How you decide to use it, is entirely up to you!
So that's it for now, but be sure to check out our full
Native Instruments Traktor course at