[ENG] Ulzzang Shidae 6 EP3 [1/4]

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It is now elimination day.
(T/N: I'm just going to skip this part because it's a recap..)
A new type of survival program, Ulzzang Shidae 6!
Nice to meet you, I am Kim Taehyun.
As you can see, these are the pictures of the ulzzangs that have passed the first round.
Again today, we will be spending the night here and deciding who will be the final 6 cast members for this season.
Everyone please look forward to it.
We will now meet the 10 ulzzangs!
It's actually been 2 weeks since our last recording.
Have you all been doing well?
Who is this person?
Who is this in the blue?
Text: Our Haneul has changed~♥
Are you alright?
Yeah! I slept sitting up for 2 weeks!
From here it looks like her nose is going to pierce through the camera.
Yunmi, you first came on as a big Park Taejun fan.
So how does it feel to be on the same team as him?
Whether I get eliminated or not I think I'm just going to be happy~
And I hope your wish comes true.
So I heard from someone last week that Ara has diamonds on her teeth now.
It's a part of my new charm.
Gyubin, have you kept in contact with anyone here after the last recording?
Baneul got in contact with me.
He asked me where I live
and that we should meet.
So I just told him to be healthy and such...
He got in contact with me too
He wanted to be friends on messenger..
Alright, I see...
Dohee, you've survived from the previous round.
Did your boyfriend like it?
I've never had a "boy" friend in the 5 years that I dated my boyfriend.
But I made him jealous for the first time
Is that why you're flushing right now?
We now have a new character! The Menopause character!
Seungrok, last week you said you're friends with Seulong (2AM)
Do you think we'll be able to talk to him on the phone today?
Well I actually called him before this
but he said he's busy with a schedule today...
Ah man, that's a shame.
Did you guys come up with a team name for today?
I think the reason we were able to survive last week
was because our team name was Collection Insurance.
Ah yes, that was a good one. was because our team name was Collection Insurance.
Ah yes, that was a good one.
So this time we've decided our team name to be Life Insurance.
That's fantastic!
Life Insurance...
Our team name comes from that one drama that's really popular right now.
"A Thousand Days' Promise"
So we decided our name to be Two Days and One Night's Promise
Two Days and One Night's Promise...
Since it's way too long you guys will just be Team 1 this week.
WHY?! Since it's way too long you guys will just be Team 1 this week.
This week will be the match between Life Insurance team and Team 1
I ask for your big encouragements!
Let's hear your team motto
Life Insurance~ Life Insurance~
We are...
Life Insurance!
This team's new motto will be "Koala! Koala! Fighting!"
Let's try one more time.
Koala! Koala! Fighting!
That's much better.
Let's hear Team 1's motto.
2~ Days and 1 Night!
Promise me~
So now we have officially divided into the Life Insurance team and Team 1.
Each team has amazing determinations..
Everyone please look forward to who will survive this round!
And we will now start on the first segment in this survival challenge!
Our first test will be
a very scientific test that will test your teamwork.
It's the peppero game!
RULES: Whichever team to have the shortest length in peppero wins.
Let's have a demonstration first with Ulzzang Shidae's official couple
Kang Goo (his nickname on the show) and Han Areum Songi will demonstrate for us!
You're liking this very much aren't you?
I am.
It's nice ♥
But you see, it's a good thing for me too because
my boyfriend NEVER gets mad if I do anything with HIM.
He'll call me and say "Where are you?!" and when I tell him "I'm with Hyukmin" he'll say "Ah~ okay"
He doesn't see him as a man.
I'll show you that I'm a man, today.
And how exactly are you going to do this?
Text: That's more of a creature than a man...
Alright then... everyone please watch carefully.
You have to do better than the demonstration.
Do we get something if we do good?
If you do well then we'll give your our heart-felt applause.
Let's receive a heart-felt applause.
That at the least...
Make the cracker short, just this once.
AH~!! I hate this!
Text: The new ulzzangs are so embarrassed.
Text: A little bit closer...
Text: About to die
Text: How many cm will it be?
This is really not bad
Hey! Were you sweating?! I have your sweat on my face!
Text: Hyukmin... you were nervous weren't you? >:P
1 cm!
Taejun, would you like to try?
Youngi, would you like to try?
Park Taejun and Hong Youngi please step forward.
Do you currently have a girlfriend right now?
Do you have a boyfriend?
No I do not.
I'll think of this as my first kiss in a very long time..
He's pushing and pulling away
Stay still!
I didn't push them!
I just won the freaking lottery!
There is no cracker left.
Well that was something.
Well then, let's start off with Yunmi and Taejun.
I'm going again?!
Yeah that's how the order is!
How do you feel right now?
I will eat this whole thing.
Take a bite
It can't fall off x 2
Please look into each other's eyes.
1 cm!
1.5 cm.
There was something a tad bit regrettable about this round..
You have to play the peppero game with Youngi
how do you feel?
I'm scared...
Unfortunately not everything goes the way you want in broadcast.
Why?! What did I do?
For a second I thought she was a Piranha.
I'm doing this so that my team can have a win!
It's not any of my personal interest.
Is that so?
Wow. 3 cm. What is this.
You don't have a boyfriend right now, right?
That's what I thought
Do you have a girlfriend?
I don't have one.
I'm a bit shaky~
But Ara's not shaky~
Be careful!
Ready... start!
There's still a lot more left x 2
1.5 cm.
He slid back so elegantly!
As soon as their lips touched he goes "EUK!!"
This game is being carried out with so much personal interest involved.
2 cm.
TJ: I guess we did good after all...
What is your resolution for this game?
I think protecting Haneul's nose comes priority.
Hold on, let me measure your nose.
They measure everything at sports competitions.
I will measure to see if she is able to play this game or not.
Her nose is 2.8 cm!
Because of that you have to make sure you're in the right angle.
Do you understand?
Yes I do.
Do you have a girlfriend?
I don't
Do you have a boyfriend?
How old are you?
I'm 24.
How old are you?
I'm 20.
Wow, 4 years apart!
They don't tell your compatibility with a 4 year gap.
If that's the case..
Haneul's partner will be Taejun.
Okay, get ready...
1.3 cm
So far the best record is 1.3 cm.
The last is going to be Dohee and Seungrok.
To Dohee's boyfriend, if he's watching tv right now..
you should probably turn the tv off.
And you're turning red again.
He's such a man!
Oh~ he's so awesome~!
She's shaking so much right now
Still far from it x 5
It's too short~
1.6 cm
And so you have it, with the best record of 1.3 cm, Life Insurance team wins!
Our second game is something the team captains should be very well aware of.
It's moving paper with your mouth
The team to transport the most pieces of paper in 3 minutes will be the winner.
The time is still going!
Hold on! Time out!
You've succeeded in one. Time out.
Don't touch her with your hands.
Did I really?
Again. Start!
These guys are doing good
Text: Hyungseok... you're suspicious...
Youngi: What's with these guys?! Text: Hyungseok... you're suspicious...
It's not easy for me!
Text: Acting innocent with personal motives.
Text: A wolf in sheep's clothing
What a man!
You have one minute left.
Time out!
That's a warning.
You guys have about 50 seconds left.
Ready, start!
Team 1 succeeded with 4 pieces of paper!
The seating arrangement is very important.
Get ready...
and watch your nose
hurry x 1000000000
As expected of professionals.
I feel like I'm watching a hawk hunt for its prey.
Jaeyeol is getting embarrassed!
Hold on, time out!
My nose hurts!
Her nose hurts because he keeps on hitting her every time it's their turn!
We'll change up the seating arrangement.
Well this is the first..