Joggers Park

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Dreams and desires are born in the human mind.
But the rules that govern them..
..are made by a social system, that sometimes questions..
..human nature, and our rationale.
To sit on the throne of the court..
..and give a verdict about the right and the wrong.. give guidance to the society's young men and women..
..through those verdicts.. like writing the destiny of our society and our country.
For 40 years, sitting under the roof of the court..
..he decided about the right and the wrong..
..strictly adhering to his culture and values.
We welcome such a man of action.
The name of that man of action is..
..the Honourable Justice Jyotin Prasad Chatterjee.
After retiring last week from the responsibilities of the court..
..Mr. Jyotin Prasad, is today sitting amongst us..
..for the first time, as an ordinary citizen.
Mr. Chatterjee, welcome to the world of the ordinary citizens.
Which is the award, which is the felicitation in the world..
..that our honourable judge has not received?
His is a complete success story.
A great judge; a great family man.
A great citizen and a true son of lndia.
We're proud of you, sir, and we salute you.
Mrs. Shobha Chatterjee..
..your husband has been felicitated on his retirement.
How do you feel on seeing your husband retiring from his job?
Good and bad too.
Why bad?
Because he is used to working day and night.
Busy with the court and court files.
The coming days will be a new world for him.
New people.
l don't know how he will adjust?
And we are feeling good, because now papa will be able.. spend his maximum time with his family.
He has dedicated 40 years of his life to the court.
Now he will be with us. His family. So we are happy.
l've been your great fan, sir.
Your judgment on Enron, it was marvellous, sir. - Really?
l liked your book on new rules of capital punishment.
Thank you. - Sir, your judgment on P.O.T.A. was simply great, sir.
Thank you.
You are embarrassing me.
You are a great person, sir. We are proud of you, sir.
Anyway, nice meeting you all.
Absolutely, sir. Thank you. Thank you. - Thank you.
All the best. - Thank you. - Thank you.
All the best. All the best. - Thank you, sir.
Ok, sir. - Good luck.
Oh, my star friend!
Hello, Mr. Dinshaw! - Hi!
Hello! lt looks like l am welcomed today!
So, Chatterjee, what are your plans after retirement?
lt seems as if you will retire me from life after my retirement!
Yes, yes. l've got a brilliant idea.
Why don't you join Otters' Club? We will play chess together.
You know, Dinshaw, l don't have any hobby.
Except for giving judgement.
Now l have even lost that job!
By the way, Mr. Chatterjee, who..
..never went to any party in his life, has come here.
All this is because of you.
Thanks a ton, Mrs. Shobha.
Actually, papa has never been so social.
By the way, a good judge should be less social.
Otherwise people exploit him, you know.
You understand that.
Where is father?
lt's beautiful, isn't it?
The use of light and shade and depth?
That's an interesting observation.
When we were students in England..
..we would interpret each painting in.. ten different ways.
Do you like it? - Yes.
l love it.
lt speaks of poetry, music..
..and the future.
Poetry, music and.. the future.
How the future?
The future is home.
Come father, everyone has left.
Mother is waiting outside.
Come. Did you like the paintings? Hmm.
Cheers! - Cheers for you, dad! - Thank you.
Cheers! - Cheers! - Cheers! - Cheers!
Father, offer some to mother also.
Oh, no, no! l don't drink this!
Mother, this is not alcohol, is it?
Drink it as if it is a cold drink.
Father, please persuade her. - Huh!
Father, not like this.
What are you doing?
She is going to create some problem? - Feed her from your hand.
Here, have it.
Wait.. one minute, one minute, one minute!
Oh! Photograph! Cheers! Cheers!
Say cheese!
Mother, l also want wine..
Ritika, children should not drink.
This is just wine; my friends drink beer also. Please!
Didn't l say, no!
Grandpa, please persuade mother.
Ritika, no!
This girl gives me a lot of trouble!
Thanks, grandpa!
Look, what l have brought for you from Kolkata. - What?
There was an article about you in the newspaper. Hmm. l will read it.
Justice, that stood the test of time.
The courts of Mumbai will wear a deserted look..
..without the presence of Justice Jyotin Prasad Chaterjee..
..who retired a month ago.
Justice Chaterjee belonged to that generation of people..
..who believed in equality of men.
Justice Chaterjee will always be remembered..
..for his fair and impartial handling of affairs.
He took in the best of the British judiciary..
..and adjusted it to the lndian ethics.
Father, keeping quiet now will not accomplish anything.
Please say something.
Didn't l say that l have retired from my job, not from life?
That is what l am saying, father.
That you have not yet retired.
Do something for the sake of your health.
Keep yourself busy.
Do you understand?
The files of the court have made him old.
He keeps sitting at home. He doesn't do anything!
You have become old, not l . - No, father.
You haven't taken care of your health in the last five years.
You have only worked.
Now you must look after yourself.
Look at your face!
What is wrong with my face?
The most handsome judge in lndia!
He cannot walk properly!
That is because last month he had a car accident.
So who had asked him to drive a car?
lt is my hobby to drive a car. l will drive.
Father, why don't you join a health club?
The bones in his leg got injured. How can he join a gym?
He can't do rigorous exercise.
Then it is necessary for both his health and his leg..
..that father should go for morning walk everyday.. Joggers' Park.
Joggers' Park?
Hmm. lt is exactly opposite to the Club.
Joggers' Park is a good idea, father.
You will at least meet some people.
That's what l don't want.
A social club in the open air.
No father, there, no one talks to anyone else.
Over there, everyone either takes a walk, or jogs.
He should be a little social too.
Yes, we all vote for Joggers' Park.
Then it's done.
From tomorrow, father will go to Joggers' Park everyday.
''Wake up at the break of dawn.''
''lt's a great, fresh, beautiful morn.''
''The rising sun, that ray of light.''
''Gentle breeze that whispers by.''
''And this is where l see the sky.''
''This is where l feel so high.''
''At Joggers' Park, let the feet roll on.''
''At Joggers' Park, let your life move on.''
''Say hi! Hi! Hi! To the passers by.''
''You face the world now with the wink of an eye.''
''This is also a world. - Joggers' Park.''
''Health is wealth. - Joggers' Park.''
''The familiar and the unknown. - Joggers' Park.''
''They are full of enthusiasm. - Joggers' Park.''
''Say hi! Hi! Hi! To the passers by.''
''You face the world now with the wink of an eye.''
Please be quiet! Please be quiet!
Silence, please! Silence!
Please be quiet! Please keep quiet!
He is our chief guest.
Please be quiet! Please sit down.
We want to talk to him; not to you!
The gist of my speech was that..
..we use three types of languages in our lives.
One, religious. Second, social..
..and the third, legal.
That means religious, social and legal.
And out of these three languages, only the legal language.. terms, are true and cruel.
Suppose some.. some J. P. Chaterjee dies.
So in religious language we will say..
..that he has united with the Supreme Soul.
ln the social language we will say..
..that he has attained heaven.
But in the legal language, legal terms we will say..
..that he has died.
He is dead!
And that, my dear friends, is the whole truth..
..and nothing, but the truth.
Then why doesn't the law acknowledge this truth?
Suppose, a boy and a girl, want to have sex before marriage?
And afterwards also.
What is wrong in the divorce of a married couple..
..if they are unhappy with each other?
The society should welcome it.
ls there no definition of love and friendship in your law?
ls it a crime to love someone?
ls falling in love a crime?
No. Not at all.
But as you call it yourself, it's a falling in love.
And falling itself is a negative concept.
And when you fall, you can either fracture, or break your heart.
Sir, what do you think of love, romance and sex?
That's the very essence and meaning of life.. a human being.
So, go on. Enjoy yourselves, but..
..don't ever sacrifice your social and cultural traditions. Never.
Thank you.
''At Joggers' Park, let the feet roll on.''
''At Joggers' Park let your life move on.''
''Say hi! Hi! Hi! To..''
Mr. Chaterjee, the judge, l must say it's a real pleasure.. have you in Joggers' Park at last! - Thank you.
Sir, glad to meet you. - Yes.
My son is opening a shop, and l wish you would..
No, no, mister, l come here to be able to forget..
..that l am a retired judge and a public figure.
So l request you not to invite me to..
..any inauguration or public function.
l understand; l am sorry. Thank you.
All right. We will not remind you of it, ok?
But you make sure you don't forget about it, ok?
''At Joggers' Park, let the feet roll on.''
Oh, hello justice Chaterjee! Hello! - lt's good to see you here, sir.
Thank you. Good morning, Mr. Chaterjee!
Good morning. Have you recognised me? No.
We had met at the canteen of the high court. Yes.
l am the friend of Sunil Mehra of Pune.
Sunil? - He is the friend of Sunil Nayar of Lucknow. Oh.
He is the friend of Santa of Jalandhar.
And l am the friend of Santa.
So a friend of a friend is a friend.
So you are my friend. Let us shake hands.
Excuse me, l have to go. Ok, sir? - Ok.
You silly fellow! Do think before you act!
''You are alone in a crowd. - Joggers' Park!''
''The youthfulness of the young. - Joggers' Park!''
''The stories of everyone. - Joggers' Park!''
''The youthfulness of the young. - Joggers' Park!''
''The stories of everyone. - Joggers' Park!''
''Say hi! Hi! Hi! To the passers by.''
''You face the world now with the wink of an eye.''
Excuse me!
Thanks. - You are welcome.
Ah.. you mind, if l sit here?
That day, your speech at the National College was very good.
Do you study there?
No, l had come there with a friend. - Oh. But, you were amazing.
And do you know.. what l liked the most about you? What?
What you had said; falling in love itself is falling.
Man, that was so cool!
You should have seen the faces of the students.
They were totally zapped!
But, do you know what the strangest thing is? - Jenny!
Oh no! Neha is waiting for me. l will have to go.
l'll see you along in park. - Sure. - Ok? Take are.
''Joggers' Park, let your life move on.''
''Say hi! Hi! Hi..''
- Ah. - Sir? lt is ten o'clock. Come.
''You face the world now with the wink of an eye.''
So tell me, how was Joggers' Park?
Everyone was running, and l was dragging my feet.
No problem. After one month, you will also start running.
l met a girl.
She said that the college students liked one thing..
..very much in my speech.
Falling in love.
What l keep saying is; falling in love is itself a falling!
They loved it!
These young boys and girls are different.
Well, you got to meet young people.
''At Joggers' Park let your life move on.''
''Say hi! Hi! Hi! To the passers by.''
''You face the world now with the wink of an eye.''
Justice Jyotin Prasad Chaterjee!
lt seems there is no one at home to care for you.
When l left my house, l told Mrs. Chaterjee..
..that this bottle is leaking, but when does she listen to me?
Here, let me do it. Thank you.
Thank you. What's your name? Jenny. Jenny Suratwala.
Oh, thank you. Thank you.
You know what? Tomorrow l will bring a new bottle for you.
How's that? Huh? - No, no please don't do that.
l , l don't accept any favours. - Why?
Ah.. Miss Suratwala.. - Jenny!
Jenny. - Yes.
The profession that l am in..
..l have never taken any favours from anyone in my life.
Not even my best friend.
Cool. And the profession that l am in..
..nothing can be done without giving or taking favours.
Great, isn't it? - Yes.
Come on, Mr. Chaterjee, l am such a great fan of yours.
l mean l am such an ardent admirer of yours..
..and l would really like to get..
l appreciate the kind gesture.. but no, thank you.
Bye, sir.
Do you know, when Wadia and l were in London, studying the law.. - Yes.
He had decided that some day..
..he will become the judge of the supreme court.
Oh. - You've finally done it. Yes.
l am very proud of you, my friend.
Thank you, Chaterjee.
Well, Mr. Chaterjee, what is your opinion..
..about the new ordinance that the Parliament has passed?
Oh yes. ln my opinion.. - Hi, sir!
Hi, sir!
O gosh, l was sitting on the table over there and l saw you..
..and l'm like, my God, l must come and say hi to you!
Ah.. l hope you don't mind.
Actually l know you don't mind.
Anyway, we will meet tomorrow, right?
Ah.. why don't you start at seven o'clock or something?
l'm telling you, it's just perfect!
The sun's rays just hit your body!
lt's no crowd, it's no noise; it's beautiful!
lt's just right! Seven o'clock?
Gentlemen, l am so sorry for barging in like that..
..but l was so excited to see him, that l didn't know what to do!
Ok.. you enjoy your meal, and l'll see you tomorrow.
Hmm. Yes? Hmm. Bye.
A friend.
Morning walk.
Joggers' Park.
''This is also a world. - Joggers' Park!''
''Health is wealth. - Joggers' Park!''
''The familiar and the unknown. - Joggers' Park.''
''They are full of enthusiasm. - Joggers' Park.''
''Say hi! Hi! Hi! To the passers by.''
''You face the world now with the wink of an eye.''
Hi, sir!
Hi, sir!
- l was thinking about you all of last night.
l mean last night l made a very big mistake.
Last night at the restaurant..
..l should not have appeared in front of you so suddenly.
l mean after all, all of you senior people were sitting there and..
..l just barged in to say hi.
Your friends must have felt bad, isn't it?
You just seemed so like embarrassed and awkward.
l'm such an idiot! But, but what can l do?
You know, my friends in there..
They told me that you don't know me.
And even if you know me, you will not recognise me.
Well, we had a bet.
And to win the bet, l came and stood in front of you.
l'm sorry.
l'm really, really, really, really sorry, Mr. Chaterjee.
l mean you know l am very impulsive. l'm an idiot!
l don't think about things, and..
But the good part is, that when l make a mistake..
..l realise it's my fault..
..and l make no bones about saying sorry.
Have you forgiven me?
What do you do?
What you do?
Oh, l , l do a lot of things.
l am a part time DJ. l am a part time model.
l am a part time event manager..
..and these days, l also do a part time job in a five star hotel.
Part time! - Yes.
l hate fixed jobs.
Nine to five jobs? Not for me!
You know what? l love my freedom.
Freedom to do what l want, and live the way l want to live.
Great, isn't it?
You're an interesting girl!
And charming too. lsn't it?
You know, sir.. l was just wondering.
Should l call you sir, or can l call you by any other name?
Whatever you like.
l don't know.
Sir sounds a bit formal, isn't it?
What if l call you something like..
..l don't know, Mr. Chaterjee or JC?
lf you wish.
No, l like JC. lt's got more of a zing to it.
You know JC, haven't you ever wondered why..
..l've been like following you around the park..
..and l am like dying to be your friend?
You know, for the last two months..
..l've been reading your interviews..
..l've watched your social gatherings..
..l've watched your interviews.
And l don't know, it looks like you've all the answers!
And, the best part is, l quote you without hesitation..
..and my friends actually think l am intelligent!
Yuck! What kind of shoes are you wearing?
These are not walking shoes; these are tennis shoes!
They're all right. No, no, no, no! You don't understand.
These are really very bad for your shins, your knees..
..your spinal cord, your body ; the entire works!
Really? - Yes.
Actually what, l'm going to get you another pair of shoes.
No, no, please don't. l will get a pair for myself.
You don't understand. l will get you the right pair of shoes.
And besides, l know the store managers.. l can get you a huge discount.
Please don't. You know l don't accept any favours.
Come on boss, you're a retired judge now!
More reason.
l won't be able to pay you back.
How do you know? Tomorrow l might ask you for a favour in return.
What favour?
Your knowledge, your experience, your brain.
Come on JC; let's not make this like a huge serious issue.
You know, when l need you, l'll ask you.
Because we're friend, right?
You're a smart girl.
And you like smart people, right?
Look, what's this?
Something fishy is going on here!
Hey Mr. Chaterjee, please have a chat with us too!
Your buddies are here; l guess it's time for me to go..
l'll see you around, yes? Bye.
Come my friend, over here, you have to talk less and walk more.
Come! Let's go. Come on. Come on. Think about your age.
'Great shot. Sachin has hit it for a six.'
'Great shot'.. - Divya had called up.
She said that Rajesh is starting his practice in Pune.
She has called us there.
The house over there has also been repaired..
..and l think we should go there.
Also, the weather there will be good for my knees.
Pune is a cold place; your knees will become stiff.
So we will go there for the sake of children.
We will have to leave Mumbai also for the sake of children!
Hey, are you listening to what l am saying?
You just keep watching the TV.
l don't know what you get out of watching the TV?
All the time it is TV!
TV from morning till night!
This TV is creating problems in my life!
- l want to ask you something; l want to know something!
But you do not give any answer!
l don't know what to do!
''Joggers Park..''
Yes. - Good morning, sweetie!
Yes, Akash, tell me.
What is this? You didn't invite me to the party!
No, l'm sorry.
Ok, who all was there?
Rashmi, Asmi, Aarti, Monish, Mukesh..
..all of them had come.
Oh, like that. No problem.
Now l am celebrating my birthday.
And you have to come.
Look, l'm in bed right now; l'll call you later. Ok, bye.
Baby, what kind of parties do you do?
These bottles, cigarettes! O' gosh!
Baby, take care of yourself.
Everyone comes here. They eat and drink and go away.
And you? Lonely again!
Meena, who is there?
Yes, uncle Hemu, what do you want now?
What have you decided?
Uncle Hemu, how many times do you want to listen to the same thing?
The property at Khandala belonged to my dad..
..and it belongs to me after his death.
Because l'm the only survivor.
Now is that clear?
That property was in the name of Suratwala and Company.
Not in your father's name.
And l am your father's cousin.
Hemu Suratwala.
You were just a manager in Suratwala and Company..
..and not a partner.
And nor are you his real brother.
Look Jenny, l don't have time to waste!
l will give you one hundred thousand rupees.
Withdraw this case.
Or else you will keep making rounds of the court for ten years..
..and become an old woman!
What kind of a person you are? You're inhuman!
Can't you see? l live here alone. Somehow l manage to survive.
And you want to grab my property by deceiving my dead father!
You should be ashamed of yourself!
Shame has been discarded by the world, Jenny.
You are the most shameless in the Suratwala family!
You wear indecent dresses and call yourself a model!
l know what your reputation in Mumbai is!
How dare you talk to me like that?
l have not come begging to your house!
l work and earn and live my life!
And l do care about reputation!
And if l ever see you in my house again..
..l am going to.. your happiness for you; do you get it?
You have started to talk too much!
Now just wait and watch what l am going to do!
l will ruin you!
And this property, you will hand over to me with your hands.
Oh, just.. off!
''O my heart!''
''O my heart!''
''Listen to me!''
''Sometimes you find what you had lost.''
''When you laugh a lot, sometimes you cry some more.''
''Now we're walking together, when you drift, drift away.''
''You hear my voice; you don't know what l say.''
''The story of love has no beginning.''
''Don't love for an ending.''
''This is just the way it's got to be.''
''Set me free.''
''The story of love has no beginning.''
''Don't love for an ending.''
''This is just the way it's got to be.''
''Set me free.''
''O my aching breaking heart!''
''l never said, never said, never said, no!''
''l never said, no, no, no, no!''
''O my heart!''
''O my heart!''
''Listen to me.''
''Sometimes you find what you had lost.''
''When you laugh a lot, sometimes you cry some more.''
''Now we're walking together, then you drift away.''
''You hear my voice; you don't know what l say.''
''The story of love has no beginning.''
''Don't love for an ending.''
''This is just the way it's got to be.''
''Set me free.''
There is one more; l will tell you.
l am at Joggers' Park only.
This is the only place where l can talk to you freely..
..feel freely, breathe freely.
You are my love, l swear in the name of God!
Didn't you go to school? Didn't you meet Bunty?
Bunty talks a lot about you.
Bunty has sent me your love. l swear in the name of God!
My girlfriend, Suzie D'Souza.
Sir, what is the cost of this mobile?
Zero, free, everything is free. Forty paisa per minute.
You also buy one, sir.
No, sir, no. l like peace. - Where is peace?
Come on, come on! No talking; only walking! Come on! Come on!
What's this?
Look JC, enough is enough!
l went all the way to Andheri to get these shoes for you.
Now will you please take these off!
l mean they look like the 1 940's like P. T. shoes!
Look Jenny, l appreciate this, but l have already told you..
That you do not accept any favour or gift from anyone, right?
Because you were a very big and famous judge..
..and big and famous judges do not accept gifts from anyone! Right?
Ok. l have kept a bill along with these shoes.
lf you do not consider me as your friend, you can pay me.
l will just have to consider myself as a shoe agent.
But for heaven's sake, JC!
Please, change those shoes!
''We talk to ourselves.''
''We talk to God.''
''Please do a little bit of justice.''
''Forgive the past.''
''Now let us make promises for the future.''
''What is untrue; what is the truth..
..what is sin; what is merit?''
''Dispel this confusion.''
''Please, O my God!''
''At Joggers' Park, let the feet roll on.''
''At Joggers' Park, let your life move on.''
''Say hi! Hi! Hi! To the passers by.''
''You face the world now with the wink of an eye.''
Harry's transfer to Liverpool.. a late bid for the Australian.
Whose shoes are these?
Have you brought someone else's by mistake?
Oh, no, no, these are mine only.
When did you buy new shoes?
l haven't bought them.
A girl gave them to me l the Joggers' Park.
A girl?
Yes. One of my fans.
Shobha, the fact is, the shoes l was wearing..
..could affect the spinal cord very badly.
And these shoes.. these are made for jogging.
Many types of shoes are manufactured.
For jogging, for running, for tracking, for hiking..
..for mountain climbing, for boxing, for basketball! And these?
These.. the speciality of these is for jogging.
Look, look! The, the sponge inside these.. soft it is! And how they bend!
Yes, after they bend, you can jump, you can run..
..just like Milkha Singh and Carl Lewis.
And if you wear shoes like these, your knees will be better.
These are called jogging shoes!
lt's good! You have got interested into something!
Even if it is shoes!
- 'Encore is exclusively on ESPN.'
Kiss later, Suzie.
Darling, l love you; l swear in the name of God!
Right now, l am with senior citizens.
Hey, your daddy must be senior citizen! Huh..
Mr. Rodriguez, senior means respected not old.
You consider yourself as young, right?
l am not young; love happens to be young! Mr. Dinshaw, try it!
Have some sense of shame!
At least think about your age!
You are the father of three children!
Hey, what is the relation between age and love?
Tell us something. How did your affair with Suzie start? Yes?
Accident. - Accident? - Yes.
lt so happened, that my eight year old son Bunty..
..studies in Suzie's school.
Now Suzie is Bunty's teacher and l am Bunty's father.
There was a meeting between Suzie and myself..
..about how to improve Bunty's performance.
After the meeting and discussion seminar..
..Bunty did improve, but the two of us got spoiled!
Yes, and love happened! l swear in the name of God!
Hey! Tell me one thing. What is Suzie's age?
Thirty plus. But why are you after age?
Do you own a calendar making factory?
Shame! Shame on you, Hari Singh!
Come on! Come on l think we should go.
lt is time for his phone call. We leave him alone, ok?
Hey! Hey, listen..
You look sad today.
l am.
Lots of problems.
Big city ; single girl.
Do you want to talk about it?
lt's my uncle.
He is such a..
He wants to grab the property of my dad.. which l have the right.
Your dad?
lt has been six years since my dad passed away.
And my mother had died much before that.
Ever since then l have been struggling alone in Mumbai.
To survive, to become someone.
Life's been a constant struggle.
A struggle to survive.
There is a two acre plot at Khandala..
..which dad had kept for me.
And my uncle is encroaching on it like a snake.. filing a case in the court.
l mean he wants to grab the land.. giving me just one hundred thousand!
lsn't that the most pathetic thing to do?
l am thinking of buying a house for myself by selling that land.
You know, a small flat, maybe in Lokhandwala or something.
At least l will have some sort of permanency.
l , l want to live with a sense of stability and security.
Living as a paying guest, l have to keep shifting every eleven months.
l am forced to roam around like a dog!
lt's so humiliating!
l am alone, single and a model.
And it's difficult to go on looking for a house like this.
And to top it all, l have a lawyer..
..who has been fighting my case since four years.
l mean whatever income l get from modelling..
..goes in paying his fees.
And l'm afraid l'm going to lose the case. l am so fed up!
What is your lawyer's name?
P. C. Sharma. He is in Dawna Road.
Can l .. can l see the papers of your case?
You! Will you go through the papers?
Ritika had called up.
She wants to come here for a few days.
She is a very cute girl.
And our minds will also be diverted.
Are you listening to what l am saying?
What? Yes.
Hello? - Hello, this is Chaterjee.
l am JC speaking.
Hi, JC!
l hope l am not disturbing you.
No, not at all. Tell me!
l read your file.
The case is quite simple.
Your lawyer has been fooling you.
So, what should l do?
A lawyer is my friend. Jayesh Menon.
Go and meet him.
Go and tell him that he should file your case under section 433.
Are you serious?
So can l tell him that you have sent me?
Yes, yes, surely.
Note down his phone number.
So Mr. Chaterjee has sent you.
When he read my case, he thought..
..that you were the best person to handle the case.
You know Mr. Menon, my lawyer has given me a lot of trouble.
He just duped me of a lot of money..
..and Mr. Chaterjee is trying to help me out.
You know, Mr. Chaterjee said that..
..if you file my case under section 433..
How do you happen to know Mr. Chaterjee?
Oh, l've known him for a couple of months.
We're friends in park. Joggers' Park?
Joggers' Park! That's a nice place.
Ok. Don't worry. After all, Mr. Chaterjee has sent you.
We will fight your case.
Thank you. Thanks, Mr. Menon.
Listen, Pandey! - Yes?
Have you seen Jenny? - Jenny baby?
She has not come since two days.
Her friends are sitting over there.
lf you want, l will call them. - No, no, it's ok.
Yes, one minute.
Listen! Whose call was it?
lt is for madam. From Ms. Divya.
'l have to shift house every eleven months.'
'l am forced to roam around like a dog!'
'lt's so humiliating!'
'l am alone, single and a model.'
'And it's difficult to go on looking for a house like this.'
Where is Jenny?
Jenny has not come since two days.
Something urgent, uncle?
No, no, nothing urgent.
She has my towel. - Towel?
Mother, what are you saying?
l am telling the truth.
He has brought brand new shoes from Joggers' Park. - From Joggers' Park!
Strange! l can't believe father would change so much!
But he's changed for the better.
Oh, this is nothing! Do you know where he has gone?
To buy a new T-shirt for himself.
T-shirt? - Yes.
Jenny? Who are you?
l , l .. JC.
Jenny has not come home since last two days.
l don't know where she has gone.
Oh. Ok, thank you.
Come on, hurry up! - l've seen him somewhere.
You? - Yes?
l have seen you before.
l .. - l have seen you on the TV.
l have seen you in a film. - Yes.
Are you justice Chaterjee, who got an award last year?
Filmfare award?
No, no. National Award.
How come you are here?
Does John Joseph live here?
John? - No. there is no John living here.
Jenny lives here.-Yes.
l think l was given the wrong address.
Thank you. - Who is he?
He came from inside?
What thing?
'Joggers' Park.'
Hi! - ''At Joggers' Park let your life move on.''
''Say hi! Hi! Hi! To the passers by.''
JC! -''You face the world.. with the wink of an eye.''
Oh, JC! l won the case!
l have won the case!
l have got back my property!
Really? - The judge has disposed off all my uncle's claim.
l just can't believe it!
Thank you so much!
Guess what! - What? - l won the case.
Come let us search for a flat for you. - Oh, really!
Oh, that's great!
A-one condition. No problem at all.
What are the rates for a flat in this place?
Booking.. - And loan and mortgage are available, right?
Ok. - Thank you. - Thanks so much.
ls there any security?
Top class security, sir.
Thanks, JC.
For what?
For everything.
Because of you, l won the case.
l have got a new house.
You've been very good to me.
My pleasure.
How about some music?
''These are very delicate..'' - Hey, that's Ranjit!
Do you know him? - Of course! He is my friend.
lsn't he great?
ls he your friend? - Yes.
Do you know, whenever he has a concert..
..he makes sure to invite me.
He's such a sweetheart!
He is not like the other boys of the group.
He's an absolute gentleman.
And do you know, whenever he makes a new album..
..he gives me a copy before everyone else.
And that too with a fat, fat bouquet of flowers.
lt looks like he loves you.
Well, that way everybody loves me.
Because, l'm young, single.
Only that?
And intelligent.
No.. l don't believe in love. No.
l just want to live life on my own terms.
lt's different in my case; l have loved.
From where do you steal the verses of these poets?
Madam, this is my next poem.
And what have you written at the top?
'J' means?
You tell me.
'J' means Jaan?
You are mad, Ranjit!
Jenny has come very far away from love and romance.
lt's different in my case; l have loved.
l love coming here.
lt's so beautiful, isn't it? - Yes.
Can l ask you something?
Yes, sure.
You were saying that.. you don't believe in love.
l don't.
l think it's a.. most messed up ..
..concept in the whole wide world.
Tell me have you ever been in love?
l .. l have asked you something.
Did you have a lover?
Did you have a boyfriend?
Three times. - Three times?
The first one.. lasted for two years.
The second one.. for one year.
And the third one broke the record!
Within two months.. over!
The three came.. sang songs, and went away.
But enough is enough.
l have put up a board.
No boyfriends please!
That's it!
lt's crazy, JC.
JC, in Mumbai, there are many girls like me.
But the times have changed; people have changed.
lt's not how it used to be.
Yes, l can see that.
Anyway, forget me.
Tell me, what is your story?
lt becomes a story when there is a twist, a drama.
My story is like a straight.. straight road.
l was born, grew up.
l went to London to study.
Then l returned to lndia.
My parents got me married.
l accepted my wife and children as they are.
For forty years, under the roof of the court..
..l had to listen to people's true and false stories.
And beyond the books of law..
..l could never glance at the reality of the world.
Well, that is my story.
So, you've been living in a shell for the last forty years?
Now l see this world, through you.
Through your eyes.
A new world. A changed world.
Everything has changed.
So am l the lucky one who has shown you this new world?
lt's all because of you.
Thank you.
Thank you Jenny, for being a.. friend.
The pleasure is all mine.
You know, JC.. l enjoy your company.
l mean..
You're wonderful.
A dear friend.
No. - Try to understand.
Shall we go?
What happened?
l .. l have some work; l had forgotten.
''The stories of everyone. - Jogger's Park!''
''Say hi! Hi! Hi! To the passers by.''
''You face the world now with the wink of an eye.''
When did you come? - Just now.
l would have sent the car if you had informed me.
You would only if she gives you a chance, isn't it?
Sumitra was saying that her vacation started from yesterday..
..and she started packing in the night itself.
Grandpa, l love Mumbai.
l love you. - l love you too!
Give her the room upstairs.
There is no need to give.
Madam herself chose even before l gave it to her. - ls that so?
Smart girl!
Go upstairs and rest.
l will have a bath. Then we will talk, ok?
All right, bye.
''Love is not.. for everyone.''
Adnan Sami! - What happened?
''lt has been made for..'' - This is my favourite song.
From where did you get it?
l? My.. - Rishi had given me this cassette.
l forgot it in Pune.
Who is this Rishi?
Rishi? He is my friend.
He studies with me.
He is so cute! l just love him!
Look, he has sent me this message.
Grandpa, l am taking that CD, ok?
But.. - Don't stop me, please!
Hey, what are you doing?
Grandpa, l am taking the CD.
Good night. Thanks.
''Love is not.. for everyone.''
''lt has been made for, it has been made for..''
''lt has been made for, it has been made for..''
''Only a few people.''
Justice Chaterjee! At a psychiatrist's clinic!
Who do l owe the honour to?
There is a problem.
Yours? - No, no, not mine.
One of my friends has a problem.
So tell me.
One of my friends is two or three years younger than me.
He has started to love a young girl.
So what is the problem?
ls this normal?
lt is not a crime to love someone, right?
l know that. But.. - But what?
Let me tell you, it's very simple.
No one can tell why and when love happens between two people.
That's the best part about love.
You never know when it's going to strike.
lt just happens.
But the difference in age is a big thing.
And that.. how do l explain that to that fool?
When there is a difference, love becomes stronger.
After that, wealth, fame, religion; everything is left behind.
Hasn't your friend told that girl?
No. Not till now.
Then he should tell her.
Oh, one second.
O my God! l'm so sorry.
My wife is waiting for me outside Fame Adlab.
l just forgot we were going for a movie.
You will have to excuse me. l will have to go.
lt's all right.
You know something, Chaterjee?
Communication is very important in such relationships.
lf your friend cannot express his feelings to that girl..
..ask him to send an SMS to her.
ln any case, life has become very easy these days.
l hate these things very much.
But it is your friend who has fallen in love, not you.
Yes. - Right?
So tell him.
ls something wrong?
Are you all right? - Yes.
Let's go.
You are too much!
For the first time in so many years.. have refused to eat sweet dish with me!
Are you ok?
Shobha, you won't understand.
These days l am taking more care of my health.
Sweets are not good for me.
This seems to be the effect of your Joggers' Park.
You only know what is on your mind.
Anyway, come downstairs.
Rajesh has come from Chennai; everyone is waiting for you.
Ok, let us go.
Just look at this watch.
How did you know that l like this kind of watch?
Don't try to be over smart.
No one will touch anything until father comes.
First father will select his gift, then the rest of you.
Grandpa has come!
Hi, grandpa!
Grandpa, look what all uncle Rajesh has brought for us!
Mother, you also take a look.
Father, please tell us what you want.
l don't want anything.
You choose what you like.
No grandpa, you first.
Father, please tell us. What do you like?
l know what father likes.
Oh! You know! - What else?
l do all the shopping for father.
Mother, please tell him..
Explain to your wife. She keeps saying anything.
Why don't you tell him?
Hadn't l made the list this time about who wants what?
Father, and mobile phone!
You have picked up the phone. Do you know how to use it?
l will teach him.
Yes. l will learn from Ritika.
Everything does start somewhere.
l will show you. There is phonebook, call register.
Hey! Hey, judge!
No one can stop him now!
lt seems his youth is returning!
Amazing! Amazing!
Hey, l told you l can't come.
Yes. No, no, no!
No, no.
This is for you. l bought it yesterday.
No, listen! How could you be so stupid and go ahead..
..and commit dates for me like that?
l don't want this.
No, no, you don't understand.
l'm not going to take this nonsense from anyone, do you get that?
Take it. Why are you acting like this?
lt looks good on you.
Don't.. don't do this to me, Jenny.
Yes? What?
Ok, look, l will SMS you later, ok?
l don't have the time and energy for this right now.
Yes? Bye.
Now tell me, can't l do even this much for you as a friend?
Am l nothing to you?
No, no, it's not that.
Wow! You have a new mobile phone!
Not bad, JC, you are getting hip!
Look, Rajesh is my son-in-law.
He brought it from Chennai.
Good! Now you can talk from anywhere.
l don't know how to use it.
Ritika told me only about voice calls.
Not SMS?
No. l don't know how to send messages.
Come, l will teach you.
Ok, so if you want to write a message.. menu..
..ok, select.
lf you want to write a message.. write.
Ok.. ok, what do you want to write?
Love. - Ok, but l love you or love me?
Ok, l'll write, l love you, ok?
''O my mind!''
''O my mind!''
''Listen to me.''
''Listen! Listen! Listen!''
''Sometimes l gained and sometimes l lost.''
''Sometimes l laughed and sometimes l cried.''
''Sometimes l started off and sometimes l stopped.''
''Sometimes she came to me and sometimes l went to her.''
''This is the whole game.''
''Swings without support.''
''My heart is very innocent.''
''My heart.''
Shall l tell you one thing, JC?
Tell me.
The truth, and nothing but the truth?
The whole truth and nothing but the truth.
You have fallen in love with me.
Yes. You're in love with me!
lt's ok.
There is no need to feel embarrassed about it.
lt's not a big thing to fall in love with a girl like me.
lt's the most normal thing in the whole world.
Jenny, l ..
But the real truth is that you are a very good person.
You know JC, at this young age..
..l have.. seen a lot of the world.
l have met men of all ages and all status.
But there was no one like you.
l've never met anyone like you.
l mean it.
''Love is not.. for everyone.''
''Love is not.. for everyone.''
Love is such an indescribable feeling, right?
You know what, JC?
Love is chemistry, a feeling, an emotion.
Just happens when two souls meet.
ln it, there is nothing like age, status, religion, nationality.
There is only feeling, awareness, emotion.
You know what, JC?
l respect your love a lot.
l respect your love.
And shall l tell you one more thing?
l like you.
Very, very much.
And that's the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.
Papa, everyone is waiting for you for breakfast.
Please come soon.
By the way, where are you right now?
Joggers' Park.
Thank you.
''This is also a world. - Jogger's Park.''
Dinshaw, love cannot be suppressed.
ln Punjabi, it is called ''lshqakiki''.
Vishwamitra could not escape it..
..and you are talking about us!
Love is that kind of a thing. Have you ever done it?
Sir, here you have to move your legs..
..and not the tongue, ok? Come!
Hey, he is quoting my dialogues back to me!
He has become smart!
''Chow, chow, chow, with a chow, chow, chow!''
''Breathe in; breathe out, chow, chow, chow!''
''Breathe in; breathe out, chow, chow, chow!''
''That's the way! Hey, everybody come on!''
lt was the murder case of a poor girl..
..and the accused was a rich boy, Satish Ahuja.
And they tried to put political pressure on me.
l said; no way.
The police evidence was insufficient.
l said; no way.
The media was on the side of Mr. Ahuja.
l said; no way.
The local MLA telephoned me and said, Mr. Chaterjee, you..
Forget Mr. Chaterjee! The law is the law.
Then what happened, JC?
l punished Satish Ahuja.
l jailed him for fifteen years.
What is wrong is wrong!
Where is Jenny?
As usual, busy with her events.
That's the problem.
Come Akash. Let us go and have juice. What do you say?
Yes, dude.
And l will let you know. Ok. That's great. - Ok, ma'am.
How can l forget you, Akash? Hi, Harsh! - Hi!
l have heard that you are buying a new flat?
Yes. God's been kind. What can l say?
Oh, God!
God, or that old man?
That old retired judge.
Really Jenny, you have nicely Seduced the old man.
Yes, he has been helpful.
Look guys, l can understand your taunts.
But you also better understand this, ok?
You know, insensitive boys like you..
..can never look at this relationship with due respect.
Because, these muscles of yours have bulged..
l mean you can't look at any relationship except the sex.
And honestly, l don't care about what you're saying.
Relax, relax.
You are getting angry. - Of course l am getting angry!
l mean JC is such a gentleman..
..and how dare you malign his name like that?
Try it again, and no one will be worse than me, do you get it?
Looks like it has hurt a soft spot.
But she has guts, dude.
That's why l like her.
Let's go.
''This is also a world. - Jogger's Park.''
Mister, don't stretch your body too much..
..or else JC will depart and the body will remain!
Doctor, earlier he wasn't ready to go to Joggers Park..
..and once he started, he has turned the house into Joggers' Park!
lt seems his youth is returning!
Why? Do you have any objection?
l don't have any ; your wife has.
Excuse me, sir!
Hi, Mrs. Chaterjee! l am Jenny.
Mr. Chaterjee's friend from Joggers' Park.
Oh, it's you! Please have a seat. - Thanks.
l am sorry, l barged into your home suddenly..
..but l wanted to invite you.
Yes. - For a show.
Actually, tomorrow evening, there is a fusion dance show..
..organised by Asmi diamond jewellery.
And l would like you to see it.
lt will be tons of fun.
We will certainly come.
By the way, he praises you a lot.
l also praise him a lot.
l think it's a mutual admiration society, right?
What say, JC?
Anyway, l am leaving. l'll see you around.
Hey, why just like that? Have tea or something.
No, l would love to, but l have to go for my dance rehearsal..
..and maybe another time. Ok?
Thanks. Bye.
Bye, JC.
Nice girl.
Mother, l will go to the Asmi show, ok?
Hey, she has invited father and me.
Grandpa, please tell grandma, l want to go. Please!
She is a child; let her come with me.
What will you do there?
Ok, both of you go.
We're going!
So, partner! - Hippy.
l don't know. lt's the Asmi show, and you have to come.
l will come. l will certainly come.
Do you know which of her qualities l like the most?
She has smiled even when facing a storm.
She's so strong! lndependent.
A real woman.
Hi, baby!
Have you recognised me, or have you forgotten?
Your name is Ashu, right?
And what are you looking at?
l am looking at that diamond in your neck.
l am wondering what is more beautiful?
You or this diamond?
Give me a break, Ashu!
Just cut this out!
Stop this movie talks.
lt's of no use now.
So does that mean that you have forgotten me, Jenny?
Now, to me you are nothing more than a reflection in this mirror.
You're my past.
Gone. Forgotten. History.
Does that hurt you, Ashu?
Jenny, don't be mean, ok?
Look, don't waste my time; l have a show right now.
And before l turn around and insult you.. would be better if you disappear from this mirror.
Yes? Get lost.
Thank you so much Ranjit, for coming.
What happened?
l'm just really happy you came.
The pleasure is all mine.
''Habba, habba, hey, hey, habba, habba.''
''Habba, habba, hey, hey, habba, habba.''
''O my heart, O my innocent heart!''
''Habba, habba, hey, hey, habba, habba.''
''O my heart, O my innocent heart!''
''Be careful, O my heart!''
''Be careful, O my heart!''
''There is no sorrow.''
''There is no sorrow, no sorrow, no sorrow.''
''lf the heart is intact.''
''lf the heart is intact, then lovers..''
''Then there is no dearth of lovers, no dearth, no dearth.''
''There is no sorrow.''
''Habba, habba, hey, hey, habba, habba.''
''Habba, habba, hey, hey, habba, habba.''
''The beautiful moments that you have.''
''Live them to the full extent.''
''The atmosphere that is intoxicating.''
''Live it to the full extent.''
''The beautiful moments that you have.''
''Live them to the full extent.''
''The atmosphere that is intoxicating.''
''Live it to the full extent.''
''lf beauty is intact.''
''lf beauty is intact, then lovers..''
''Then there is no dearth of lovers, no dearth, no dearth.''
''There is no sorrow.''
''Habba, habba, hey, hey, habba, habba.''
''Habba, habba, hey, hey, habba, habba.''
''What happened yesterday, whatever has happened.''
''Forget about it.''
''Whatever happened in that moment.''
''Forget about it.''
''Habba, habba, hey, hey, habba, habba.''
''Habba, habba, hey, hey, habba, habba.''
''Habba, habba, hey, hey, habba, habba.''
''Habba, habba, hey, hey, habba, habba.''
Grandpa, to whom are you sending a message?
To no one.
Then why are you hiding it?
l am not hiding it!
To whom were you sending message?
l? l am sending a message to Rishi.
Show me.
Forward this to me.
To you? What will you do with it?
l , l will send it to my girlfriend.
Your girlfriend?
Why, can't l have a girlfriend?
All this doesn't happen here.
lt happens over there in America.
What is this, Rishi? Can't you call in the morning?
How long l have waited?
Greetings, Mr. Chaterjee!
Greetings, Mr. Pandey.
There is a letter.
What letter? - lt is from Jenny baby.
Give it to me. - Take this.
l am going.
'Hey JC, tried calling your cell, but it was off.'
'Going to go off for a shoot. Back in five days.'
'See you then. Take care.'
Mr. Chaterjee, you are amazing!
New positions everyday! Very good!
lt looks good. Ok.
l told you l don't want sweet dish.
Are you sure? - Yes.
You have really changed a lot.
Gosh, JC, it's so beautiful here!
But what are you doing in Goa?
l have come for shooting.
You know we did this really dramatic scene today..
..where a man saves me from drowning.
A man? Who is the man?
Yes, he is a new model.
Where is he from.. yes, from Bangalore.
Shashank. He is such a hunk!
Yes. He's got a great body!
What do you mean?
But you know what? He is a really, really nice guy.
He takes very good care of me.
Takes care? Why does he take care?
Come on, JC! He is just being a gentleman!
l mean he is such a nice guy!
He is an absolute sweetheart, l tell you!
Oh no! My shot is ready. l will have to go.
l will talk to you later. Yes?
Take care. Bye.
'He is an absolute sweetheart, l tell you!'
Come on grandpa, we are going for a drive.
We are getting late.
Grandpa, you really are a bore!
You are not talking at all!
Now are you happy?
Hey, l like this song!
Don't you like it? lt is the song from your era.
Why, l have this on my computer!
l will make a CD and give it to you.
''lf your heart is aching, let it hurt.''
''Don't shed tears; don't complain.''
''lf your heart is aching, let it hurt.''
''Targeting us your innocent eyes..
..make this heart more restless.''
''Targeting us your innocent eyes..
..make this heart more restless.''
''Don't hide behind the façade of shyness..
..and prove your purity.
''Don't hide behind the façade of shyness..
..and prove your purity.''
''lf your heart is aching, let it hurt.''
''l have been living in hope.. forgot after making a promise.''
''Either come and show your face..
..or tell me not to think of you.''
''lf your heart is aching, if your heart is aching.. ''
''lf your heart is aching..''
l don't know what has Happened to you?
You haven't taken breakfast and lunch since three days!
There is a limit to dieting!
Divya said that your health will become worse by this.
Again the mobile is ringing!
Earlier you used to keep watching TV and never listen to me!
And now, all the time it is mobile!
All the time beeping!
Back in town. Got urgent meeting in hotel.
Excuse me! May l help you?
l , l am looking for Miss Jenny Suratwala.
Gustav, where is Jenny?
She is in the banquet hall with the foreign delegation.
ls there any message, sir? l will give it to her.
No, no, it's all right.
Ok, thank you. - Ok, sir.
Excuse me!
Are you Chaterjee?
Justice Chaterjee? - Yes.
The famous justice Chaterjee?
O God! My good luck!
Honourable Jyotin Prasad Chaterjee!
Excuse me; l have to find the rest room.
Honourable judge Jyotin Prasad in a bathroom!
Oh, let me introduce you to someone.
Hi, JC! - Hello!
By the way, this is Mr. Jatia.
He is on our board of directors.
Hello. And he is my very good friend, Mr. Chaterjee.
Who doesn't know him?
Sir, it's an honour to have you here with us.
Thank you. - Thank you.
Jenny? - Yes, sir?
Take care of him. - Yes.
He is our special guest. - Yes, sir.
Ok sir, see you. - Ok.
JC, l had sent you an SMS. l'm really busy today.
l know.
But l wanted to meet you once.
Ok, l am leaving.
l'm sorry.
No. No, it's all right.
Wait. l will escort you.
After all, you are our special guest. Right?
Come on.
Oh! Now l understand why the house is so quiet!
The hurricane is sitting here, right?
Ritika, what is the matter?
Grandpa, l am very depressed.
Please don't talk to me.
Why? What happened?
This Rishi! - Yes, your friend!
Yes. He is not receiving to my phone calls!
l don't know why?
He is ignoring me.
He says something and does something else.
All the time friends, studies, work!
After all, what am l?
You know what, grandpa?
l think he is fooling around with me.
l am his girlfriend. l am his best friend.
l am not one of his friends, whom if he meets, well and fine..
..otherwise, it's ok, bye-bye.
He has to remember that l'm not a joke.
Today l am going to decide. lt's now, or never!
lt's now, or never!
Let's go for a drive on Sunday.
Hello, Jenny.
l thought of going on a drive with you to Mudh lsland.
l got your SMS.
lt will not be possible on Sunday.
You know, it is Harsh's birthday.
All of us are going to the beach.
With friends? And not with best friend?
Yes, l know but.. Harsh is my very good friend.
And l've already made a prior commitment.
l don't know. We are going and we are going tomorrow.
Why don't you try and understand?
Because after that l am very busy.
But JC? - No 'but JC'!
You are under my oath!
JC, l don't believe you.
Consider it as my obstinacy.
lt's either me, or.. or your friends.
Ok. l will talk to Harsh. Yes?
Not try ; you have to.
What is it?
Sir, madam has sent milk for you.
No, l don't want milk today.
Didn't l tell you? l don't want milk!
Hello? - Hey, Harsh!
Hi, it's Jenny.
Look.. l cannot come on Sunday.
What nonsense, Jenny?
You know very well that it's my birthday!
Why won't you come?
l know, but JC has done a lot for me..
..and l can't say 'no' to him.
Ok, ok, l can't force you.
Do whatever you want.
And you have a good birthday.
She cheated me!
So tell me Mr. Chaterjee, what was so important..
..that you wanted to meet me?
Well.. l wanted to see your pretty face.
Well, here l am.
Right in front of you.
Why are you smiling like this?
Well.. you are with me.
Hi! - Hi, Jenny!
Having fun?
Akash, what are you doing here?
Nothing. We thought you might be missing us.
Buck up, old man!
They are such imbeciles! Look at them!
Young punks!
JC! - l'll teach them a trick or two!
JC, what are you doing?
What do they think?
JC! JC, please slow down!
JC! Just keep your cool, JC!
JC! Please, JC.
O my God! Look at that!
Sorry boss, sorry!
Jenny, may we help you?
Go and sit in your friends' car.
But JC?
Do as l say, please!
JC, l want to tell you something.
After today, we will meet only at Joggers' Park.
No. There are too many people around here.
So what if there are people around here?
l mean people are around everywhere.
JC, we are not committing any crime.
We should be proud of our friendship; not ashamed of it!
Come on.
Cheer up. Let's.. let's go for a jog.
Come on! Let's go.
Come. Come on grandpa, jog with us.
Please Shalini, leave me alone.
l am not in a good mood today.
Jenny, that is why l am telling you. Come let's go for a drive.
Look, Ranjit has also come.
Specially to take us to Khandala.
l'm not just up to it.
Just make some excuse.
One year extension?
l can't understand why you want such a long extension..
..for a government bungalow?
And mother also wants to go to Pune. What is your problem?
l can't understand.
Because l want to stay here.
l don't wan to go to Pune.
lt's surprising! You were after me!
All of you were after me that l should do something after retirement!
You only sent me to Joggers' Park.
And now when l have started to like it, you ask me to come to Pune!
What difference is it going to make in one year?
But father, in Pune also..
By the way father, who was that girl in Joggers' Park?
She comes to Joggers' Park and she is my fan.
Not fan; she is grandpa's girlfriend!
Quiet! You should not say that!
Brother, keep away from such girls.
They think only about their gain.
Sumitra, everyone thinks of their own gain.
lt's a message from grandpa's girlfriend!
Ritika, you are talking too much!
Go upstairs!
See you at Sea Link tomorrow morning.
JC, we should not meet any more.
Try and understand, JC.
You are a very big celebrity, and people recognise you.
l mean, what would they think when they see you with me?
No, it's not good for you.
l don't care, Jenny.
Trust me; l don't care.
Let me tell you one thing.
When we had met in the beginning..
ln a way l tried to exploit you.
l mean at that time l needed you..
..for the sake of my property.
But as l began to know you..
..then l grew to respect you and admire you and.. care about you.
And l don't want that because of our relationship..
..your name should get maligned.
No, it's not worth it.
Jenny, you have made me experience a new life.
You've opened my eyes to a whole new world.
New experiences.
l've now experienced.. things that l , l never knew existed!
l know. l know you've enjoyed and l enjoyed it too. - Yes.
But JC, life is a different music to play.
A different reality.
JC, you have a family ; l am single.
With you, a lot of lives are at stake.
No. From now on l will not meet you everyday.
Only occasionally.
Hello? - Grandpa..
..where are you?
Everyone is waiting for you. Come soon.
Yes, l am coming.
Family calling?
Look, father has come.
You act strangely! Have you forgotten?
l had told you that everyone is coming for a meal!
Where were you? With your girlfriend?
Brother, look who is here?
He came from Pune today.
Greetings, Father. - Dinesh, how are you?
Father, l am fine.
Father, come and have your food.
Give the plate. - Yes, l am giving it.
Give it to father.
''Love is not.. for everyone.''
''Love is not.. for everyone.''
''lt has been made for, it has been made for..''
''lt has been made for, it has been made for..''
''Only for a selected few.''
''Love is not.. for everyone.''
Baby, coffee for you.
Thanks, Meena.
Check, who is there? - Okay.
This is for Jenny Suratwala.
Baby, for you.
They're beautiful!
l know that these days, some people think of love as a lie..
..and a deceit.
But some still remain, who salute love..
..and give it a place in their hearts.
But, l neither have the courage to show it..
..nor do l have the words to express it.
Tomorrow evening there is a recital of my songs.
lf possible please do come.
Maybe the verses of a poet would become more delightful!
Your well-wisher, Ranjit Singh.
Will you come?
Hello? - Hello, Chaterjee, Seth speaking.
Yes doctor, tell me.
Chaterjee, we have organised Ranjit Singh's concert.. aid of the new wing of our hospital.
You will have to attend.
No, no, no! You must come. l am sending the card.
Ok. Ok, l will come.
Yes, ok.
Grandpa, where are you going?
There is a show of Ranjit Singh.
Ranjit Singh? - Yes. - l will also come.
Would you also come? - Yes.
No chance. - Please!
Ok. - Thanks.
Ok, bye. Good night!
Good night.
''This is a very delicate stage.''
''This is the journey of love.''
''This is a very delicate stage.''
''This is the journey of love.''
''Beat slowly, O my heart.''
''Beat slowly, O my heart.''
''This is the journey of love.''
''This is a very delicate stage.''
''This is the journey of love.''
''Somebody might hear about this affair..
..l am very frightened.''
''Somebody might hear about this affair..
..l am very scared.''
''But what do you gain by getting scared?''
''But what do you gain by getting scared?''
''This is the journey of love.''
''This is a very delicate stage.''
''This is the journey of love.''
''lt is not easy to speak of it.''
''lt is also difficult to hide.''
''lt is not easy to speak of it.''
''lt is also difficult to hide.''
''O God, how difficult it is!''
''O God, how difficult it is!''
''This is the journey of love.''
''This is a very delicate stage.''
''This is the journey of love.''
''This is a very delicate stage.''
''This is the journey of love.''
''Beat slowly, O my heart.''
''O my heart! O my heart!''
''This is the journey of love.''
''This is a very delicate stage.''
''This is the journey of love.''
Dude, the affair between Jenny and the judge is getting serious.
l know.
l can't understand who is using whom.
Something fishy.
You know something?
We must find an antidote to this.
l know.
Expose them.
Expose? - Yes.
Not a bad idea!
Yes. Right? Expose them!
Good! - Cheers!
Ok, we have our guest coming around five o'clock. - Ok.
We will just get everything organised.
Why don't you go ahead and start checking the board room?
l will see you there. - All right. l'll do everything. Bye.
JC! What brings you here?
Just like that.
You go ahead with your work. l will stay here.
JC, what was the emergency?
You can call me. You could have SMS me.
l wanted to meet you.
But JC, l work here.
You need to understand that. Please!
Got you!
Can the two of you come a little closer?
A little more closer?
You sick..
What is it that you were trying to do?
Do you want to know what my relationship with this man is?
l love him! Do you get it? l love him!
And l've never met a man like him in my entire life!
You know, if you do anything that hurts him..
..l promise you, l'm going to.. your happiness out of you.. you get it?
Hey, what's the matter?
ls everything ok?
Grandpa, Rishi's father slapped him.
He read in Rishi's book the messages written by me!
So what did Rishi say?
He said that he loves me.
One more slap.
One more slap!
And now?
And now Rishi says that he doesn't want to live in that house.
So what did you say?
l told him, don't do that.
But he is crying, grandpa!
His daddy says that this is not the age to fall in love.
Then what age is it?
For love there is no age.
l love him; he loves me. And that's it.
Don't worry.
Everything will be fine.
''Love is not.. for everyone.''
''Love is not.. for everyone.''
''lt has been made for, it has been made for..''
''lt has been made for, it has been made for..''
''Only for a selected few.''
''Love is not.. for everyone.''
Jenny? - Sir, she is sleeping.
She is not feeling well.
ls she ill? - Yes.
Looks like you have again come to the wrong address.
No, today l have come to the right address.
What happened?
l don't know what she ate in the night.
She has stomach ache and high fever.
''Love is such a song.''
''Love is such an emotion.''
''Whenever the darkness increases.''
One minute.
Mr. Chaterjee, please wait here. - ''O the heart burns..''
Okay. - Ok? - ''The heart burns..''
''The heart burns, the heart burns for light.''
''Love is not.. for everyone.''
Hello? - Shobha!
Where are you?
The thing is.. my friend Dinshaw..
..has been admitted to the hospital.
l will be returning late.
Doctor.. how is she now?
Now she is fine.
There is nothing to worry about.
She's all right. Ok? - Thank you, doctor.
Yes, madam. He only brought you here.
He took great care of you for three days.
l don't know what would have happened if he were not there!
Were you in hospital since three days? - Yes.
And who is this new friend of yours?
You could have called Ashwin. After all he is also a doctor.
There was no need for that.
Dinshaw is a very rich man.
His family doctor was also there.
l was just stayed there with him.
Well, it's a good thing that you have made new friends.
Here are some papers. Please sign them.
What papers?
Father, l had told you.
We have to vacate this house by the first.
These are the papers for that.
Take this.
Not now. l am very much worried about Dinshaw.
You know Shalini.. papa always used to say..
..that you recognise love and friendship at the same time.
lt's so true.
l mean l made so many friends in that lonely life.
How many?
And what happened?
Only one man turned out to be sincere.
l think you have fallen in love with JC.
Or, he has fallen in love with you.
This word, love, is rubbish.
Please, change it.
Jenny, no one else knows you better than me.
But what you are seeking is impossible.
lt will only cause disappointment.
lt is true that desires, dreams, aspirations, yearnings..
..all have been created by God.
But how to live in the world.. dictated by the society.. by humans.
Even the most intelligent man acts childishly when in love.
What is the matter?
Why are all of you so quiet?
Ask Dinesh!
Dinesh, what's the matter?
Father.. - What can he tell you?
l will tell you! - Will you please shut up!
Both of you please calm down!
Something serious has happened.
The marriage of Dinesh's nephew Rakesh..
..has been fixed with Rajesh's niece Shweta.
Tell him what happened after that!
l will tell him.
Then Dinesh had an affair with a girl.
The girl's family found out about it, and they broke the alliance.
This spoiled not only mine, but spoiled Rakesh's life also.
Look Renu, this is my personal affair.
Now it is my personal affair.
l am putting up with all this only because of these kids!
Renu, calm down!
Father, you only tell us what we should do.
Yes father, you only decide.
lt's a matter of great shame..
..that you have put at risk the prestige of your family!
The man whose character is considered as ideal..
..the man who has never cast a lustful eye towards another woman..
..someone from that man's family has done such a lowly deed!
Tradition and status are very important for our family.
And my father is the best example of an honourable man.
l am proud to be justice Chaterjee's daughter.
But l am ashamed that you are my brother!
Father, now you decide for the honour of the family.
Dinesh.. our values have taught us that it is our duty.. protect our family and its prestige.
You will have to apologise to your wife.
And remember, this should never be repeated.
The honour of our family comes first.
That is the way it has always been.
And that is the way it will always be.
Did you hear that?
Hello! - What are you doing?
Listen and understand. - What?
''Love is not.. for everyone.''
Jenny! - ''Love is not..''
Jenny, listen!
''..for everyone.''
''lt has been made for, it has been made for..''
''lt has been made for..'' - Jenny!
'' has been made for..''
''Only for a selected few.''
''Love is not..''
l love this song.
Listen, Jenny, l need to see you urgently.
Do you want to see me?
When? - This evening.
lt's important.
''The stories of love; what do you know about love?''
''Only the crazy ones fall in love.''
''lt is necessary, it is necessary.''
''lt is necessary, it is necessary.''
''For life.
''Love is not.. for everyone.''
You.. did you understand what l want to say?
Please don't misunderstand me.
Yes.. l understood.
That, problems have increased in your house.
And it will be better..
..if we put a brake to our friendship at this point.
lt's that, isn't it?
Stop before it's too late?
l understand, JC.
l understand that.. that.. have a family and.. you know.. have responsibilities and commitments..
..that you have to stand by.
l mean, it's different for me.
l'm single and.. being single means..
..having no family and..
l know you love me.
And you want to be with me, but.. won't work.
l mean, l was telling you in the beginning itself.. just won't work.
lt will create problems for you too.
l guess so.
You know, Shalini, my friend, was right.
That desires, dreams, aspirations, yearnings..
..all have been created by God.
But how to live in the world.. dictated by the society.. by humans.
And you just can't fight it.
Even the most intelligent man acts childishly when in love.
lt's so true, isn't it?
Anyway, the point is, that after today, we will not meet, yes?
We just won't meet, ok?
From today, we won't meet.
But before that, you will have to listen to me.
Don't refuse. You are under my oath.
You know, l had brought a gift for you.
Thinking that l'll tell you how much l missed you.
But now l am giving it to you, saying that l'll always miss you.
A lot.
Like a bribe.
''Love is not.. for everyone.''
''Love is not.. for everyone.''
''lt has been made for, it has been made for..''
''lt has been made for, it has been made for..''
''Only for a few people.''
''Love is not.. for everyone.''
Hello! - Hello, Jenny!
Yes. - Good morning.
Good morning.
l just wanted to say.. - Yes?
Good morning!
You're such a baby, JC!
And look at you!
You're amazing!
Why? Can't l call you?
Of course you can call me.
You're my friend.
Don't taunt me, Jenny.
Don't be sarcastic!
No, l'm not being sarcastic, JC.
But l just think that.. listen, l've a friend with me right now, so..
..l'll speak to you later?
Take care.
lt's the fever of love. lt doesn't come down, once you get it.
You know, l don't know if it's right or wrong, but..
..but l know he loves me.
l can feel it.
And you?
l don't know.
You have to know, Jenny!
JC's love is only an infatuation.
A momentary life.
lt is just temporary.
You really think so?
l'm sure.
Look, now you should think seriously about yourself.
Only about yourself.
Take Ranjit, for example.
How much does our Ranjit love you?
But he never said anything to me!
Because he really loves you, Jenny.
l have seen the diary of his songs.
There is 'J' written on top every song. 'J'. -
Just like we write Om!
Gosh! Are you kidding?
Lovers are always crazy!
You should seriously think about Ranjit.
l cannot think anything.
Then l will show you the facts.
l .
''Destination; this is the journey of love.''
From where did you get it?
Some loving friend has given it.
Why? Do you have any objection?
Well, the brainy ones have started to appreciate..
..the sentimental ones!
Shalini? Who?
Jenny's friend!
Wait, please!
Your dear friend's phone!
Hello? - Good evening, Mr. Chaterjee!
This is Shalini here.
Jenny's best friend.
Oh, yes, yes. How are you?
Please! Listen seriously to what l have to say.
Enough of the games!
Jenny is a forward girl, but she is also stupid and naive.
Excuse me, l , l don't understand.
l , l didn't understand.
Nothing, sir. Tomorrow is Jenny's birthday.
Oh, really?
Today, l have organised a surprise party for Jenny.
l have invited all her friends and acquaintances.
Today you are the most important person in Jenny's life.
lf you don't come, then she will feel as if half the world is not there.
lt means?
lt means that it is very important..
..that you should attend today's party in front of everyone.
lf you're in love then take a stand.
That's right.
Today, Jenny and you will cut the cake together.
Listen, l .. - l'm sure you will not disappoint..
..and you will come tonight.
Leave the rest to me.
Are you afraid of something?
No, no, l'll come.
Thank you, sir.
Hey, grandpa! See what l've got you! - What?
Ranjit Singh's new CD. - Really?
l will play it for you. - Play it.
Hey, grandpa! - Yes?
You're looking very smart!
Where are you going?
To my girlfriend's birthday party.
Do you have a girlfriend?
Yes. Why?
Can't l have a girlfriend?
No, you cannot have. You cannot have a girlfriend.
May l come in?
''Destination; this is the journey of love.''
l have come to repay the favours done by the judge.
Give this to him on my behalf.
And tell him that..
''lt is not easy to tell..''
''O God, how difficult..''
''lt is not easy to tell..''
''lt is difficult to hide.''
''O God, how difficult..''
What happened?
What happened?
Father, you will have to sign these papers.
What is this?
Father, you will leave this government bungalow..
..and go to Pune next week.
But didn't l say that.. - That you want one more year's extension..
..for this bungalow.
This Mumbai, this place, this bungalow..
..we will have to leave tomorrow.
Whose decision is this?
May l know why it is so urgent?
You may know.
Open it and see.
What nonsense is this?
Tariq Ahmed, the editor of lndependent has sent it for you.
Take a look, father.
Tariq Ahmed said that these sensational photos and news..
..were going to be published..
..on the cover pages of tomorrow's newspapers.
65 year old retired judge, J. P. Chaterjee's affair..
..with Mumbai's glamour girl Jenny.
But he stopped it.
Maybe you had done him some favour in the past.
So he could not bear to see your prestige built over 45 years.
So he gave these photos to me.
He said only this; it takes a whole lifetime.. build up a reputation.
But it needs only a mistake to ruin it.
Father, 50 seconds are enough to destroy 50 years of honour.
And a reputation once lost, can never be earned back.
Was Tariq Ahmed wrong?
J.P. Chaterjee used to give judgements..
..based on his values and ideals.
Today, his own child seeks justice from him.
Your desires are in conflict with your responsibilities.
We want to see which one you are going to choose.
Your desires, or the prestige of your family.
Your family honour or your personal desires?
lt's not on us any more, father.
lt's on you.
lf you want to go ahead with it, at the cost of your family.
Actually, don't be afraid, father.
Break the bond.
Leave us.
For the sake of your desires..
..we will live the rest of our lives with bowed heads.
We're your brave children, father.
The decision is in your hands now.
Either you sign these papers..
..or you can go where your desires and your love are.
Every man is the best judge of himself.
And he has to pay the price for what he does.
lt is you, and not l , who used to say this.
What happened? Why was Divya shouting so much?
Sometimes truth also takes on the form of anger.
What do you mean?
The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.
Anyway, forget it.
Do you remember, today is our marriage anniversary?
You will eat sweet dish today, won't you?
Forget about the Joggers' Park and all that.
Today you must eat the sweet dish.
Happy anniversary! - Happy anniversary!
Are you ok?
Really? - Yes.
Yes. - Mother, it is the time for boarding.
Shall we go?
Yes. Let us go.
Thank you, Subroto! Thank you.
That was very kind of you.
l'll be delighted to, to attend your meeting..
..and address the gathering at, at Amby Valley.
No, it's my pleasure. Thank you.
No, no, at the airport. - Taking a flight.. Pune, and then..
Gosh! That's JC!
JC! Hi! - Jenny!
What a coincidence!
lt's been 4 years! - Yes, it has!
Oh! That's Ranjit.
Hi! - Oh, yes, the famous singer!
And my husband! - Congratulations!
Nice to meet you.
And that's my son, Satya.
Oh, Ranjit, do you remember..
..l had told you about my 4th boyfriend? - Yes! - JC!
That's him! - Oh!
Hi, JC! - Once again!
This is my best friend. Final boyfriend.
Husband and father of my child.
Happy? - Yes. Very.
And you?
Very happy.
God bless you both!
Thank you.
My flight has been announced.
l have to get going.
You take care, yes? - You too.
Yes? - Bye-bye. - Nice to meet you. - ''O my mind..
..listen to me!''
''Listen! Listen! Listen!''
''O my mind, O my mind!''
''Listen to me!''
''Listen! Listen! Listen!''
''Sometimes l gained and sometimes l lost.''
''Sometimes l laughed and sometimes l cried.''
''Sometimes l started off and sometimes l stopped.''
''Sometimes she came to me and sometimes l went to her.''
''This is the whole game.''
''Swings without support.''
''My heart is very innocent.''
''This is the whole game.''
''Swings without support.''
''My heart is very innocent.''
''My heart.''
''Sometimes l gained and sometimes l lost.''
''Sometimes l laughed and sometimes l cried.''
''Sometimes l started off and sometimes l stopped.''
''Sometimes she came to me and sometimes l went to her.''
''This is the whole game.''
''Swings without support.''
''My heart is very innocent.'' ''Oh, poor thing!''
''This is the whole game.''
''Swings without support.''
''My heart is very innocent.''