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Just a minute... listen...
Calm down...
l said, calm down! Calm down.
Is the news of Anna Chimbure true? - Hundred percent true.
Wait, let me tell you. Our Govt. had promised that,...
if they come into power, they will nab the infamous terrorist...
Anna Chimbure within 100 days. They have kept their promise.
l will tell you... Anna was hiding in this village called Haripur...
which is 15 kms away from Pune.
He was planning to go to Mumbai. And from there he was planning to go...
to island Fiji via sea-route. But our smart cops nabbed him on time.
Did he got arrested because of his foolishness...
or did he get arrested due to the smartness of the cops?
My journalist brothers and sisters, at least applaud the cops...
once in a blue moon.
Anyway, the minister of Haripur Mr More will present him in Pune...
under the vigilance of cops.
But one thing is for sure, his game is already over.
But where is he right now? - Yes, where is he?
He is being kept in custody under strict vigilance in Haripur.
Yesterday night at 1 1 .00, our senior inspector Chandraji Suryaji Pisaal...
He is talking about me. - He has arrested Anna Chimbure...
under my guidance.
Silence, please... - Saw? The chief-minister has made...
fun of you by appointing you as the Minister of Haripur.
No one respects you. - You are right.
In spite of being in power l can't do anything.
Hush! - Keep quiet.
We are not here to hear your speech. We want Anna Chimbure.
You people will kill me someday.
Where the hell are you? - l am lying near the District Jail.
Did you meet Anna Chimbure? - How can l?
He is being kept in custody. - What!
Why did l appoint you? What are you doing there?
Nothing. l am being kicked right now. - What?
Enough of all this. Go and meet Anna first.
l want his interview. - But madam?
At any cost. Khabardaar is one of the best newspaper in this village.
We are always first in informing everyone about any incident.
Super fast paper, you see. The interview of Anna Chimbure...
should be printed in our newspaper before any newspaper prints it. Got it?
l hope you are listening? - Again she has started blabbering.
Do whatever you wish. Get into the custody anyhow.
l am the star-journalist of the newspaper Khabardaar.
l will have to meet Anna Chimbure at any cost. Excuse me...
Stupid, he has disconnected it again.
Coming! Goodness...
What exactly were you doing?
l was thinking about tomorrow's headlines.
After all the headline is of utmost importance.
It should be short but stunning. Do you wish to have a look?
''The cops fly high... Anna Chimbure is ridiculed''
Did you like it? - Nonsense! Rubbish! Bullshit!
Even the scrap dealer will not buy our paper if we come out with such...
a headline.
Our newspaper has attained the no. 1 position.
If you print all this... Shut this lappot of yours.
Laptop madam. - Then what did l say? Shut it.
Only Bharat can get good news and a good headline.
God knows where he is? - He is being applauded as the star...
journalist of Khabardaar. He must be flying high!
Hey! Who are you?
Wait. Where are you running away?
Come up.
Anna Chimbure speaking. Yes, l am calling from the cell.
l am not worried at all. After all l am Anna Chimbure.
l will skin the cops alive.
The law cannot harm me in any way.
Tell them, l'm right now on Fiji island.
l will return after 5 to 6 months.
The cops are all cowards!
l will fool these cops tonight
l will escape out of India tomorrow morning at 6;00 a.m.
The arrangements have been done in a good way.
Anna Chimbure will fly away.
A free bird that l am.
Bless your mother! What noise was that?
What noise was that? Did anything fell?
l did hear some sort of noise...? Let it be. Let's get back to work.
Else l will might land into a problem....
Listen... - My name is Maruti Kamble.
Get down... Damn this public.
Traveling for free? Say what?
l was dangling in the air. l was fortunate enough to land on...
your truck. Else l would have gone straight up there.
That too without a ticket? - You fell down...?
l mean, l was up there... why am l narrating the tale?
Where are you going? - To deliver the goods.
Will you drop me to Pune? - Is it? Leave.
l have to deliver the goods first. - Please don't refuse.
Here, keep this 100 bucks. - No, l don't consider money at all.
Work means everything to me. - l will pay you 200.
Please drop me. l have an important work.
lmportant work? Money is not the criteria.
l understood. - l am dropping you just because you...
have an important work. - Let's go.
200 bucks... - l thought you forgot about it.
Give... - Let's go. Hurry up.
This is the driver's seat. Hop in from that side.
You are really strange... - Let's go. Hurry up.
Drive fast. I've hit a jackpot!
Headline, you see... - l am switching on the headlight.
What is the hurry? - l am talking about headline, news.
Good god! What news? - Listen... it's a big scam.
Scam? Tell me one thing, why should one interfere into other's matter?
l am a journalist. We are only interested in other people's matter.
Is it? - Don't waste time. C'mon, hurry up.
You have only paid me 200 bucks. l won't drive at the top speed.
God forbid what if something happens? l too have a family.
My mother says... - Stop talking. Start it.
Why are you talking? - It's you who is talking, not l.
You are asking me so many questions. l am sitting quietly.
What can l do? You are asking me so many questions.
Thank you. Thank you. Your name?
What's the use in thanking me now? l am already late.
My mother will kill me now. - Why do you always mention your mother?
Don't be scared. Pray to Him. Drive as fast as you can.
No looking behind. - Is it? You'll come to know...
once you meet my mother. - Don't worry. Here's my card.
Where's my card? - Bharat Bhalerao.
Myself. - Khabardaar(beware)
Your father's name, l suppose? - We have a newspaper by this name.
l thought, you printed your father's name in bold letters, just because...
the organization is big... - It's really a big organization.
Call us, if you need our help anytime.
Name? l am talking about me.
Don't hesitate to call me.
We are ordinary people? Why would we need a journalist like you?
We won't feel the need. - Suppose, if you feel the need...
For e.g., if there's a theft... - You are so talkative.
Go ahead, print the news. Don't just talk.
l drove at top speed just for your sake. You just paid me 200 bucks.
Enough. l understood... - l did all this for you.
Shut-up. - Bye...
Neither a phone call, nor a message. Lazy fellow.
Now print the news of Anna's arrest.
What happened?
Tell us, what happened?
What happened?
Did you interview Anna Chimbure? - Forget about the interview.
l have a sensational news. - What?
Anna Chimbure has escaped! - What are you talking?!
Yes! Finally, we got the headline. ''Havoc everywhere, Anna escapes''
l will give you a tight slap. - Thank-you. Get lost!
When and how did he escape? Tell me.
He hasn't escaped till now. But he will surely escape.
Are you an astrologer? - C'mon, get back to work. Hurry up.
Change the headline first. Even the channel guys will be shocked
Today at 4:00 a.m. - But it's just 2:00 a.m.
Trust me. - But Bharat...
Fine. I'll resign.
Think ... he hasn't escaped till now. Will it be proper...
Okay. l'm ready to print this news.
But if Anna Chimbure doesn't escape in the morning...
I'll make sure that you will not be seen anywhere around.
Do you agree? - Agreed.
Alright. Change the headline. - Anna Chimbure escapes from the cell.
l don't want tea, get the newspaper.
We've fulfilled the promises we made for the first time.
The newspaper must be full of praises for us. Get the newspaper.
l don't want tea, get the news paper
Let me read the news. Great!
My photo has been printed. Couldn't you send a better photo than this?
Sorry sir. - Great! Even the English paper...
What's written, good or bad? - Good sir.
Enough of your English.
What does 'Khabardaar' say? Great!
Anna Chimbure escapes. Great!
What's this? Secretary... - It's impossible sir.
They have played a prank on us.
No other newspaper carries this news.
Even the news channel has the news of his arrest.
l had spoken to the inspector at 4:00 a.m. today morning.
Anna was in the jail then.
Call him up again. Contact the minister.
I've been trying since long to contact him.
Keep on trying.
Who is...?
Sir, he is on the line. - Give it to me.
Who is it? Sir...?!
Is the news true? - He was there till 4:00 a.m.
The lock of the cell too is intact!
He just disappeared in the air.
Yes sir. I'll transfer the concerned officers immediately.
Yes. Do transfer the officers but about you.
Me...? - The journalist will strip me!
I've a press conference at 9:00 a.m. What will l tell them?
Listen to me carefully. Check all the vehicles going out of the city.
l want Anna Chimbure at any cost.
That too before the entire city comes to know of it.
Yes sir.
Tulsi... She is the youngest!
Tulsi... She is the elder one!
Who is it? - Hush! It's me.
Oh God! You?! No, my baby. Go to sleep.
Why are you waking up the poor girls? Go back to sleep.
Damn these girls! You are drifting apart from me since the time...
they were born. Nowadays l can't even get close to you.
And you say you want a baby-boy? - Fine. Now get back to sleep.
Tulsi... - Hey...
l'm sleeping.
Sleep my dear...
We had two daughters, but never had the time to romance.
Come closer to me. - Go...
Fine. Let's go there. - Husband...
l'm your husband, you are my wife.
You look so beautiful when you shy away in this manner.
You shy away like a hen. - Listen, the cock crows.
l have lot of work to do. l have to milk the buffaloes...
l have to smear the house with the cow-dung. Let go of me.
Listen to me. Damn this cock.
l will make a nice dish out of this cock.
Sleep. Now what's the use in getting up? Sleep...
Come, let's go in...
You rascal!
Mother, it was a mistake. Look, the buffalo is running away.
Wait... - Don't hit me.
Where is your grandmother? - You have got two daughters...
And still you want to romance your wife?
Who will go to work? Your pop? - No pop. l mean, no mother.
You do such sort of things.
l cannot imagine what you will do after my death.
Mother-in-law why are you talking ominous things early in the morning?
Right. You can speak all such things once you have your lunch.
You are eagerly waiting for my death, swine!
Am l a hurdle? -
Remember one thing, l will not die unless l see my grandson.
l was preparing for the same.
But tell all this to your daughter-in-law. She doesn't co-operate.
She won't undergo any operation unless she has a baby boy.
Not operation, l'm talking about... Leave it. Get me tea.
I've to go to work. Let's go. - Where are you going?
Go and wash the buffaloes. - Fine.
I'll get tea for him. Where are you taking that bull along?
Shall l come to wash the buffaloes? Coming.
What happened? - Gulp it.
What? - Tea.
Where is it? Don't hit me.
She uses her left hand.
Have it fast.
Go, I'll have it.
What happened? - Come here.
Let's have tea together. - No...
Don't refuse. Mother is not around. Come closer...
It's fun.
Why make such a noise? Have it with love.
l think Karishma has ran away.
To hell with this monetary life!
In spite of having two daughters l cannot romance my wife.
The demo ness! He is sleeping.
What? He is sleeping!
A woman at Bharat's place! Who are you?
l am his maid-servant, Madhubala.
l see. Then kick that Kishor Kumar and wake him up.
No, l'm loyal his loyal servant. - Acting smart with me.
l wish to give him an increment for the excellent work he did yesterday.
Anyway, his bad luck. - increment...!
He got up.
What say madam? You are thinking of giving me an increment.
Should l give you an increment? You can afford to hire a maid.
You are a rich man. Why do you need an increment?
Get up and attend the press conference.
You miser! l didn't have my bath. l'm smelling all over.
Once your job is done you can have a nice bath.
l can't attend it. Good bye!
I'll torment you in your dreams. - impossible.
What! impossible!
You have dismissed me several times in these 8 years. Hang on.
l know, your organization cannot do without me. Bye!
He's playing hard to get. But he is an intelligent fellow.
Else l would've already kicked him out.
Whom shall l send now? - Madam, let me go.
Don't worry. You have an intelligent and trained journalist like me.
I'll fire such questions at them I'll leave them dumb-founded.
Listen to me...
Unfortunately the news printed in 'Khabardaar' is true. Listen...
Is it true that someone has helped Anna Chimbure to escape?
Silence please! - Listen...
Please maintain silence.
Please ask one question at a time. Do not create a havoc.
Else l won't be able to answer.
Give me a chance... - Go on son...
Khabardaar(Beware)... - Hey...
l'm a reporter from Khabardaar. - You are from Khabardaar!
First listen to me. - Control. Not now.
Go ahead. - The news about Anna Chimbure...
Switch off your cell. Whose cell is it?
What impudence is this? This is a press conference.
How come you people get your cell-phones here.
Sir, we should ban the cell-phones. Switch it off, l say.
It's your cell-phone. - How is it possible?
Does this guy have any sense?
Such is the reputation of the 'Khabardaar'. And they print...
Control. Not now...
Yes Bharat? - Tell Madam l'm taking a half-day.
I've an important meeting. - You disturbed me for such a trivia
l am in a press conference. l was about to ask an important question.
l would have left them dumbfounded. Hang up.
Hell with your minister. Listen to what l say.
I've to note down the minister's speech.
I'll tell you what he'll say. Note it down.
The opposition party has provoked Anna Chimbure.
The opposition wishes to break our government down.
We'll see to it that Anna Chimbure is arrested at the earliest.
l don't have the time to listen to your nonsense. Hang up.
What a silly press conference!
Thinks smart of himself.
The opposition party has provoked Anna Chimbure.
The opposition wishes to break our government down.
But we'll not sit quietly. We'll have him arrested at the earliest.
Whom do you wish to meet?
With whose permission are you barging in?
My friend, don't yell. Get into the habit of saluting me.
Who are you?
l'm Bharat Bhalerao. The star journalist of' Khabardaar'
And the would-be son-in-law of this house.
You will be sacked if l get upset.
Hey... get out!
Priyanka... Let me in.
You know what's the time? You are an hour late.
Listen to me. - l don't want to hear any excuses.
''l had to cover a news. l was awake the whole night. l got up late.''
The same old excuses. - Right.
Even your watchman didn't let me in.
Are you going to behave properly after we get married?
Never. If l behave like a sensible man, you will not get angry.
And you look more beautiful when you are angry.
Mother is waiting since long. Let's go.
Only 9 lakh profit from the Aurangabad unit.
I'll close down the company. Fix my meeting with the...
Trade minister today itself.
For which post? We've everyone. Gardner, cook and servant.
There is a vacancy for the post of Son-in-law.
What do you do? - Love...
l am a journalist. l work for the best paper in town 'Khabardaar'.
It means you are an employee. - Yes.
l would not like my son-in-law to work under someone.
But mother...
He'll be the director of our Ad agency.
We'll start a magazine too. He'll have a car and a bungalow too.
After that he'll suit our family and will have an equal status.
l see. So you don't want a son-in-law who is working for someone.
You want a son-in-law who will suit your honor.
l am not up for a display.
Priyanka, it is said always carry a cell phone lighter than your hands.
Think over it and let me know. - Just a minute.
It's you who ought to think. l am a true journalist.
Journalism is my hobby, an addiction. It's everything for me.
Priyanka if you can try and make your mother understand.
He'll not commit the mistake of denying your love.
l'm a true journalist. She would've run over me now.
Is this any article!
The article covering Anna Chimbure should be hot and sizzling!
Go, write a new sizzling article! Go!
Monica, have you interviewed that new actress Alisha.
l was trying but she was busy...
Listen just write... ''l will not expose - Alisha''
All the actresses say so in the beginning.
Yes, madam?
Why didn't today's newspaper carry the star-sign column?
The astrologer fell ill all of a sudden.
l see. You will write tomorrow's star-sign column.
Me...? - What's the problem?
Take any star-sign column from the old editions and just print it.
Change the predictions from one star sign to another.
The astrologer too does the same. Just don't laugh, sit.
Madam, l have a great news... - Send Bharat.
Bharat won't be coming. He has taken a half-day.
Don't l pay him without any deductions?!
He is acting quite snobbish!
Sometimes l feel like hitting something on his head.
Give me your laptop. - It will break, it's delicate.
Fool! l need to write. Come on write...
Your highness, the royal king, Mr Bharat...
Do you think smart of yourself?
l can employ many more journalist like you.
Your B.A. degree is not worthy of anything.
When you were roaming around for a job with that degree in your hand...
it was l who helped you stand on these legs...
Stand on your legs. And now you dare kick me with those legs!
And beware (khabardaar)... - It's not a paper but a weapon.
Beware if you step into Khabardaar's office again.
Madam, sign this. - What is it?
The letter... - You have really written all that.
Yes. - Which fool told you to write?
You told me so.
If l sack Bharat who will get me the news about Anna Chimbure?
Madam, I'll get it. - You...!
Am l any less than Bharat?
A genius journalist hides inside me.
Who is eager to come out, madam. - I'll kick you out of here.
Listen... if you manage to interview Anna Chimbure within 8 hours...
I'll appoint you in Bharat's place.
God knows what will he do?
l finally got Anna Chimbure's case!
Let me pack my bag...
Hey you had a meeting, didn't you? - l manage to wind it up early.
Take this. - What is this?
Madam gave it.
See, now I'll make a toy of this paper.
l am not scared of her.
But it's she who has appointed you. Gave you the job.
She appointed me? In fact l have obliged her.
Else not a single journalist was ready to work for her.
This office used to be empty, like your madam's brain.
Journalist used to run away from this office within a day.
She is a fatso.
You shouldn't say such things about a prominent and a weighty personality.
Weighty personality? No doubt, she is a heavy lady.
My bones will get fractured even if her shadow falls on me.
l hope my bones are not fractured? What does she knows about journalism?
She has completed her MA.
Degrees are available for free there.
Khabardaar! This organization is worthless without me!
You are yelling as though she is standing right behind me.
Shall l go to Anna Chimbure?
Bravo guys. You are serving me in a nice way.
Chicken, meat... fish...
Why apple-polish me? Do you people wish to know any secret from me?
l am a dangerous man.
If you keep me here for a longer period,...
I'll make life hell for everyone. Did you hear that minister?
I'll make life hell for everyone.
The thing is... - What...?
The city's border are sealed. You will find cops at every step.
Have some patience. - Why did l spent so much money...
on you for the elections? Just to hear this from you?
No... you are right... - Then take me via air-route.
Where are the all the choppers? - We are trying our level best.
l want results! Get me out of here within 24 hours.
Else I'll have to get real tough with you people.
But Anna the helipad is in Pune. We'll have to go by road there.
I'll make some arrangements.
The police will get suspicious if we go by a private car.
What I'll do is... What is it? A turkey or chicken?
I'll arrange for a truck.
Then l can easily escape along with the goods.
Do l have to tell you everything? - What?
The state's condition will worsen once you become the Home minister?
l... home minister? - People will say...
''the minister is stupid''
l'm your man. You can take care of everything.
Get me out of here first then I'll think about your welfare.
And what about me?
Get lost. - Go!
Damn this Anna!
This Anna is sitting right on our head.
Can't help it, man? - Why?
He provides money for contesting the elections.
Is it? - Then he makes us dance to his tune.
Go and arrange for a truck.
l'm worried about you, Maruti.
Don't worry about me. I'll manage.
Take Tulsi along with you. Uncle will be happy.
I'll dine at the neighbors place. - What!
I'll dine at the hotel in our neighborhood.
l know. But my buffaloes will starve if Tulsi doesn't feed them.
Then take the buffaloes too. - Shut up, rascal!
C'mon, let's go. - Hold your mother's hand.
l don't have the heart to visit your uncle house?
He has four sons. And look at you. You keep on having daughters.
How am l at fault? - You can't do a thing properly.
Better wash the buffaloes nicely. And do worship my Gods daily.
Let the Gods... - Shut up!
Don't let him do any mischief. - It's time for the bus to leave.
Is this our bus?
Get in. Sit. - Come. Get in. Hurry up.
Aunty, hurry up.
My heart doesn't agree. l won't be able to live without you.
l did better stay back. - Are you going on a long trip?
We'll join you in a couple of days. Get in.
I'll come as soon as l finish my work here.
l know, you have lots of work. - Hurry up.
Wait. Stay nicely. Shall l go?
Yes. - Sure. Shall l go?
Yes. Now better get in. He's getting angry.
Wait. - Bag.
Note down the driver's number. - Yes.
Bag. - Take this.
Can't you take my blessings? - Yes. Come on get going.
Go carefully. - Keep this money.
Thank you. I'll have chocolates. Come on, get going.
Else she might cancel her trip.
Don't worry. We will be safe here.
At last she has gone.
Hey, now what? - Get lost.
Right, let's get lost.
Madam, today's newspapers.
''CBl says Anna Chimbure in Haripur'' What's this?
This is the headline. - Aren't you ashamed to say that.
Yes, l am. But all newspaper don't have an intelligent reporter like me.
Where's Bharat?
Why Bharat? l am here Madam. - Only Bharat can do this work.
True. But l don't think he will do it.
Why? Why won't he do it? l pay him handsomely.
He will have to do it. - He is in love.
Is that the reason why he behaves like an insensible man?
He takes a half-day leave, needs rest all the time.
He wears well ironed clothes and is always clean shaven.
A Journalist should dedicate his life only towards his work.
He should be attentive 24 hours.
Couldn't l fall in love?
l was the beauty queen during my college days.
The professors liked me a lot. - Strange!
The peons too liked me. - It must be true then.
But l said Khabardaar (beware)... - Not a newspaper but a weapon.
l will settle my life along with khabardaar,
Have you ever seen me...
Have l ever taken a half-day leave? - No...
Have l ever taken rest? - No...
Do l come clean shaven?
I'll have to save Bharat from this.
We ought to stop this story. Who is that girl?
Who could it be? This one or that one.
Anyone will do for me.
Every man is always ready to get married.
l think the class is over.
l want to meet Priyanka Garware.
Do you know the Govt. mental hospital?
Yes. - We have come from there.
Can you people roam around freely?
l am the doctor. Look at my coat.
See this stethoscope...
See... Bharat is my patient. - What is wrong with him? He is fine.
What are you saying? Didn't he tell you anything?
He has kept you in the dark. Come, l will tell you the truth.
Come fast.
Bharat is suffering from some mania...
What? - l mean he has gone mad.
What nonsense. l know him since 2 yrs.
l am treating him since 8 yrs. He is completely mad.
Really? - Yes.
His condition has improved a bit. That's why he appears to be normal.
But he has this habit of peeping through the ladies toilet.
Now his condition has improved all thanks to madam.
He doesn't peep the way as he used to peep earlier.
And he is in the habit of wearing a raincoat in the rainy season.
But everyone wears one. - But he wears nothing except it.
And he eve teases older woman. Shoves them...
Pickpockets them. Above all he also tells them that he is a journalist.
Didn't he tell you all this? - Yes, he did tell me.
So finally we have the proof. This is nothing...
Sometimes he gets infuriated... he also has this habit of pinching,...
He pulls the cheeks, and he also bites.
Will you marry such a mad person?
Your headline is ready. ''Romeo turns out to be a mad fellow...''
''Laila is in distress''
Romeo wasn't Laila's beloved. You don't know anything about love.
Yes, l don't know anything. It was an optional subject.
That's why l became a successful publisher.
l am dead! - What happened? Run...
This way!
May you be cursed! - Don't hit us...
Why are you apologizing now? Why did you collide with me?
What do l do to you? - What will you do to her?
She is such a fat lady.
Why the hell are you laughing? What are you staring at?
C'mon, pick it up.
My vegetables are scattered... - Here... leave... be careful.
Walk carefully. - Be careful.
Why are you people here? Leave. - Let's go.
Where are you people going? What are you doing here?
We had gone... - We were here to get the news...
about Anna Chimbure. - Is it?
Yes... - Anna Chimbure and here? impossible.
My God... is it your purse? Is it yours, Paddy?
Then whose is it?
That's my purse. He stole it. How dare you?
First come to the police station...
You appear to be a decent man... How dare you rob me of my purse?
Listen, l am a journalist... - You call yourself a journalist?
Please make them understand... - Actually, he is not a thief.
Then...? - He is...
Means he is mad, right? Then why is he roaming around freely?
Listen, l am not mad... Am l mad?
No. - l see. You lied to them to save me.
Don't bite! - Am l addicted to biting?
We'll start the medication. And we'll go abroad for the treatment.
Abroad? Treatment? Medicines? What's all this?
That fat lady doctor has told me everything.
Fat lady doctor? Listen to me...
She called me a mad. She said, l am addicted to biting.
She said, we'll go abroad for the treatment...
Let it be... Every girl is one and the same.
Let it be. Come... just concentrate on Anna Chimbure's news?
Let's go. - Which woman is she talking about?
Now who is this fat lady doctor?
l see. So you are behind all this?
Hell with you and your Anna Chimbure!
l can't go that side... There are dogs there...
Forgive me. It was all my madam's doings.
l am not at fault. - Let go of me!
No... first tell me, you love me. - l said leave me
Tell me, you love me... - l said leave me
Who is she?! - Whatever that lady said was true.
You harass older women. You harass your mother-in-law?
Bless your mother. Who is it?
You? l didn't see you...
Why did you apply the brakes? At least l would have died in peace.
l hope you are fine? What's wrong? Tell me, where should l drop you?
Drop me up there. - But what's wrong?
l am really distressed... - Is it?
What are you looking for? - My card. You too had given me one.
Hell with the card! l am in great distress.
l wish to forget all my woes. Can l relieve myself?
Yes, why not. - l am talking about this thing.
Mr Bharat, you wish to booze? Shame on you.
Do you know about it's consequences?
Great men have always warned us against having it...
My mother says... - Will you drop me?
Or should l wait for another truck? - Come, I'll drop you up there.
l mean, come I'll drop you. But one should not booze.
Now l'm in full...
Did you understand? - Yes, l have understood.
Listen to the problem...
lmagine, this is my wife.
Why half, fill the glass.
She is my would be wife. - Then fill half of it.
This is my wife's mother. - Consider this to be my buffalo.
Why get the buffalo in between? - l have a different story to tell...
All right... Now this is my madam.
How many madam do you have? - Actually she is a big fat lady.
Madam says, dump the girl. And the girl's mother says,...
leave the job. - That's my buffalo.
Where's your buffalo? - Here...
Madam says... - Piyu...(Drink)
You too have it. - l am talking about Piyu, your wife.
Piyu says... you dimwit fellow. - You always keep on insulting me.
l am not keeping you names. She tells me, l am mad.
Where is the sound coming from?
Not finished yet
l am not able to remove my footwear...
Forgive me this time, mother.
Father! - When did you people come?
It means even mother has come.
Then what did you think? l left for good?
What l mean is, you could have stayed there and returned after...
two or three weeks. - Hell with my stay.
Damn my brother and his kids.
New generation kids. They have started boozing.
Great! l mean, what's all this?
Is this any way to behave? - That's what l told them.
lnstead of boozing, why not drink the water which flows down the drain?
It will come much cheaper. l know at what price the booze comes for.
How do you know? - l know. That's all.
That's what l am saying. How come you know about it?
Do you booze? - What did you say?
l said, do you booze? - It's you who asks me this?
Yes. - How can you say this?
You say anything you wish.
How could you ever imagine such a thing?
Everything has gone in vain.
No my dear... - How could you say this?
l'm sorry. It was a mistake.
l tell you, alcohol is very dangerous.
Even the saints have said... - What?
Consumption of liquor damages the liver.
Which saint do you talk about? - That aunty...
No...l can't remember him. I'll better go and sleep.
Where are you going? - To sleep.
Don't sleep empty stomach. Eat something.
No... l had snacks. - Tulsi, serve him food.
No... l might puke l am on a high.
l mean, l'm feeling very sleepy. Think l'm observing a fast today.
Go and sleep. l too will sleep. l am tight...
l mean good night.
Where are you going? - To sleep.
Why sleep outside in the verandah?
l was wondering as to where l was heading.
Maruti, why are you staggering?
Look, l'm walking straight. - Let me see.
Come here.
l said, come here.
Show me your eyes. - l'm feeling sleepy.
l cannot open my eyes. - Show me your eyes.
Face me... Rascal, face me.
Let me check out your breath.
Let me check your breath
Who boozed? It's me...
May you be cursed! - l was partying...
Mother, please... no... - Get in.
Why interfere? Go in. l said, go in. l too will join you
Where are you going? - inside to sleep.
Go sleep in the shed. There's no place for a drunkard in my house.
Mother, don't you need a grandson. - l neither need a son nor a grandson.
Get lost. Hey you, get in. - Please don't do this to me.
l'm your sonny boy, your dear, lovable son.
l would've preferred to stay barren than having a child like you.
Get lost. Look, Karishma calls you.
Mother show some mercy.
Even a barren woman is merciful.
Coming Karishma.
Why are you laughing? - All the arrangements are done.
We've arranged for a truck which is delivering consignment of oranges.
You and your two body guards will hide inside the sack of oranges.
Is it? - Yes.
If something goes wrong I'll kill you both.
Don't worry. We've arranged everything properly.
Who is the driver? - A simple naive guy.
His name is Maruti Kamble.
Husband... - Karishma stop being mischievous
l'm not your husband. Sleep. - It's me, your wife.
You will get a good thrashing... Tulsi... you?
Have food. Hurry up. Mother is sleeping.
Feed me. - What?
Feed me now itself.
Someone had come from the farmhouse. He has called you.
What! Anna Chimbure is in that farm house?
Anna Chimbure's interview will be printed in Khabardaar.
Only Bharat can do this.
Why are you dragging me? - Listen to me first...
You listen to me. Take this. - What is this?
My resignation. - Your it goes.
Listen... - Listen to me first.
Anna Chimbure has been found. - Is it? But you've ruined me.
You separated me from my lover. - Good riddance.
l mean, l will rid you of your problem.
I'll call her up right now. - Fine. Call her up.
Give me the phone. - Madam, what are you doing?
l want her number. - Tell her l am not at fault.
l hope you have her number. - Yes.
Is that Priyanka? - Yes.
Gauri Shringarpure here.
Who? - Didn't you recognize me?
l'm Bharat's boss.
l was disguised as the doctor. l fooled you.
What? What are you saying?
You are behind all this.
Bharat is not mad.
Transfer the line to Bharat. - Sure.
Understood? Henceforth do not trust any worthless person.
You won't trust anyone, will you? - She won't trust anyone now.
She is a sensible girl. You won't trust anyone, right? Hang up.
Here's your phone. Are you satisfied now?
Now listen, Anna Chimbure is staying at a farmhouse in Haripur.
What! He is in Haripur. - isn't it a great news?
l don't care. - Our newspaper will earn a good name
if you manage to get this news.
A big street will be named after me.
A narrow street too will be named after you.
You will get me on the streets. l don't want anything.
l am no longer a journalist. I've come to collect my things.
Bharat please, just cover this story.
Fine. I'll pay you an extra cheque of Rs 10,000 other than your salary.
Apart from my salary? - Yes.
A cheque...of Rs 10,000/-.... - Yes.
Give it to Paddy. l'm leaving.
l hope someone is not playing a fool out of me.
l am here one hour prior to the time they called me.
When will the owner arrive?
Anybody in?
If not at least say ''no''.
Sounds like a dog...
l'm a Driver... not a thief...
You know truck... l deliver goods.
Look, what's there?
l didn't budge an inch. Don't bark.
You see... l...
l beseech you under my mother's name. She is dangerous compared to you.
Don't climb... l better climb up.
Did you hear anything?
Anna let's start our program. - Which one?
Once you get a high you will stop imagining things.
Maruti Kamble too will be here. Come on hurry up.
Let's go.
Anna, now l don't have any other problem.
The Home minister is a very honest fellow.
Why have you put on a long face?
Once the situation here cools down I'll come back and drive him away.
Who? - Your Home minister.
What's going on?
I've bought a special gift for you. - Is it?
l swear. Let me show you.
Didn't l tell you l got a special gift for you?
If the driver Maruti Kamble acts smart, you know what to do?
You are quite intelligent.
You've given Anna Chimbure the weapon he loves the most.
It's very easy to kill anyone with this.
You can send anyone straight to the heaven with a shot.
No chance of survival.
More, you've done a great thing.
l can see the mannequins moving. - Are you on a high?
l just had a peg.
What are you up to? - Let's see how it works.
It doesn't have a silencer. - A loud noise!
Have you fired?!
A perfect aim! l thought, you are on a high.
Stupid, just watch me now. - Don't break my mannequins.
He got saved.
He bowed down!
Who are you? - l am the driver...
Something stuck in your throat?
l am Maruti Kamble, the driver.
Henceforth you should add the word ''late'' before your name.
Is it? - Yes ''late''.
''Late Maruti Kamble'' do you get it?
Please don't.
Did you catch hold of him? What happened Anna?
Where's he? - Behind...
Behind whom? - You...
l can't see anyone.
inspector...? This is the first time you people arrived at the right time.
Who are you? - Maruti Kamble.
Oh, l see. Yes? - Sir, there's a gangster inside.
What? - Notorious gangster Anna Chimbure.
And the minister too is with him. The minister pays his respects to him
These public servant are hand in glove with the gangster.
Sir, arrest them. Shoot them. Handcuff them.
Why handcuff them? I'll send them straight to heaven.
They are inside.
Sir, he is a gangster and this one is worse than him.
Shoot him. - Shoot both of them, not me.
Really? I'll shoot you.
Shoot them. - No...
l said, shoot them, not me. - l will shoot you.
More, what is this? - Everything is over now.
What have you done?
Whom are you trying to kill? - l didn't kill him.
Hey, you will kill me.
Anna is dead! - How did such a thing happen?
Anna is dead! Catch him.
Your revolver... He will shoot me. l better hide it.
Maruti, stop. Don't run away. Pisaale, nab him.
Everyone is one and the same. The inspector too is involved.
They call themselves the protector of the society.
I've landed in a great trouble.
Come on start. Are you too hand in glove with them.
What a fool l am. l am trying to start it without the ignition key.
Where are the keys?
Pisaale, search thoroughly. He will create trouble for us.
He has your revolver. He might shoot anyone.
His truck is parked here. Find him. Don't spare him.
He is not here. - Search the other side.
Climb up. - Why?
My pajama is torn.
Where is he hiding? - Look out for him.
Found it. - Is he hiding inside the drawer?
l found his license. - Damn that license. Where is he?
Let us find him. - Climb down.
Where is he? - Must be hiding beneath the truck.
Where is he? - l can't see a thing.
l think he has escaped. - A good thing has happened.
What? - He, a stranger did our job.
What do you mean? - l am talking about Chimbure.
He was a dangerous man. - He had made life hell for us.
What about the driver? We might land in trouble if he spills the beans
Don't worry.
Are you sending him a SMS?
l'm calling up the control room.
Senior inspector Chandraji Suryaji Pisaal speaking.
I've just shot down the gangster Anna Chimbure in an encounter.
His game is finished.
But his sharp shooter Maruti Kamble managed to escape.
He has my revolver... l mean, he has a revolver.
He is planning to escape to Fiji. He is a dangerous guy.
Shoot him at sight.
Shoot him in an encounter.
Yes, kill Maruti Kamble.
Strange! Anna Chimbure is dead and Bharat is not aware of it.
He must've died without informing him!
Not this way. - Not again Paddy.
Paddy, where's Bharat? - Shot in an encounter.
What? - Who shot him?
Heard about Priyanka Garware... - Owner of Garware industries.
Right. She fired at him. - What are you saying?
He is leaving the job and joining her ad agency.
He didn't inform us. He ought to throw a party for this
Hurry up. There's a press conference.
l shot Anna Chimbure yesterday night at 7:30 p.m. in an encounter.
Was it really an encounter? - We had to shoot him.
Actually what happened was... l was on my way to meet Minister More.
l got a news that Anna Chimbure was going to meet his sharp shooter...
Maruti Kamble in village Haripur at 7:30 p.m.
l was alone. Still l headed towards the village.
l managed to nab him. l chased him, he chased me.
We both fired at each other.
l showered bullets at him and thus he died in an encounter.
But there's a problem. Anna's sharp shooter Maruti Kamble...
managed to escape from my clutches. He carries lots of arms & ammunitions.
He might create troubles in the city.
We have sealed the city's border. We've declared him a fugitive.
We the passed the orders of shoot at sight.
impossible! Maruti Kamble a sharp shooter?
That senior inspector is a real fool. - Whom are you talking about?
Here, read...
Bharat, what have we decided? - What?
You are no longer a journalist.
You ought to concentrate on the advertising business.
We have invited everyone. What about you?
Some 3 to 4 thousand guests are expected from my side...
The fact is I've no relative. My friends are throwing a party.
Still Maruti Kamble is not a...
Yes, aunt? l mean, mother... - The wedding cards.
Distribute it amongst your friends.
The wedding will take place in Aurangabad.
It's the city of our tutelary lord.
l see. - l have booked an entire bogey for you
l will finish my meetings and join you the next day.
What do you feel Bharat? - l feel that Maruti Kamble is not a...
Nothing... you can leave mother.
If you mention his name again...
l will never mention his name. Now l will only think about you.
Go ahead... - A golden thread is strewn across...
a diamond necklace...
l swear on you, Maruti Kamble is not that type of guy.
See how he is watching us... What does the paper say? Read...
Anna Chimbure died in an encounter...
Go ahead, read. Hey girl, listen to her.
Sharp shooter... what does it mean?
Read it fast. - Sharp shooter, Maruti Kamble...
Sharp shooter Maruti Kamble has escaped.
What?! - My God!
Is the boss, Mr Bharat there?
Mr Bharat, the boss? He is no boss.
He is just an ordinary journalist.
Please call him. I've an urgent work with him.
He doesn't work here any longer.
l am Maruti Kamble. Maruti Kamble...
You will have to come to the office even if you are some star.
You have to take an appointment first
He doesn't know me? Even the newspapers carry my photographs.
People continuously keep on calling the newspaper's office.
Who was it? - Some Maruti Kamble.
You disconnected his call?!
The call charges...
Sir, what do you need?
I've just five bucks with me. What can you serve me?
Bread and curry. - Go get it.
My photos are to be seen everywhere. What if someone sees me?
He too is reading news about me.
Take this. - Oh God!
Sir, did you see this fellow? Maruti Kamble. He is a dangerous man.
A sharp shooter. He is giving us sleepless nights.
We are looking out for him since long. He's Anna Chimbure's right hand.
He's giving us lot of trouble. - Is it?
This fellow carries a bomb with him.
We have been given a 24 hour duty just because of him.
If you happen to see him just inform us.
Let's have something. We've to stay awake the whole night.
You stupid ass!
Good fortune came knocking at our door in the form of Maruti Kamble.
And you... You have gone out of your senses.
Bharat would have certainly got him, had he been here.
He is the only one who can do justice to this news.
Why is this fellow tormenting me?
You have come! You have really come?
l am not dreaming! Good you came.
Maruti Kamble had called up. Maruti(Lord Hanuman)
Why remind me of Lord Maruti? l am about to get married.
Come here, Paddy. l am about to get married. Wait...
l said, wait. Yes, l'm getting married.
It's a bachelor's party. Oh, why am l telling you all this?
l am getting married. A Journalist friend of mine is throwing a party.
You will also get booze there. C'mon, at least give me a smile.
And then l and my would-be wife will leave to rail.
Just cover this story for me. Let alone Aurangabad...
l will take you to the moon. - Why don't you take this fellow?
Take the card. Do attend the wedding.
You too should attend the wedding. Do get the gifts along with you.
What? - Just cover this story...
then you can marry as many times as you wish.
Return the card. What a bad sense of humor! Don't attend the wedding.
If you happen to meet Maruti give him my regards.
Poor chap, he has landed in trouble. Bye.
Do you know him? - He is my friend.
That's why he was trying to contact you.
He was trying to contact me? What was he saying?
Yes, l had told him to call me whenever he needed my help.
You did tell him, didn't you. Then better stick to your words.
Interview him. Forget not about humanity.
You talk of humanity! You don't wish to help him.
You wish to take advantage of him just because he is in the news.
Once he is gone you will search for someone else to cook up a new story.
Good l am not into this anymore. Hell with this journalism!
And hell with that Maruti Kamble.
l think she got scared.
It's me.
Shut up! It's me, Maruti.
Oh God! Husband, it's you. Just watch your state.
You can't even kill a rat how did you manage to kill so many people.
l haven't killed anyone they have accused me falsely.
What? - l swear on you. l swear on the Lord
Are you speaking the truth? - Yes, l am.
Tulsi, l am hungry. - Oh God! Come...
Father... - My children...
Come... l missed you people a lot.
Stop! Swine! You have been named after Lord Maruti and watch your deeds
Ominous fellow, no doubt you earned a bad name for yourself.
l was helpless. - You've insulted your family too.
Will your son ever do such a thing? - Why not?
You've taken after your father. He too used to steal hens.
What! - Shut up, you swine!
l was wondering how did you manage to buy such a costly truck.
l took a loan from the bank. - Or did you plunder the bank?
Will your son do something like this?
I've been falsely implicated.
l think that minister is behind all this.
Trust me. l swear on you. l swear on my children.
Mother-in-law, he will never swear falsely by his children.
Right. But why did these newspaper guys print such false news.
Mother, trust me. - Fine, l trust you.
But if this news happens to be true l will give you a good thrashing.
l won't give you the chance. I'll go and meet Mr Bharat right away.
He'll surely help me. - Where are you going at this hour?
To Pune. - Eat something first.
Yes, l am famished. - Come fast.
Serve him.
Hey, feed him. Can't you see? His hands are dirty.
Every son should be blessed with a mother like her.
Open the door. The cops are here.
My God! - Open the door else we'll break it.
Husband... - Where are you going?
l'm escaping. - The cops are outside.
Open the door. - What shall we do now?
Open the door else I'll break it.
Let them come now. - Who are you?
Don't you recognize your son? - Rascal! Swine!
Hide beneath this. - Be careful.
Open the door! The cops are here.
Open, else we'll break the door.
Does Maruti Kamble stay here? - Yes. But he is not in.
We will check out. Hey, go that side.
Wait... why are you barging in?
I'll go this side. - Wait...
There's no one here.
How many men are here? - Only ladies here.
We two and her two daughters.
One, two, three, four, five.
Four woman and five plates. Grave injustice!
For whom is that fifth plate? Tell me...
Tell him. - It's for...
Yes, l know. It's a Prasad (oblations).
Who Prasad?
l mean, Lord Venkatesh.
After the rituals we serve the bull first.
We didn't manage to find one today. Will you have it?
No... - You are wasting my time.
Beware of the dog. - Constable...
Listen... - I'll call you later.
Take care of yourself.
What type of flour is this? Wheat or rice flour?
Get up. Get out of my house.
I've sprained my back. How do l get up?
How dare you hit me? l am a senior inspector.
Get lost.
Why throw a party today. We have to leave.
My friends are throwing a party. - We haven't got married.
That's what l told them...
What! This is a bachelor's party.
People will make fun of me if l throw a bachelor's party after...
Understood. The train leaves at 12:30 in the night.
Do come on time.
How about going by car?
l have told you several times, l don't like to travel by road at night
No boozing. - Will champagne do?
It will do. Don't forget, reach the press club at 1 1 ;00
One beer... Sorry, get the bill.
l'm not interested in you.
l want Maruti Kamble dead. - But how is it possible?
Don't try to act smart. - His name is etched on my...
each and every bullet. - Just four bullets are enough for him
Don't savor it like the candies.
What yes sir? What if he contacts some newspaper agency?
No doubt you will be in trouble but l too will land into trouble.
You will surely create problems for me.
But how will he manage to reach any newspapers office?
I've ordered to shoot him in an encounter.
He will be shot dead as soon as he reaches Pune.
You will surely die if he is saved.
I'll not give you that chance. Just arrange for the final rites.
Whose? - Maruti Kamble.
Bravo! Maruti Kamble must die.
Get down. Hurry up. The bus will halt only for ten minutes
''Shivaji Nagar Bus Depot, Pune''
Who could it be now?
Mr Bharat... - Hold on. Where's my cell?
Just hold on. - Listen to me...
My cell is ringing. Hold on please.
Yes, Priyu. Please hold on.
Yes? l said, l am coming.
The train will leave at 12:30 The party will get over by 1 1 :00
I'll see to it that it gets over by that time. Listen...
Everyone will be on a high there and we will leave to Aurangabad.
Then we will get married. - You are talking about marriage?
l'm into a grave trouble. - Please shut up.
l'm Maruti... - You know the address right.
l'm going at the press club. Yes, behind Alka Theater.
Where are you going? l wish to meet you sir.
Come there directly. Will you please hold on.
What do l do now? Just a few seconds left.
Pick up the phone.
Yes? What is it?
Someone is wasting my time.
l'm roaming around with the phone for the past 15 minutes.
Wait! Maruti Kamble, l say stop!
Damn that Kamble!
Control room, inspector Chandraji Suryaji Pisaal speaking.
Seal the city's border.
Maruti Kamble should not be able to leave Pune.
l have a revolver... - Who are you?
Shut up! Do as l say? Hands up. the car.
If you talk much, l will shoot you.
Just a minute. Who is it? Sir, you? Let him go.
l hope, they are gone.
Who are you? What do you want? - Just drive the car.
Drive straight.
Please call Tulsi on the line. l'm her brother Dhanpatrao.
It's very urgent. Please call her. Hey, drive straight.
Who is it? - Maruti speaking.
l'm into great trouble. The cops won't spare me now.
Don't cry. Do one thing, just come down to Pune.
The movie we had seen, ''Lek waarli saasarla''...
It's ''Lek chaal li saasarla'' - One and the same.
Come behind the theater. There's a press club there.
Meet Mr Bharat... - Who?
Mr Bharat. Tell him everything.
That minister and inspector should be punished.
Then only my soul will rest in peace.
Hey, don't cry. l'm still alive.
Drive straight. I'll hang up.
Stop here. Here's your mobile.
Mr Mahesh Kothare? Sorry... this...
You thought l got scared of this revolver.
Your eyes reveal that you are innocent.
To tell you the fact, l'm an ill-fated man.
They have falsely implicated me
There's only one way you can beat your destiny.
You ought to fight.
Keep this with you. l don't need this.
l will fight with my hands. No... keep it with you.
l will pass it on to everyone. Don't worry.
You are indeed fortunate.
From a mere journalist you've now become the owner of an Ad Agency.
How did you manage to get hold of this hen which lays golden eggs?
l'm not marrying Priyanka for the sake of her money.
l love her.
l tell you, l was fed up of this journalism.
Those sleepless nights, my schedules were hectic.
All l could see was the madam's face every time.
It was a hopeless life.
My life will be made today.
Ring... it's for Priyanka.
Press club, Pune. At last l found it.
What's happening inspector?
Maruti Kamble is here. Get inside.
Who is Maruti Kamble? What have l got to do?
l am not at all concerned. My train leaves at 12:30
Where's my coat? Here... My bag?
Where's Maruti Kamble? What have l got to do with him?
Where's my hand bag? Here it is.
Paddy, why are you hiding here? Go down, you will get hot news.
It's a real shoot-out. - Will they shoot with candies?
Come out.
Get up. l would've jumped out of the window to get the news...
had l been in your place.
Why dress up like a girl? Go, hurry up. Go!
God knows what will happen to the ''Khabardaar'' newspaper after me.
What have l got to do? l have left everything.
I'll do a good deed before leaving.
Yes, Bharat speaking.
Why did you call up? Want to join again?
How do l tell this woman?
Who cares for the job? Take a parting gift from me.
Tomorrow's headline -
''Maruti Kamble dead in a police encounter outside the Press Club''
What? He is dead. - Not yet.
But the police intend to do so.
Bharat tell me clearly, what has happened? Tell me in detail.
Madam, I've left the job.
Is there any left?
They've finished everything.
''O' friends, l leave for Aurangabad''
''Now 'Khabardaar' is in your hands''
Step back.
What a nuisance! Thank God l'm out of all this.
Bharat, where are you heading? Maruti Kamble is on the other side.
You've left everything.
Damn that Maruti Kamble!
Send the car immediately.
Yes, l am outside the Press Club. Coming...
Why hasn't she come yet? It's already 1 1 :00 p.m.
Maruti Kamble, come out.
The police has surrounded the entire building.
Step back. No one comes ahead.
Here she is.
Keep my luggage. Hurry up.
Won't you take me in? - Of course
What's this? You are late by 2 mins. l was here at sharp 1 1 :00 p.m.
Let's go.
What's going on here? - That Maruti...
None of our concern. We will read the news in the papers tomorrow.
I've got a gift for you. - What?
Guess what?
What happened? - I'll have to go up again.
Why? - l forgot the ring.
Go upstairs, meet those people again... I'll have to go.
Don't you want the ring? I'll be back in a jiffy.
Come soon.
Come soon. - Yes.
Where is it? l hope they haven't stolen it.
Here's the ring.
What's wrong with you? - I've been shot on the arm.
You are shot?! Come here... What happened to you? Tell me.
Where are you nowadays? Just a minute. Tell me, what happened?
Please save me. l was looking out for you.
But you are a wanted... - What do you mean?
l mean...How do l explain now? They are looking out for you.
Who? - The cops.
What's the problem? Tell me, what happened?
At least let me speak. - Go on...
The minister is behind all this. He has accused me falsely.
Hide... - Why should l hide? Come...
Oh yes, l'm wanted by the police. - Come on...hide yourself.
Here...not here. No, come this way.
Oh God! - What happened?
You've caught my arm.
Oh God! - Now what's wrong?
You've caught my arm again
Come this way. - Oh God!
l haven't caught your arm now. - But you've stepped on my foot.
Open this. - isn't this a piano?
No. Just open it. - Remove everything.
What are you doing? - Why are you throwing all this?
l'm making place for you. - l see. Then tell me so.
What happened? l'm standing far away from you.
l picked this thing up. It's paining.
Come on...remove it... Get inside.
Just print the headline madam.
Maruti Kamble is a dangerous gangster. He has committed 25 murders.
He is Anna Chimbure's sharp shooter.
This news should make tomorrow's headlines
The cops have surrounded the entire building.
Yes Madam. Print the headlines. Make it fast.
Bharat this story has become more interesting all thanks to the cops.
Move. - What are you doing?
Taking my bag. - There's nothing in there.
l want my bag. I'll open it. - Listen to me, there's nothing
Don't cling on to me. Don't push me.
Did you trace Maruti Kamble? - Of course yes.
Our cops are so capable. There's no doubt about it.
Maruti Kamble is no comparison.
After all everything is being carried under my invaluable guidance.
l have the blessings of the Delhi High Command.
The cops too are trying their level best. We will surely succeed.
What say, Pisaale? He is the senior inspector...
How can you say that he hasn't escaped?
l am sure, he cannot escape.
He is somewhere around.
What? - Yes, we saw him climbing the pipe.
l am sure, he is here. - No one is here.
How can you say so? - We would have easily seen him.
One has to have an eagle's eye like that of a cop.
He is somewhere around... - But where?
In this building itself. l mean, on the top floor.
Maruti Kamble is on the top floor!
Let me come out. l am feeling suffocated.
Now what's wrong? - My legs have gone numb.
What are you doing? - l feel like shooting myself.
Calm down. Tell me, what happened?
The minister and the inspector had hidden Anna on a farmhouse.
l am not talking about school, l am talking about the farmhouse.
Can't you understand this much? - l am talking about scoop.
It's a sensational news. - Now, that's an English word...
It should be printed. - Is it?
Madam... don't print the headline. Maruti Kamble is alive.
What? - He is with me right now.
Get him here. - Is it so easy to get him there?
Shut-up! The cops have surrounded the entire building.
They wish to shoot him. - What are you talking?
But why? - Cause he has the secrets.
Cigarette? l don't smoke at all... - Shut-up!
l am not lying. - Wait. l am coming there.
Why are you coming here? Listen... Now why is she coming here? Damn it!
l know, your fiancee, right...? - She is waiting for me in the car!
I've landed myself into a great mess!
Let's go. Fast. - Mother!
What's wrong now? - My mother is here.
Where are you, son?
What happened to you?
Who thrashed you? - Those people have troubled me a lot.
l haven't eating anything since 2 days.
Poor chap. But how did all this happen?
l had warned you don't look at the moon on the night of Chaturti.
I'll thrash you. - You can talk to him later. Come here.
Tell me what happened?
Mother, sit besides me... - Tell me, what happened?
Tell me everything clearly. Else l will give you a good thrashing!
l will tell everything in detail.
It was night time... l could see the moon...
Moron. How come the moon landed on the earth?
l left the house after having onion and bread...
And chutney too. - Yes, Tulsi had prepared the chutney.
She makes nice chutney. - It pains! I've been shot here.
You like the chutney prepared by her?
Do you people wish to make a paste of chutney out of me?
Thrash me if l said something wrong.
Enough! l am leaving. l am gone. - Listen...
Come on, hide...
Don't hide me in this. - Hurry up. Get in.
Who are they? - Whom do you talk about?
She...? Who are you?
Hey, what impudence is this? - She will thrash him.
l am his mother, she is her sister. Sorry, l didn't recognize you.
You are Mr Bharat, right? Maruti had told me about you.
Yes, my son. A sharp shooter. The cops are looking out for him.
As a mother, how did you feel when your son became a gangster?
Hand him over the pen and paper. Come here...
Swine! I'll thrash you if you speak such things about my son.
Looks like she really felt bad.
Did he wished to be a gangster right from the childhood itself?
It's none of your business. - How is she related to him?
Are you sure, you are his mother.
Who is she? - Maruti's mother.
Greetings. - It's all right...
l am Gauri Shringarpure. Khabardaar's publisher.
l see. So you are that slut?
No... l am Shringarpure.
Hey, you blow-pipe. - Can't she hear properly?
What is she saying? - Hey, you idiot...
Poor old woman. l pity her. - Madam, she is abusing you.
l see... abusing me...
Stop bleating like a goat!
Aren't you the one who printed false news about my son?
My son is no gangster. Understood.
Of course he is a gangster. Where is he?
l see. He is hiding inside the desk?
l'm dead...!
Is he inside?
l want to see. - What's wrong with your nose?
Where is the cell? - Whose cell is it?
It must be Paddy's. - Stupid fellow...
My cell isn't ringing. - idiot!
That's my cell. I've kept my bag inside.
You people want Maruti Kamble, right?
Come here... come...
I'll tell you where my son is.
You people are no less than a crow. Will you peck him to death?
What is mother doing? Giving a speech?
She's leading a procession. Shut-up! - My son is a poor fellow...
Do you people wish to kill him? Come...
Now the Lord will do justice.
l will plead, beg before him. Only He can save my son now.
Lord, l'm coming. Only you can mete justice.
What happened to my mother? - Nothing. Just shut up.
Mother-in-law... what happened? - She jumped through the window.
Oh God! l am coming.
What are you staring at? This is news. Click her photograph.
Something is wrong with my mother.
Where are you going? - News?
The news is here.
Mother... Listen...
Where is mother?
The cops are outside.
l wish to meet my mother. - Listen Maruti...
You will land in trouble if the cops see you.
l don't care even if l die.
How do l explain this idiot?
Leave me.
Lord...! - Not Lord, it's me.
By God's grace she is safe.
She has just sprained her leg.
What happened? - She is safe.
She has sprained her leg.
Did you hear that? Your mother is safe.
Now tell me clearly, what had happened?
Record it.
Both of them are involved. - Who?
The minister and the inspector. Anna Chimbure used to fund them.
Call up the Home Minister. He is in Pune.
He should know about it. - Stupid, we are journalists.
Our job is to gather news. What happened after that?
What is more important, the news or his life?
None of our business. - What is our business then?
Just to think of our vested interest?
Why don't you start a business instead of running after news?
Don't forget humanity. We are the protectors of humanity.
Hit me if l am wrong.
You are doing all this...
No matter even if l die but don't spare those rascals.
I'll tell you everything. - Paddy shoot. Tell us in detail.
l entered the bungalow. A dog was chasing me.
l entered the bungalow through the roof. l heard them speaking.
l peeped in and saw the minister and Anna Chimbure...
They were making plans to escape.
Later l came to know that even the inspector was hand in glove with them.
Give the line to the Home Minister. Gauri Shringarpure from Khabardaar.
Madam, are you all right?
How did you feel after falling from such a great height?
You will come to know when you fall. - Why did you jump?
Shut up! - Are you Maruti Kamble's mother?
No, his father. - Is he your son?
I'll thrash you people.
I've informed the Home Minister.
But what if they shoot him before he arrives?
Oh God! What is she saying?
Let's shift him to our office along with the cupboard.
Cupboard... no! l feel suffocated.
Listen to me...
Why do you make me hide in the cupboard time and again?
Get it here. - No...
Let's go.
Take the lift. Move...
Press the button. The lift is here.
What is it? We can meet later.
Priya? - What is all this?
The police have issued orders to shoot Maruti in an encounter.
So? - So what?
Priya don't trouble him. Come... - Wait. He's no longer your journalist.
He is my would-be husband. - Your would-be husband, right.
Let's go, Bharat. - Bharat, come with me.
Just a minute. l'm neither your's nor hers.
l just belong to him.
Just give me ten minutes. I'll just drop him in her car.
Come on Bharat.
Just remember, I'll leave.
Hurry up.
Ms Shringarpure, what is there in the cupboard?
Nothing. - Take it out.
Are you sure there is nothing in it?
Nothing at all. Let's go.
Move. Fire all the bullets into this cupboard. Pisaale...
Didn't you people hear what the minister said?
No... we will not let this happen.
But there isn't anything in the cupboard, right?
It is the Press Club's property
Really? You can't destroy it.
Quietly move aside. Or else we'll have to shoot you people too.
You will be killed for no reason. - No problem.
1 ... 2... 2.5...
Why are you counting?
We will land in trouble if we shoot the journalists.
Move them
Everything is over!
We've killed him. Now open the cupboard.
There's no one inside. Where's he?
No one in there? Yes, there's no one.
There was no one in the cupboard.
Generally no one hides in the cupboard.
You've encountered the cupboard.
It will cost you dearly. - What, the cupboard?
Ms Shringarpure, where is Maruti Kamble.
Tell us, where is Maruti Kamble?
They are dancing!
Tell us...
l'm asking you finally.
Stop this farce.
Tell us where is Maruti Kamble?
Sir, what brings you here?
Sir, they had hidden Maruti Kamble in the cupboard.
In this? Where is he now? - Up there.
What! Oh no, l am late.
l had the orders that he is innocent.
Now the opposition party will create an uproar.
l mean, he is not dead. He is up there. Meaning...
No. Sir first you will have to declare that he is innocent.
I've got the report from CBl. He is innocent.
You are the real criminals. - No sir. He carries a weapon.
Right. He has a weapon... named 'Khabardaar'
It's no newspaper, but a weapon.
Here's the tape. It contains Maruti Kamble's statement.
But where is he?
May Maruti Kamble be presented.
Oh God!
Arrest the two of them. - Pisaale, we are ruined.
Mother, are you fine?
Don't worry. We'll treat her free for a month in the Govt. hospital.
Then do one thing, keep her there for four to five months.
Damn you! Am l going to stay in the hospital?
Once l am gone you two will get a chance to make merry.
What do you mean? - Hey, what is she talking about?
Don't you know? - No.
l and Tulsi will make merry. You and Piyu will make merry.
It's Priyu. - That's what l am saying, Piyu.
Priyanka must be waiting for me.
Click our photo. Let them go. We are here. Let's merry...
Not with you, with her.
She is gone. My life is in a mess.
Khabardaar is with you.
Thank God, you waited for me. - l just couldn't leave.
After all l love you.
You are a true journalist. Now we both will stay here.
What about tomorrow's headlines? Come...