I am Second® - Jerry Zucha

Uploaded by iamsecondHQ on 24.08.2009

My story is really not my story;
my story is everybody’s story.
It’s the story of how everybody is chasing something.
From Junior High and on motorcycles, racing motor cross,
and doing the motorcycle thing was what I was about.
I didn’t just live to race on the weekends,
it was Monday through Friday at the motorcycle shop
and it was kinda who I was and what my life was going to be about
was just being in motorcycle business.
I always considered myself a good moral person
because my family and I, we grew up with a religious background,
going to church each week, you know right and wrong.
Then you stop and think that, you know, church really didn’t connect.
I mean it was there but it’s almost like I spoke a different language.
We were racing down in what is called Arena Cross;
it’s this smaller venue, where the tracks are real tight.
I went over the over-and-under bridge and the bike fell on my leg
and just literally snapped my leg.
They pull you off the track and then you are laying in a hospital,
and waiting surgery, and all those other things.
You know, Surgery turns into nine months in a cast
and so you have a lot of time to reflect.
You have a lot of time to just stop and think is this what it’s all about.
On Friday night a young lady that I had dated in High School a bit showed up at my doorstep
and began to talk to me about the bigger picture.
About what life means and beyond what this life has to hold.
She said ‘you know, if your life ended right now, if you died right now,
do you know for sure that you would go to heaven and be with God?’
And I thought I had the answer.
And then she began to talk to me about Christ
and who Jesus was and
how He came so that we wouldn’t have religion
but we would have a relationship.
And for the first time things began to make sense; they began to connect.
I just opened my heart and life up to Him.
And I realized that He had given me something that
all my ambition, all my drive, all my hopes, all my dreams, all that stuff just,
it just came together like it had never done before.
And He changed my heart, my life, and my desires.
I’m really glad that she came and knocked on my door.
I’m Jerry Zucha and I am second.