Retro Games iPhone Gameplay Review -

Uploaded by AppSpy on 25.04.2012

Having been successful with their porting of a host of ZX Spectrum games to the iPhone
platform, Elite Systems is now trying their hand at porting some of the popular PC titles
of the same era, complete with original control schemes (albeit touch screen versions), and
a brilliant system named iDaptive which allows the player to reconfigure the user interface
for their own personal optimum classic gaming experience.
Upon purchasing this title you have access to the free title Bruce Lee, a hybrid platformer/beat
em up based around the famous martial artist. You also have three packs available to you,
each containing three games apiece. The first pack contains Archon, the strategy action
hybrid, Tales of the Unknown, the first game in the classic Bard's Tale RPG series, and
Infiltrator, a Helicoptor action simulation game. Pack two includes two of the Alternate
Reality RPG series plus the side scroller Black Magic, and pack three features Emyln
Hughes' International Soccer, Monty on the Run (a fun little platformer), and Barbarian,
which the remake of we reviewed here at AppSpy not long ago. All the games are emulated expertly
with the visuals, sounds, and control schemes whisking you back to mid 80s computer gaming.
All of these games used different control schemes however (as will the games in the
other packs that Elite Systems promises will be released consistently in the future). The
RPGs use most of the PC keyboard, while most of the action games use the numpad directional
buttons and either a jump or fire button as well. Each game loads up with the controls
needed to play it, and in case the placement isn't to your liking, the iDaptive system
is there to configure to your heart's content. The size of the game screen, the opacity and
placement of all the keys, how things look in portrait and landscape mode; this can all
be tweaked. The only downfall of this is that on the iPhone screen space is at a premium
and sacrifices have to be made to balance the viewing space with optimal button placement.
It's easy to see how much more beneficial this app and the iDaptive system would be
on the iPad.
A lot of the games themselves don't fully hold up today as they did twenty to thirty
years ago. This app is mainly for those seeking nostalgia or those interested in gaming history.
That said, if this initial offering is any indication, over time this app will most likely
turn into the definitive collection of emulated 80s PC titles. You just probably want to purchase
the iPad version if that's an option for you.