eHealth Ontario Careers - Privacy Analyst

Uploaded by eHealthOntario on 27.06.2012

Hi, my name is Anne Motwani.
I started my career at eHealth Ontario
as a co-op student within the privacy office,
and have been able to advance my career since.
I chose a career at eHealth Ontario
because I really believe in the benefits of information technology.
There's a real culture of teamwork and collaboration at eHealth Ontario,
and it really makes coming to work every day fun.
It makes me-- Makes you look forward to coming to work.
And not just because of the work itself,
but because of the people that you get to work with.
I really see myself continuing to progress my career at eHealth Ontario,
because there's always something new to learn,
and I always feel like I'm working towards
accomplishing my career aspirations here.
Making health records electronic is a new frontier for this industry.
eHealth Ontario is making information more accessible for clinicians.
You know, we're really seeing the effects in the management
of chronic diseases and better access to information.
I really feel a sense of accomplishment
in doing the work that I do within the privacy office,
because I feel like we're making significant progress
towards improved patient outcomes, and I think, ultimately,
that will lead to a higher quality of care for Ontarians.
It's not really just the work that we're doing.
It's important work that we're doing.
eHealth Ontario strives on energy, passion and subject-matter expertise.
If you're driven to excel and you want to work in a dynamic environment,
I would recommend eHealth Ontario as a career choice.