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Speaker 1: We're going to start moving into a little bit of football training here. Use
cones, use bags, use whatever you got. The most important this is you're doing the work
at 100 percent intensity. We got here six rows of cones. It's going to simulate a bag.
In this drill, we're going to place two down a little bit farther to let ourselves get
out and sprint after we get through the cones. This drill here we're going to sprint forward,
we're going to shuffle from side to side; I'm going to go to about half speed, show
us what we're doing here. You're going to give it as shuffle. You're going to come up
to the next cone, and we're going to try to get somewhere. It's a little bit of linear,
lateral, movement we're trying to work on. When he gets to the end, he's going to sprint
it out. Jog on back here. Notice he's got the bands on.
The reason why we use KBands is to use the resistance to build a little bit of hip strength
and drive our leg up with power. When we do these we're going to go about six to eight
reps with resistance and then we're going to move down from four to six without to really
start working with the lighter feeling in our legs and develop that speed. Let's go
ahead and go at a couple, full speed here. Notice he's really planting on that outside
foot and he gets out and goes. Let's take a quick look while he gets back here. When
you get in this position, you want to be in a balanced, low position. You're going to
shuffle as you get to the point where you're going to go the other way, make sure you get
a good base and stay centered. If you leave this foot out too wide, you're
not going to be able to get out and go. If you leave it too close, you're not going to
be able to shift your weight, evenly, to get to the next cone. So make sure you get in
a place where you're balanced, shift and go. Let's see another one here. Full speed, he's
got quick feet, he's planting that outside foot, he's low. He's got power, he plants
and gets out and go. Good, remember six to eight with resistance four to six, without.
Want to go one more with resistance, and then we're going to do a couple for you, without.
Get out and go, get out and go. Be quick, be quick. Hit it, and go. Good. Each of these
exercises, make sure that you sprint through the cones, pull up, walk back. You want to
work at 100 percent intensity, so if you lose your breath, slow it down a little bit because
we're not going to use this as much as conditioning as we want to use fast feet.
You can go ahead and unclip. Good. Now here, make sure your first rep, you keep a good
center of balance. You don't want to get out of control now that your legs are going to
feel a little lighter. You still got to make sure you keep your center and work to make
your feet move faster. All right, you ready? Here we go. Come on, move, move, move; be
quick, be quick, be quick. Get out and go. Good, great job. Walk it back, take a deep
breath, slow your body down. Here we go; be quick, be quick. Get around, get around, get
around. Be quick, get out and go. If you get any rubbing or anything like that, make sure
to wear sliders underneath. It'll hold your bands still. Always work with resistance.
Work as fast as you can. Stay centered. Keep your balance and push the pace.
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