French manucure rose échancrée avec arabesques / Pink french manicure with arabesque designs

Uploaded by tartofraises1 on 08.12.2011

Hi ! today, I will show you how to make this nail art tutorial.
It is an arabesque with a French manicure.
At the same time, we will see how to make a French manicure
with a pronounced smile, like I’ve done here.
Let’s have a look to the video. Hope you’ll like it.
Once you have applied one or two coats of the nail varnish based
to unify the plate.
I will make the colored French manicure.
Here it’s a pink fluorescent nail varnish.
I start like a basic French manicure.
Then when it is dry, I make the sides.
I move upwards to make an intended French manicure
with a beautiful smile
like seen usually with false nails.
I apply another coat to have a beautiful color.
It’s very important to have a centered French manicure.
Have a look a front view of your nails to center the arc.
Then with a fine brush, I correct the details to have a beautiful curve.
When it is dry, I will add some top coat in the angle.
And some glitter with a fan brush.
And I will flatten them with a toothpick to apply them correctly.
Then with a fine brush and black acrylic paint.
I will draw the arabesques with some spirals and some dots.
Don’t forget to dilute a bit your paint to as to make the fine lines.
Then I add a small strass with the help of a top coat.
Then I apply the final top coat.
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Thanks for watch! See you!
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