How To Cure A Golf Slide

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timings paul wilson on the creator of sewing machine off and the director of
the paul wilson golf school that bears best las vegas
in this tip teaching how to cure your golf slide
in your down slang
as you go to get the ball
now what is a slide well
sliding is typically seen amongst better players
what happens is from if you're in that beginner or average category
you're probably still in the position
where you are trying to hit the golf ball
with your hands and arms so you're up here at the top of your backsliding
you're trying to do this hitting motion
as you do that what happens is
your whole upper body is tilting to the left
you're sitting here in a very rotational position
but because you're dealing with your hands and arms your whole body
is still tilting to the left
now if u
tilt of the laughed like that
you have a swing that's called being over the top
so from this angle right here
fine in a position like this and i took my body to the left
the golf club will slang
though laugh
if the club faces hope in our little bit
the ball is gonna start left and then
back to the right
if the faces when you open it's gonna start right and go right
if u roll it over you're gonna pull the ball or pull hooked the ball
soap this is typically what happens when you're in that beginner or average
as you become a better player what happens is
you start to understand
supposed to be hitting the golf ball
with your lower body
in that process what happens is
you start to
from your lower body
and you start to use that
start your down side
the problem is
you start overdoing it a little bit maybe somebody told you
that you should be
shifting to hit the ball or bumping your hips to hit the ball
well if you do that what happens is your whole upper body
tips to the right too much
and that causes your ball to push
push fade
or even
duck hook
because you've created a severe inside-out swing past
so from this angle let me just show you what happens
when you slide
in the downsides of crime here like this
and i slide
my ball is now push
fading a little bit
out to the right
and that's because from here
i went like this
high just took it back
i moved
if the shack
in that process
that's called sliding
so i'm so writing laterally
actives me right
ball goes out to the right
if i turn it over too much or flip it a little bit
the pups laying severely from the inside
hitting the top right quadrant of the ball
and that's what gives me that ductwork
so people that slide
tend to duck cook it
they may even they may draw it too
push for a
this is why it's so important that you care the slide we meet our golf club
to not be swinging as severely inside out
at the ball
so then we get it going more down the target line which will produce
straighter shots
how to cut we actually carry this well
i have seen any of my previous lessons the follow-through position that i want
you to be n
with the left leg has it he made
locked position so i want this leg to literally locked
by going straight back
and allow this leg to come around
and perfectly project
in if you did that properly
there's no way you would be moving
unilateral how to cure a golf slide
so i don't want this movement i want
hebrew tation or movement
which allows this leg to lock strike
if you look at it from here this lady is literally going straight back
so i feel it goes straight back as this one comes around to touch
if i was doing a lateral motion
like bumping my hips or
shifting my weight there's no way
my legs are going to be touching here because
this leg is going in this direction and this one's trying to catch it
blocked the leg
this that allows this one to come around
because this lady is no longer
okay so we want to lost his life
this one will come around to meet
ideally you should be thinking about that position from the very top of your
so if you're up here like this
you're not thinking about shifting anymore
you're not thinking about hitting the ball
you're thinking about
now i say that because if you turn
though weight
will shift on its own
because you cannot get to this position
week over on this side and being on the tip of this trial
if the weight didn't share
so if we think about turning
the weight shift will occur
if you're thinking about shifting
when and you're going to turn
you're still lateral
so that means that the body tips too much
and you end up in that
severe inside-out position
so we want to be thinking turn
not shift
okay queenie disliked a lot
this one will come around to meet
you can get that
thinking about taking this hip
turning to the left
you can think about locking the left leg and allowing the right to come over
you can think about taking away from this side
and pushing it in a circular motion
allow this leg to come over to touch the other leg
all three of those things occur
even if you're only thinking of one of them so
if i turn my hip my leg straightens the weight comes off of this side
if i straight in the lead to hit turns this comes over to touch
if i go from this side
straightened spigot terms
the all
but it's just dependent on which ones you want to be thinking of
me personally i think about taking away from this side
and i push it in a circular motion to decide
okay so that gives me that rotational feeling
and i certainly don't slide
how used to slide uh... quite severely when i was a lot younger so high
actually had to go through this at one point
and if somebody would just told me hate straighten his leg in texas on
articulated in about two seconds
okay instead of taking two months which it took me of every single day working
on it
the peso you can get this a lot faster if you understand
here's a great way to get this taking just do this drill you can do it at home
you can do it at the range it doesn't matter just just try to do this drill
this'll give you a great feeling for
okay all you have to do is you have to get an object
and you put it off of your left hip
and then when you
go to do your slayings you try to miss the object to
so what that means is that you can take
an alignment stick like this these are a little tough to get in the ground that
if he hits the ground soft it's not a big deal
but in the ground like that
that you can set up to your ball like this
digestive practice swings first so from right here you wanna make sure you've
got about four inches right here
now if you do a slayings you should be able to
without hitting
this object so if you go up to the top like this and you slide
you will be hitting into this object
as soon as you come down
okay so
have an object off the left hip about four inches
alignment stick thus things kinda flexible folk
might be a little tough to feel if you're actually hitting this or not
so what you do is
you get a broken shaft or shaft with no head on it
put the shack in the ground
if you don't have a broken shaft like that
you really want to do this flight
today out on the driving range
what you do this e-ticket what your golf clubs
and you just
stick it in the ground like that
so now
i've got
an object
off of my head
so from right here
can do practice swings and then i can even hit golf balls
with this is about
four inches right here
if i get shots
action be able to do that whole fling
knocking this
out of the way
because it's in their pretty sturdy i can feel that against my site hit if i
was too
move against
okay so you keep turning keep trying to get this like to straighten
allow this one to come over and touch it
and then you're going to get rid of that slide okay
hopefully understanding
if you're sliding you're creating a path it's too much inside out
learning how to turn better
you won't be tipping too much to the bright
which will determine a path that's more
down the line
so you can hit a lot straighter shots
so get to work on your slide and within no time you'll have it fixed
picture yes your questions about how to cure a golf slide post your comments below
I'll try to get to as many as a can