Night of the Little Dead

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I sure had a hell of a time trying to park over at the goddamn pig today.
Flea market started up already?
Nah, it's all those yahoos from Chicago. Happens every summer.
Heck, every weekend.
Well, they act like they own the goddamn lake.
They're good for business.
Well, that maybe so Sadie, but I don't have to like it.
You know what bothers me?
Population and the quality of the fish has gone down in recent years.
We're over fished.
Was a time you'd drop your line in and pull up a monster.
Now nothing.
Ahhh, there's still a spot or two.
If you know where to look.
Speaking of which.
Are you going out on that lake and doing some fishing?
Ya, think so.
Hey, need some company?
You betcha.
Sadie, gimme a dozen crawlers and a
Six-pack of Point. You bet.
So what are you going for? Oh, ahh, gonna try for some walleye.
Oh, I heard they were hitting around goddamn sugarpoint.
Hey, I heard that too.
That'll be ten fifty.
Ten fifty?
Highway robbery. You're lucky, you're as pretty as you Ma.
Thanks Eddie, I'll tell her you think so.
Keep the change.
Thanks. You be safe out there. You bet.
Welcome to the Grub 'N Grub.
Care to see a menu? Depends wether you're on it or not.
Not as of yet.
What are you boys drinking? Ah we're just here to get some supplies.
We're gonna catch the biggest fish you guys ever seen.
Well that there's the biggest fish we've ever seen. Yeah that is.
(Laughter) That fish is a joke.
That pipsqueak.
We're gonna show you locs what a real trophy fish looks like.
Is that you?
Did you catch that fish?
Yeah, that's right, that's me.
I'm the record holder. (laughter)Not for long. We got GPS, we got radar, we got sonar.
Your record is screwed.
Listen, there's things about that lake that don't show up on no GPS.
Little secrets.
You wanna fish these waters, you got to know a thing or two. Yeah.
We got a bigger boat.
We got a bigger rod.
And when you got those two things, the rest is pretty easy. Hey doll give us a couple dozen
Nightcrawlers would you?
Keep the change baby.
Don't worry about them, Sadie.
Big talk from a little mind. Right, Pete?
You goddamn right, Eddie. You goddamn right.
You guys better get going or them fellas are gonna catch all the fish in the lake.
Yeah. (laughter)
How you boys holding up?
Need ah another Leinies?
Umm, yeah, yeah, I'll take one Sadie.
Doctors orders. (laughter)
How about you, Bob? Yeah. I think I want that walleye special.
You didn't forget how I like it, did ya? Soaked in beer and fried to perfection, if memory serves me right. Good.
That that goof your Ma hand in here, he couldn't cook for a goddamn.
I think what Bob's trying to say is, ah,
we're glad to have you back.
And I'm glad to be back in a place where I don't feel like a piece of meat.
(screaming) Oh, god. Oh, fuck. (screaming)
Goddamn, what the hell happened? Oh, god, we fucking made it. We fucking made it. You okay buddy? Jeez.
It bobbed to the surface. What? What did?
Nevermind about that, we have to get him to a hospital. I'll, I'll pull my truck up.
No! Don't go out there! You son of a bitch. Ease up Bob. He's scared, can't you see. You can't go out there. Why the hell not? Because it's out there.
What's out there? There's nothing out there.
Yeah, you're right Kick.
He's pretty freaked out. What the hell do you suppose he's talking about? I don't know, maybe.
Maybe one of those pumas escaped from the exotics farm over in Walworth. I've been saying one of those sons of bitches would get out.
I know you have. I know you have.
Well, ah, what do we do now? Well, this goddamn son of a bitch is gonna die if we don't get him some help.
Please, don't go out there.
Okay, you gotta calm down.
There ain't nothing out there.
(Screaming) Get it outside! (screaming) I told him. I told him not to open the door.
I'll call the sheriff. Earl. Earl come in.
We've got an emergency. He's not answering.
What are we gonna do? Forget about Earl for now.
We gotta tend to him.
Put him on the bed in the back.
I'll get the first aid kit. Oh, I don't think I have enough gauze.
Make do with what you got. Fuck you!(screaming) Here. (screaming)
(Squeak, squeak) Sadie, Sadie come in. It's Earl!
You don't have any outta towers there do ya?
Someone went blazer fishing. Earl.
Earl. We need help.
Sadie, we had an incident at the lake. Earl, we need help. Now slow down, slow down. Something killed Bob. What was that? You're breaking up.
Maybe try messing with that squelch.
Is that better? Can you hear me? Oh this damn thing ain't working.
I've got to get back to it Sadie. There's about three hundred dead fish floating. I'll just come in tomorrow, you can tell then what it is that you want.
Earl. You bastard.
Pipe down Sadie. What?
I think it gave up.
Yeah I think it's run off. Goddamn you little shit.
What the fuck! What are we gonna do?
Jesus calm down. Both of ya.
You know we're safe in here. It can't get in.
And what if it does? THen I'll kill it. Listen to yourself that is a monster out there. A monster.
No, no, no, no you listen to me.
I am sick of your belly aching. Have you ever heard of the albino drop tine? Drop what? Of course not.
According to Oconomowoc legend a white deer is the bringer of luck.
We could sure use that now. I'm trying to make a point here.
Anyway the people around here concider the white buck a god.
So one day I'm out walking in the woods and all of a sudden there he is.
He's larger than life. He's whiter than snow. The bringer of luck.
The god of the forest. So what happened to him? Ah, I shot him, mounted him , and hung him in the trailer.
And that just goes to show you that if I can kill a god. I can sure as shit kill a little monster.
That thing out there is no deer. It killed your friend. It killed mine. Look I have killed
thousands of animals.
That's no different. Did you see those teeth? It's a monster.
Look. You see a monster.
I see a fresh head hanging on my trophy wall. I think Kickstand is right. We got to stop victims.
We're not gonna get outta this any other way.
What's the plan?
We kill the little shit.
Okay, get him with that hook. Don't miss. I got this.
Maybe I should do it? Not a chance. Look, just open the door. Ready? Okay here we go.
Two. Three. Now!
(Screaming) I'm losing my grip. Use the ax!
Get that sucker. Here you're my dance partner.
Let's fillet this fish.
Chop 'em up!
Eddie, what the hell happened to you guys?
Ehh, we ran into some old friends.
Well, here's to Bob.
Is that Bob?
Then we need to bury him right quick.
Anybody else get bit?
Then we could have a little problem.
Jesus. Holy shit.
Get around that little fucker.
We got a lot of little problems.