Public Speaking: Giving a Great Speech : Public Speaking Tips: Body Language

Uploaded by expertvillage on 08.08.2008

Oh hey, we're talking about what to do with your body right now. Obviously, don't do this.
One of the things I see happen a whole lot when people give speeches--they're generally
at a podium and they get real comfortable on the podium. They're leaning over podium,
they're holding onto the podium, I can see the white knuckle grip on the podium, and
then they start rocking the podium. Not good, not good. What we're looking for here is posture.
Now do you have to stand up like when your grandmother said stand up straight? No. You
want casual posture. Don't lock your knees. You know what happens if you lock your knees?
You pass out. Okay, what kind of speech is that? Casual posture, unlocked knees. Now,
if you're really crazy and brave, and you want to walk, that's cool. I like walking.
Just don't do this. Make sure you have a space to walk, and you don't want to pace. See,
right now I'm just kind of taking out my nerves on my walk, and that's not what you want to
do, because that becomes a really, really bad distraction. What I want to do is move
with a purpose. Let me tell you about this. And then I stop, and I tell you about it.
And let me tell you about this. And I come and I stop and I talk. And that's a great
thing to do when you're a public speaker, but if you're more comfortable behind the
table or the podium, simply stay behind the podium with good posture. Now let's talk about
your hands. None of that. I see a lot of this. I get a lot of tapping, I get a lot of moving
the hands around. The podium is your friend, yes, but keep your hands off it. Just rest
your hands here. Now another thing that you want to avoid is the same gesture over, and
over, and over, and over, and over, and over. Watch your gesturing. Not too much, not too
little. A gesture now and then is a really good choice, just don't overdo it.