Deaf Stereotypes

Uploaded by seekgeo on 25.10.2010

I'm thinking how funny that some hearing people
would believe in stereotype thinking we all are the same.
Oh.. we all are the same!
That's what I had...
that's what I had to face in last few years and also noticed it happened out there..
I have several examples like one thing...
someone started off with saying "you can't hear?"
"Uh.. let me get you a braille for you!"
Several hearing people were shocked when they found out
that I drive!
"Uh.. I thought all Deaf people can't drive!"
Well.. hello?! I am deaf not blind!
Oh.. I have a story!
It was about 8 years ago, that time I started dating Jes.
Jes had to go someplace and happened to run into someone
and that person heard about Jes dating a deaf guy.
So someone asked such as "I'm curious
you are dating a deaf guy? I mean... how,
well I think it'd be a lot of work?"
Jes asked a lot of work, what?
"Like.. uh you'd have to cook for him, drive him around for him.
I mean you'd have to take care of him, will that bother you?"
Can you imagine that?! I mean.. seriously, he thought...
When Jes came home, he explained to me and I was dumbfounded!
I couldn't believe for real that someone would thought that way.
I was so speechless.
Of course, Jes was appalled!
Then he explained...
Wait a minute.. other thing, I'd say things sometime
such as how I used to enjoy the dancing, went to clubs, etc.
Some actually asked "But...but,
how, uh, I mean you can't hear music!"
Well, I can feel the vibration!
So, I can dance and feel the music.
All deaf people are bad
at what... tips!
You know what I hate the most
when people would always assume that all deaf people
can read lips.
It is not true!
You know what I notice some people thought
there is only one sign language in the world
for all deaf people.
Only one universal language...
I remember when I returned from England
and I ran into a group of people so we chatted on papers.
I shared that I had a good experience there in England
oh and in Australia, too! Their signs is different and interesting.
They were confused and asked "wait a minute,
what do you mean?!"
Uh.. well I learned their sign language, yeah.
"Really?! I thought it's a universal language?"
Um, I wonder is spoken language same all over in the world?
You see why I'm like ugh the stereotype!
Because I'm deaf which means I know all deaf people in the world?
Ah, sometimes I'd say something and then state that I'm deaf.
"Oh I am soooo sorry!"
I'm very curious how your react would be when someone
said I am so sorry that
you are deaf or that you can't hear.
It's interesting most reacted this differently.
For me, I normally laughed it off and said I have a great life being deaf.
There is nothing wrong with it.
Really in general, stereotypes drive me crazy!