Windows & Mac Browser Test: Chrome 17 vs Firefox 11 vs Opera 11.61 vs Safari 5.1

Uploaded by duncan33303 on 14.03.2012

Hey guys, this is Austin and today I’m here with my latest browser test
comparing Chrome 17, Firefox 11, Opera 11.61 and Safari 5.1.
For this test I’ve changed my method by adding a very popular request:
a Mac. All tests were run on both a Core i7 desktop as well as a Core i5
MacBook Air. This isn’t useful for comparing OS X vs Windows scores but
it will help you choose which is the best browser for your OS.
To start with we have the V8 Benchmark which measures Javascript performance
for sites such as Gmail. On Windows Chrome dominates as always with Firefox
and Opera behind. Over on OS X Chrome still wins out however Safari does much
better here, not only beating the other two browsers but also being better
than Safari on Windows. Not bad considering the rest of the browsers are
roughly half as fast on the MacBook Air. Next we have one of my favorite overall
benchmarks, Peacekeeper, which has been redesigned since my last browser test.
On Windows Chrome wins out over Opera which typically takes this test and over
on OS X Chrome continues to win out over both Safari and Opera. As Peacekeeper
not only tests speed but also compatibility with various web standards winning
here means a lot. Continuing on we have the Particle Acceleration test which
focuses on how well each browser takes advantage of hardware acceleration. For
Windows Firefox 11 gets a perfect 60 frames per second with Chrome also getting
a respectable score. On OS X it flips as Safari is the one with the perfect score
with the other three browsers nowhere close. As you can see this is another
example of just how much better Safari is on Mac compared to Windows. Next up we have
the HTML5 Test. This has been a staple of my browser tests for quite a while and
it simply measures how well each browser adheres to the latest web standards.
Chrome ekes out a victory here however all four browsers clear the test with a
score of over 300 which gets two big thumbs up from me. Lastly we have memory usage.
Here I load up both of the browsers with five tabs consisting of popular sites such
as Hulu. On Windows both Firefox and Safari did very well with Opera not too far off
and Chrome being the clear loser. On OS X I had some issues with the consistency of
my results for both Firefox and Chrome but impressively Safari uses up just over 100MB
of RAM, making it the best browser for memory usage I’ve ever tested.
With two different OSes there are two different stories here. On Windows Chrome and
Firefox remain my top picks. Chrome is still the fastest browser speed wise however
Firefox has better hardware acceleration and tends to take up less memory which is
important on PCs with less power. On OS X Chrome remains great but Safari is a very
strong choice with close to Chrome levels of performance combined with excellent
memory usage and hardware acceleration. If you enjoyed be sure to leave this video a
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