Bruce Lipton - The Biology of Perception

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i wanna thanks ? for providing this opportunity to speak here before you and i wanna
take you for coming out
because i have some very very exciting information and i want to share with
and this information really relates to what controls biology and as doug
mentioned there was a young son of a biologist at
diverse wisconsin cloning human muscle cells i was taking cells are the people
preeminent issue call tradition setting individual cells in an effort to
understand was controlling their favorite was making them
uh... distro picker pathological what was making a normal and in the control
process in this uh... research by started to come to an understanding that
greatly differed from my whole scientific foundation that we were
controlled by genes
and in the room and
the research let me uh... in on the inside
that it was the perception of the environment
that control the sal will itself levels perceptions are perceptions but if you
mean levels
perceptions are police
and it turns out that it's actually are believes that select our genes
and select our behavior
and the beautiful part of this is done said this
it's life-changing for myself especially
i was uh... one of the genetic kind of people in now
i transitioned my whole life into this so-called
new-age spiritual uh... science of belief and the wonderful part about this
lecture outside of the fact that i will provide you
with molecular connection
of how lovely actually switches on the gene
so that there's no like empty boxes no devotion
in this place this is actually just molecules
i'm gonna get that across i hope uh... but the beautiful part of this eyeball
is that and the second part of the presentation
a dear friend and colleague of mine rob williams is going to provide you with
information tools
about how you can rapidly change polices leave changing
it's not that hard to process in fact they can be done
almost in minutes so
there's a new science and neutrals available uh... but before i start let's
cut off with a true statement was a very simple street statement
knowledge is power
the more awareness you have the more capable you are surviving and succeeded
well this is a true
but there's another truth as well that goes with this picture and that is lack
of knowledge
results in a black of power
why is this relevant right now this question about lack of knowledge
is this is that we all have been provided with information about are
helping involved with our genes
we used to hear the stories actually so here it on a daily newspaper you might
even find an article tonight
that talks about the fact that the jeans controlled the aspects of our lives
well we also recognizes that we got the genes from our parents
and when you get change from your parents and all the sudden change
control your life
then you find yourself to be more or less a victim of your corrected
if you find that there's cancer running in your family then what do you start to
get nervous about my god
i've got genes in your arm a ticking time bomb something's going to go often
i'm gonna end up dead or some problems going to happen why not my
responsibility came from my parents
well the problem with that belief system
is that extends to another level it's as if you really can't do anything about
your jeans because that's what you receive from your parents
the note was sent to become
you're responsible in the sense of what well i can't do anything about it so why
should even try
and that's one of us and all things go lawson
and this is where this
lack of power manifest itself because
disbelief about genes
is totally descent power into everyone of us
because it says
you are less powerful than your genes
but what about that
reality that this is not true statement
and the fact is willing to explain what it was worth talking about him
i'll start off with this
this picture of the d_n_a_ almost everyone has seen this it's been in
school for so many years now
world trade with this we see this on the media everyday
that the d_n_a_ in your body the genes in your body provide for the
characteristics of your life
so things not just beside your height your hair colored your eye color
but things like anxiety and and obesity and homosexuality and aggression and
and happiness
are all characteristics have been attributed the jeans
and in this if this is true
then the belief system of course is that when you've got these jeans at the
moment of fertilization your life was already
established in all the rest your like this is the unfolds meant
of the programs that you received from your parents
the jeans and we're gonna talk some signs tonight that is not gonna be that
difficult so bear with me on it
because i a again i totally black boxes in here and the spaces where you get
that devotion
my show you the connection
uh... the jeans the d_n_a_ molecules
are found in the south in the individual self in a structure called the nucleus
almost all people have seen the cell the nucleus and and virtually all the genes
are in the nucleus
as a says right here in this paper which is a recent issue of science this is one
of them
most for stitches journals in the world today
it says here in the first sentence on this article which was dealing with the
uh... issue dedicated to the role of the nucleus
first sentence
the nucleus
is not command center of the sow
this is conventional believed
that the nucleus is the command center because in the nucleus of the jeans
and the genes control you so the nucleus represents
that source of control for the south
well the command center of the south would be tax amount to the brain
as i used to teach in medical school to the medical students
the cells
and this is an image of a cell just a cartoon image of a self
the cells make us up we have approximately fifty to seventy five
trillion cells that make our party
interesting point i used to teach them as this
there is no new function in your entire human body
that's not already present in every cell every cell has a respiratory system a
digestive system and excretory system endocrine system
unintended mentary system a nervous system a reproductive system an immune
system basically what i'm trying to tell you is this
that the south in the human are structural functional counterparts of
each other
whatever's in the south is in the human whatever's in the human is in the school
so when i talk about the
brain of the cell other brain the human
as that element that controls the command center
of the human body
when i come over here in just three but we just read off the science journal
that said the nucleus is the command center of the self this is because all
the d_n_a_ is in here then we get the assumption that the nucleus is the brain
of the cell which is what you anticipate if it's a command center
well that's an interesting concept for this reason
alaska simple question no questions asked
if i take the brain
out of any living organism what is the immediate unnecessary consequence of
absolutely is going to die
so what happens if i go to the south
and take the nucleus out of the south
well with the new police brains out by definition the cells going to die
here's the reality i removed the brain from any organism in the organism dies
but if i go to the nucleus
and remove the nucleus from the cell
the cell was totally unaffected by a cell can refer to learn more months
with no jeans any at all
and it's not just sitting there it's doing everything it was doing before we
took the nucleus out it's moving around it's it's january kidding with other
styles it's keeping its growing it's it's it's able to
eliminating waste and build up its structure it recognizes toxins and moves
away from that
recognizes food moves toward that basically
one of my telling you
i take all the jeans out of the seller night altered behavior and no way
meaning yes
by definition
the nucleus cannot be the controlling center of the cell because of self
still has control with no no class
i took all the genes now
and this house still has behavior
the bottom line is
that the jeans do not
control biology this is a mistake
this is an assumption
it was made years and years ago i was never proven scientifically
but it just seems so correct
that we bought the story
the cosmic job justice not very long ago with the outcome of the human genome
why was it a joke about how you best
if the mechanism works according to the way it's written in the text books at
the genes control biology
then there is a requirement that their halfs has to be at least
a hundred and twenty thousand jeans
to make a human
when the human genome project's results were turned in
it turned out that they were only lesson thirty five thousand jeans
over ninety thousand jeans
are not present
which means that s
it's not that the genes are absent
our belief system was wrong
the jeans do not control biology like we thought
so the human genome project
really pulls the rug out because they thought they were going to get the
blueprint of how to make a human
with all these genes and turns out they're not that many genes two-thirds
of the giants are missing
meaning we have to now
understand a new way of looking a biology interesting
enough though
the new understanding
actually started to come out in the last ten years so everything about it talking
about tonight
is science news in the last ten years and interesting part about it is s
it takes at least ten or fifteen years
for science to take a fact
from its first inception to get it out into the public so that the people can
understand it so
anything in a text book for example
it's at least ten or fifteen years old
so what you've been here tonight
is the future textbook
you're going to know the science
that is just been released in the last ten years
and i'm gonna talk about this amazing structure the human south
and how it works and i also told you that the selling new have the same
functions where you have an org and in your body
the cell has organelles that carry out the same function
this is a respiratory and digestive system these are all structures in the
an issue is what we really want to find out is
where's the brain of the cell
because up to just a few minutes ago the conventional belief is the brain of the
selling jeans
but i think all the genes outcome the brain is still functioning
we have to look for an alternative understanding how the cell works
so i'm going to start off and give you some very basic insight into the
mechanism of how cells work ok and cells are very interested
they're like machines this is an example of a transmission of my car
and what it is called the exploded diagram because you can see all these
intricate little parts that all come together and assemble together the make
a functional
car transmission
well pointed out is s the cell is analogous to this for the following
the sellers actually a machine
made out of parts
but the part of proteins not metal parts and yours like this the cells
are made out of protein part
there's approximately
seventy thousand
protein part so when you open up the selling started take it out
because certifying that the building blocks
are proteins
this becomes very important because what i want to understand is when you look in
the mirror
and see yourself
when youths when you're on the city of you know brown hair blue eyes such a
all of that is due to the protein
the protein provides you with your structure
and so the assembly of these parts
and interesting talking about these machine parts and says
i can do a lot of the functions in a test to i can't do digestion in a test
of all they have to do is take the right and signs of proteins for digested
but it is difficult to digest it
i can do muscle contraction i can't take the actinomycin which of the contractile
proteins put him in a test to and they can contract in front of your eyes i can
do respiration attest to what i'm saying again
the cell as a machine it's made out of parts the parts
interact with each other to create the complex thing we called life
well let's talk about the parts
as i said they were seventy to ninety thousand different protein parts that
make up the human
now here's the interesting understanding about these parts
of all the proteins all of them
on linear strings just like his beaded strength every protein
is a beaded string
the bees
birth of the substance the little beads are called amino acids so when you go to
the health food store you're talking about buying amino acids
what do you find your buying the little building blocks to make the protein so
what makes the difference between seventy to ninety thousand different
and the answer is yes
first they're all strings as i said so that's already a commonality
what's the difference
two things
the length of the chain how many amino acids are in the string is variable from
one protein in the next
and number two and most importantly
the sequence of the colors which represent the different amino acids
rick are making the characteristic of protein
now it's hard for you to see
how to get structure out of something looks like it's going to be so
instead of deeds i'm gonna use these as representatives of peace is a little
pipe fittings
i have three different actually support shades of pipe fittings
uh... forty five degree angle pipe fitting
a ninety degree angle pipe fitting and straight months so
three variations and consider their twenty different variations
i'm only showing you three
so here's the point if i start to assemble these pipe fittings in a
what you can start to see his again creating a linear chain
but now it's not so flexible and floppy actually has a
rigid backbone kinda structure to its so as i start to assemble this you can see
i can create
but here's what i told you what did i tell you about what was making the
difference between the proteins
the sequence in the length of the chain
so look
what if i take this apart and reassemble the sequence of amino acids and
different sequence you think i'm gonna get the same shea
so let's take a pardon will take a look and see what happens so the point that
is this
hw assemble the amino acids you put him in a sequence
and the sequence determines what's gonna happen
so i take the same amino acids
clocked eleven now in a sequence but a different sequence and just we had a
second ago and as i do this you can see the shape
of this protein is not the same as it was the first time
is that evidently second can you see that
is that they were very upset wise is important
what's the point
the parts of the proteins have structure due to the sequence of these amino acids
number two
how can i get seventy thousand different parts of the enters s
placed creating a chain with a different sequence of amino acids for each
different protein
so you saw that right
so now the bottom line is this
i have this particular protein
if i just made a body at a protein only
and that's all it was then i would be a statue
instead of made out of brass or bronze i'd be a statue made out of work any
building blocks paula protein
there's no life
when it is the life come from
is the most important exciting question
i'd made a machine at approaching but one is life like this animation wife is
and so therefore where's the moment come from
now i'm gonna show you that
and a simple because this is the ultimate understanding of where life
comes from
when i saw some of these together i connected them like properties but what
they twist
because at the junction they're they're not lock so i can change the shape of
this protein i just made this one
now i'm gonna show you something
let me show you two different shapes
and before i do then i'm gonna give you up a little uh... piece of information
that yellow ones at the end
are going to be negatively charged both of them and negative
weiss is important to go back to a very basic principle of science
went to like charges come begins each other what do they do
they repel each other and two opposite charges where they do
an initial jump through different shapes of the same protein by just was thinking
and i'm gonna ask you to tell me which is the more stable of the two
semesters associate one
numbers show you shape to run and i want you to tell me which is more stable
shape one or shape too
shape to the reason why
because the two negative charges repel each other they want to get as far away
from each other as they can
so does this make sense that this is a stable schaeffer this protein
okay cool
now hope
i have this protein in your body and i said that this was negative at the end
and this is an environmental signal and i'm gonna talk about environmental
signals are you there other molecules are adams or energy energy can be
signals are well
but in this case let's say it's a molecule
the senate's estrogen or hormone
and let's just say that it's very positively charged what's the charge on
and negative
okay so if this is coming along in this is positive what happens when two
opposite charges
come near each other
so all the sudden you're gonna find that there's a finding
where the this is where the estrogen binds to the protein
now this is more positive then then this negative so the question is this
what's the charge at this end of the molecule now
positive was a charge of this one
now the question is very simple is this shape of the molecules stable or is this
one more stable
uh... now
that this is so fundamentally want to understand how critical this is you
understood that there was a shake
that if i have this molecule on both the same tickets molecule offcourse shaken
it have
it's gonna open back up like this right
and then if i put the molecule back on bull shit gonna do
you could you just told me there were two shapes
that were stable
and the differences when i add the signal i go from one shape to the other
is that make sense
is where life comes from
is movement of the proteins
the proteins move
and when they change shape
they can do to help sort by cab
work i can have this thing to a job
by opening and closing that would be its job so you say
what kind of jobs are just like simple woman's again his support
let's say i'm a protein
this is a signal molecules
and i stand like this
and when the signal molecule hits in my hand
i go like that
and i let go the signal
what have the fabric of the signal what's gonna happen
and then another signal comes in my hand and we're gonna do
go like this he said well that's the nice simple movement was not have to do
it well
if your houses on fire
and you have a bucket brigade
and i'm a protein in the middle and somebody has to be the pocket
what am i going to pick it from here and pass it to the other guys
well the point about it is very simply this
proteins provide for my physical structure
but proteins can change shape went eight signal
advice to that protein
soul of a sudden says metastatic protein to just be sitting here but the moment
the signal shows up
the protein does something what that something is hooked or actually used to
do a job in the south
so what is the i dash in
here's an ensign is stands here here's the phone molecule and it gets caught in
my hand and i bring it together and i'm ripping apart
that's all it is
ripping apart digestion
so the bottom line is this
your machine
the structure of the mission is to take the protein parks
the proteins are all these linear chains made out of the nato assets
that the final structure
is due to the sequence of the amino acids and
that charge
that's this critical part when i balance the charge the protein is stable if i
change the charge the protein changes its shape
status it's simple
but it's very basic science update
and here's the point that is this
and this isn't just because this is a uh... right out of the science art
and this is that part of this protein in green is the same one attorney up
and in this case this is a protein that causes muscle contraction in your body
and it depends on the signal
the signal is calcium when calcium shows up at plugs into the hole
it changes the charge
and the causes
the protein to change its shape from
this interactive form confirmation one shape one
what i had the same old it goes to shape true the active for
if i take the signal away
then the protein goes back to the resting state
so they're two different shapes to the protein inactive in an inactive for
and the activities now controlled by the signal
so basically it says the proteins
provide for your physical structure
but proteins also provide for your behavior
your behavior is the movement the actions that you expressing your life
and the movement comes from the movement of protein
so basically says this
your behavior
represents the action of a protein that interacts with the signal
and so that the signal activates the protein the move in the movement
generates behavior
well why this is important and it says s
if i have just the protein
and no signal what happens
so then action is really by what controlling the signal
so here's the point
the praying of the cell
is the structure that controls the signals to tell the sell what to do in
response to the environment
so we want to understand the brain of the south uh... because is a very
limited time and
uh... over the weekend when i have twelve hours or so to talk about i can
stand on it but in a very brief moment
to bring to the south is the skin of the selva membrane
it's the same as your skin
and you might save yourself bringing this to him in the brain that they'd
look like two different things the answer is yes
in embryology
they were germ layers are three germ layers that create the alternate
full-size organism
the german as a contact on term
mezzo term in end of term there layers of cells each layer gives rise to
different organs the tissues interesting
the outer layer called the ekta term only gives rise to two things in the
human body
and the brain and nervous system
your brain is the right from your skin
and it makes sense as to why it is also u the skin is the interface between the
environment and the cytoplasm the skin can read what's going on and then tell
the proteins in this out what to do it
i told you i could take the nucleus out of the salmon didn't change the behavior
and the reason why it is
the new please not the brain of the south
the nucleus is that going that of the cell it's reproduction if i need apart
to make this out work
then the new places like the butterick pattern drawer it's got all the patterns
to make seventy thousand different parts of your body but the new place doesn't
know which one needs is needed at which time the nucleus has no intelligence the
nucleus is just the repository for the pattern
so if i take the nucleus out of the self
i didn't change anything about the cell
the cell will die
after a while for the following reason
the proteins that make up the machinery breakdown and wear out
if they break down i got to replace some otherwise i'd die
so i need the nucleus not for the intelligence by only need the nucleus
for the blueprint so there's no brain involved with jeans jeans are not
capable of that
how does the cell membrane work
it takes environmental signal
and it could be anything
it could be sunshine
it could be hot air it could be sound it could be anything that's out there temas
goals smells tastes
anything that from the environment the membrane picks add up in the
environmental signals called the primary signal
and then what happens then is this
the membrane
converts the environmental signal into
the signal that controls the protein
so that the behavior
is mediated by the cell membrane asset response to the environment the behavior
if i had cut off the environment
the cell has no behavior
yourself with all the components in it if i could cut off the environment from
the south it will just sit there and has no wife white is due to have a cell
response to the environment your life is how you respond to your environment
as you see the environment
as you walk out of here those aren't vitamins signals
actually run your proteins and make you behave
so your behavior
is not due to the genes we didn't even bring d_n_a_ eniac
your behavior is due to
how you see the signal
which is called perception
and then convert that signal into
selecting the right proteins for your responses
so now the issue is how does this member and work will have to do for park it's
relatively simple
let me explain
if we look at some cells growing at a petri dish
and we look at the skin of the cells
it's all bubbly looking but at a higher magnification this is what it looks like
at higher magnification
the skin is like a sandwich looked like a bread and butter sandwich
and there's a slippage later right in the middle and it's the or oil that
makes the skin
a barrier because the water in the environment
go through the membrane and the water inside the cell
can't go through the membrane so end under the skin there's a protected
of which all the mechanisms can work
to show you the reality of a this is an electron microscope picture of the
actual cell membrane
you see the dark to light dark layer of the cell membrane
it really represents a layer of these molecules
that look like this dank dark light dark so that the model and the image of the
real picture or very much exactly the same time
but this membrane isn't functional because i left out the most important
part of the membrane
it's the proteins
the proteins that we're talking about that are capable of
responding to the signal
and and then activating a behavior
when i look at the surface of the sound
actual instead of being small
they're all these structures like antennas sticking up all over the
surface of proteins built into the membrane
and that these proteins
read the environment
and convert that environmental signal into behavior
we'll explain how it works
here's the membrane
here are two different proteins i'm gonna tell you right now
there are thousands and thousands of proteins in the cell membrane but i
can't divide them into two groups
two groups
one group has antennas on it
and antennas are receivers
just like your television antenna is out for a job your house when you
before table when they had at the antenna on the top what was his function
to pick up a signal and then what happened to that signal it was
transmitted down the wire to the television and the television
converted the signal into something you could see
well here's the point
many of the receptors in the south park have these antenna sticking up from the
cell so if i go back
these are the antenna sticking up from the surface of the south right here and
what they're tuned to
or not television stations
thirteen to environmental information
it might be glucose for examples of sugar out there or has been the user has
been out there which tells me to get ready for an emergency response
orders or something like insulin
which tells me to change my metabolic pathways
for every different thing the cell can see
has a different antenna
so that means
the cells are covered over the surface with antennas for everything this often
deal with
so the signals come and and picked up by the antenna but then
their converted into the behavior
by the second class of proteins are three different kinds
channel switcher just like all of us with a hole in the middle of a
reformation can go in
enzymes which are proteins that caused
metabolism to occur
or cytoskeletal proteins proteins that change the shape of the south
sofa signal comes in the same toxic signal comes in
and this is a receiver for that
an accomplice to the skeleton is says
stocks as technol turned around and start running the other way
that this is the input and this is the outputs of the proteins working
receptors receive signals
delivery systems
get were twenty obvious ones
ears narrowest taste touch
where all your receptors located
in the skin
so you and the seller parallels but
it doesn't look like and i know it doesn't look like in those but its
function is exactly the same
its equivalent of anti if this was a little light apo title like would hit
this antenna
and that cell would respond like and i say i see the light
and once the sees the light
it has to convert that information
and they do is is that by connecting to this and i'm gonna show you how that
so the input
the antenna connects to the output
which makes the behavior than explain networks so we'll use this model right
here of a young avail receptor
this receptor is going to uh... electricity and dynamic motion
here's my membrane bread butter sandwich
here's my antenna and this is the antenna scouring the environment before
said no look at the shape because the protein goes into the south look at the
what happens when a salary when approaching
binds to a signal
changes shape
will watch what happens to be when the signal came in
and watch what happens when the signal goes away digits extra do that one more
time to consider
okay basically says this
is that the proteins are in the south
that these receptors are migrating through the surface of the of the
okay here is pregnant and start moving soon
here's the protein extending the environment looking for signals unless
it's an insulin receptor
if there's any slim
i would activate the receptor but look
no activation of the receptors is no change in shape
but when the insulin shows up
exchanges shake
that so climb inside the salads we were inside the cell
and these proteins were hanging down from the from the ceiling
would you be able to tell if insulin was here or not by the shape of the protein
so if you're inside the cell you can tell what's going on outside
now the next thing is s
after i i'd receive a signal i actually have to send a secondary signal into the
south activity behavior the south
so in this case and it is a channel which is like and all of
and what happens is s
protein moves right remembrances closed at the top
nothing can get through but when it opens it make such a
unaware signal molecules
can shoot inside the cell
and the bottom line is this
the only thing i go through this charles what sets at the molecule does in fact
it doesn't go through the channel
so basically says this interesting state
the protein is close but when activated
the protein opens
and when it opens it allows signals to go into the south and coordinate the
behavior of the south
so now that we've looked at that
let's put the two together and show you what is this this mechanism that
controls biology
the two together the input and the output this is looking for the
environmental signal and this is going to convert that signaling behavior
this is the connector look at the shake
does if that's here yes or no
okay so that means no signal is present so nothing's no behavior
but when the signal shows up by change the shape
when the shakers changed then i connected open that's what i can see
this is the signal that tells us out with doing something
and it's going to do whatever is connected to that
so the bottom line is the beach
either the south is controlled widely input of the environment
and then the conversion about input into behavior signal
that coordinates the function of the summer respond
to what's going on in the buyer
interesting point
if i cut the antenna off
this out
so we cannot see anything
there's no behavior
the sellers public comatose
it'll set there
and what does that mean
it says and behaviors related to the signal
if there's no signal there's no behavior so it's like reflects the newest
this is the signal is a stimulus
and then the cell creates a responsibly cyclicals like this the receptor is the
input it reads the environment
the receptor that connects to the effector which generates the behavior
through a secondary signal the primary setup
this is the secondary signal
that activates the behavior of the south so that this unit is controlling a
specific aspect of behavior
but there's like thousands of these different kinds of units simultaneously
so this is an example of a
justice which
it's a stretch
when insulin shots not
switch on metabolism what does that mean shahzad switch on protection
so that there's each for each different thing that's out environment there's a
switch that will activate the behavior
of the south
so basically digital understand that as a switch input-output
well then look at it this way
the function of the receptor is awareness of the environment
it sees
i have to convert that signal into up biological action
so the function of the output divya factor
is to create a physical sensation a response
to that signal
present understandable so far why is it important
go back in the ass is the first step is s
what does this do
was it too
it controls aids
typical behavior
in response to the signal
well what does this policy
well it represents awareness of the environment through physical sensation
so what is this control unit actually called
perception awareness of the environment
through physical sensation
so if i go back a second i said what is the function of this
and the answer is yes
it's perception it's easy environment
and activates behavior
there's no d_n_a_ involved there's no genes involved
all we're talking about a stimulus response
stimulus comes in the receptor
response made by the a factor
so the point about is a simple first conclusions very basic
behavior which is movement this is behavior
movement a protein
is controlled by the signal but the uh...
so the bottom line is this perception
controls behavior
if there is no perception
there's nobody there
and all the sense of how well that's number one
we didn't have genes involved jap
so let's just see how this actually works
so basically here are proteins in the south
let's say that these proteins carry out a specific function restoration or
digestion we call it a pathway so they say it's a
muscle contraction
that these proteins when
activated what what what activates the protein
the signal activates a protein
what we're gonna does convert an environmental signal
using the receptor in the a factor in this time and using an enzyme
and what i'm gonna show you is how the mechanism from the environment
the signal here's my connector one remember the green line
but now the signal comes
and when the signal from the environment binds to the receptor it changes the
or confirmation of the receptor
which implies that the signal is there
so the protein informs the sow that something has happened now that that she
has changed
this process of protein the green light
can bind to the shade because it wasn't to be able to buy before wasn't the
right shape it's like dominoes one
hitting the next
now that the processor protein is bound to the receptor it changes that shape
and will conform to fit the in the enzyme so one domino hits the next hits
the next
now that this is connected by
activate the enzyme
and the ensign
is going to create a signal light years
here's the connection between my
muscle of proteins
and the receptor
this is a secondary signal remember primary said no
and secondary signal well at first it's brown then covered up in inhibited
if there's no signal i don't want to do anything
but when the signal shows up
then i'd take the enzyme splendid and the active component now this is the
active signal
confined to the protein
and now that i can activate this protein
and this is the behavior that's going to be expressed by the cell
and the question of course is what what really activated this protein what was
the original source
the answers
the primary said what the environment
was then relayed by the secondary signal
to activate the behavior of the south
so without all the labels which is quickly look at it
uh... let's just go right to request that the point about is this
uh... said
that uh... here's the environmental signal
here's the can the receptor the factor that's the perception unit
perception is now being started because that's all the environment change the
activity and sign
the enzyme is activated breaks that molecules the signal molecule
the signal molecule comes down binds to the protein and generates behavior
the bottom line is this
the behavior of the cell
is not program
the behavior this sounds continuously adjusting
to whatever the signals are in the environment
so now i got another question ask you
what happens if that environmental signals shows up
but i don't have the proteins necessary
in the cell right now for that event
so what it shows up as such
all i can't make a response i don't have the behavioral proteins
where we get to be april proteins
now we bring the d_n_a_ back yet
what's the role of the d_n_a_
the d_n_a_ double helix
actually is a blueprint of the protein if i separate the helix into which into
two separate strands
and you look at the these days are called bases these are the steps of the
double helix right here
the collar sequence in the d_n_a_
codes for the sequence of the amino acids
so for every three bases i can tell you which is the next time you know what i
said so the point is us
the plan of how to make a protein
the specific protein
is built into this d_n_a_
so that every three basis at all put in trip to me
okay puttin trolling
next one putting alan means that whatever this is a sequence
that d_n_a_ is a blueprint
for the protein
okay that's all it is
it doesn't have any action except when i need it
so how do i activate the gene
well this is you heard a cancer genes
was that it jeannette gives you cancer
and answers here's a simple truth
genes to not self ac
that's bio chemically a truth meaning
gene tend not turn itself upon
and the gene can not turned itself off
if you want to jane to be active it's not up to the gene
so if the concept that there's a cancer gene is a false concept meaning death
if the gene really cause cancer
and you were in possession of that gene
when would you express the cancer
you express it by the time you were born
because look as soon as a self starter divide the cancer gene would say okay
time to make answer
so how can you have so-called cancer gene for thirty or forty years
sitting in your body and you don't have cancer
and then
you get cancer
what should i go back and said the gene caused an answer is no
in this paper buying the house
metaphors in the role of genes in development he played he pointed out
that it's true
a simple statement of truth
that i'm going to show you because i want to use his paper just
the statements of perfect
but the fact is this what did he say he said this
for fifty years we have believed that genes are in control
weeping repeating it and saying it over and over again for fifty years so that
is part of every text book
and the bottom line was that was never a scientific reality
it was never scientifically established the genes control anything
it's not true what is a truthful answers f
the first thing conventional believe genes control biology is totally false
genes can turn themselves on genes can turn themselves off
how they're going to control anything they can control themselves
so bottom line is the genes are in charge
so the question is if i needed gene to be activated what what what what it can
be activated
to make the proteins for the sound that needs to do the behavior
so the truth statement as this when a gene product is needed
a signal from its environment
an emergent property the gene itself
activates expression of the gene
well that's somewhat of a complicated some sublet simplify it
just replying to and line four
and if we agreed that it says
a signal from its environment
debates expression of the gene
what does that mean
the genes in your body are selected not because their self selecting
the genes are always selected a response to the environment that duran so if you
had that cancer gene for thirty five years let's say
you start around saying
cape cod
i don't have cancer and all of a sudden cancer happen
are we going to go to the gene and blame the gene or what would we actually look
for is responsible
if you understand the true statement
the signal from the environment what changing your life promoted activation
of the jeanette was sitting dormant
for thirty five years
we've been focusing on the j and all the time
the point is we have to start focusing on the second most the signals to this
woman explained how this happens
when we look at a cell nucleus this is where the chromosomes than the d_n_a_
i can stay in the chromosomes and you break open the new place you can see
all these different chromosomes you had twenty three pairs of chromosomes to
make a human
they call pairs of chrome some because you get twenty three chromosome three
mother twenty three chromosomes from your father and their match pair so
he denied
did see that
one of these from the mother and one of these from the father
because you can color code them what was a nice interesting spilled into the
questions asked
one of my stains
announced a media event
so what's in the nucleus and the answer is yes
fifty percent of the nucleus is d_n_a_
and fifty percent this protein
and the reason why
we have a problem here is this for fifty years
everyone was so focusing on the jeans
that when they wanted to study the d_n_a_ what did they do they go find a
nucleus from the south they'd break it open expose all the chromosomes you know
what they do
separate the protein from the d_n_a_ and then throw away the protein
and for fifty years they throw away the protein in their focus on studying
and now all of us on the last few years the question is
they weren't even thrown away
and the answer is
the control
paper fifty years they throw in the control away what controls the james and
started pure d_n_a_
there is no such thing
as pure d_n_a_ in any organism
the d_n_a_'s always associated with the protein so what's the function the
look how simple this s
the protein forms a sleeve around the d_n_a_
so let me give you an example of a mean by that
imagine my bare arm is a gene
let's say if the gene for blue wise
and i say okay can you read the gene for blue eyes yes it up
okay but i would say that what is the d_n_a_ look like one of the back in the
purposely putting on it
can you read the gene for for blue eyes yes or no
if you want to read the gene for blue wise what do you have to do
take the sleeve off
well the sleeve is protein
how does this leave come off
here's the protein
and is locked out of my arm if you can remember back about fifteen minutes ago
what is it that will cause a change in the shape of the protein
oslo and i have the signal from the environment
also on the what happens is that a protein changes shape
pulls away from the d_n_a_
now i can read the genie
and when the signal is removed the protein we'll come back
and cover up the sleeve again
so the bottom line is this
became was just sitting there all the time is whether the proteins are present
or absent
so if i look at it this way then we understand this
i said you were made out of protein
these understanding is that d_n_a_ is the blueprint for the protein in
conventional textbooks because it's thrown away the protein for fifty years
they don't talk about this
conventional talks about the d_n_a_ goes to the army which is like a xerox copy
of the d_n_a_
and it's starting as interned in the protein and then they talk about the
primacy of d_n_a_ that's what's in all the text books
you are really sort of your d_n_a_
but they've thrown away the protein so when we put it back in
is a spa
the protein it covers up the d_n_a_ the protein is asleep
but to take the sleeve off
you actually have to have the environmental signal
so remember what me how to quote was
a signal from the environment
activates the expression of the d_n_a_
so the bottom line right here is as
environmental signal comes in and changes the shape of the regulatory
protein which removes asleep
exposes the d_n_a_ and then i can make my proteins
so rather than the primacy of d_n_a_ which is conventional thought
it's actually the primacy the environment
its environment the selection of genes
not the jeans themselves so if i want to ellis traded let's go back to our
picture of how the southwark
when i showed to assess
the signal from the environment activated the receptor which activated
the a factor in the factor
activated the secondary signal to go down to the protein remember that
picture just america
well here's the point
davis illustration the protein's not there
and if i need the protein 'cause environmental signal i have to respond
to the signal and the protein's not their what what i need to do at the
protein's not present in the south
go to the nucleus inactivate the gene for the making the protein right so
let's watch the behavior this as it happens
so basically what's gonna happen is s
the environmental signal joins to the receptor
activates this whole process so that i activate this but what the signal goes
down the proteins are messing
at the proteins are missing
i need the proteins to make the brought the proper response but are not there
so what i have to do that
is take this signal and go into the nucleus of the cell
where the d_n_a_ is but the d_n_a_ is covered up by sleeve approaching
and at periodic points at every gene
there's a control protocol or regulatory protein
and you know what happens
the signal from the environment binds to the right jeanne by the shape
it doesn't buy that that's one wrong shite
binds to this morn now what happens when a signal bicycle protein
changes the shape of the protein
and watch what happens
as soon as i changed the shape of a protein i cause the sleeve
to come off the d_n_a_
and when that happens look what i am exposing
the gene
is now exposed
and what are they going to do with this when i need to make a copy of the gene
called are in a
which then goes into the south
edwards turned into the protein
so the bottom line is then i take the army molecule
make a copy of this d_n_a_ molecule and then this is a blueprint of the gene
and this called are in a messenger r_n_a_
and this blueprint is actually used to make the protein
so what's the understanding about this whole process it says that
the gene is not exposed
until the signal also been applied when the signal is done
the sleeve covers that out
and the gene is now hidden
if this is a cancer gene
and is not giving you cancer because it's not expose
what will cause the cancer gene to express itself
the sun dot
sold the cynicism what signals from your environment argue perceiving
that you were selecting negative genes are processed these in your body and all
the sudden we source is a list of the same thing now
without all the labels real fast
secondary signal goes down the proteins missing
the secondary signal goes into the nucleus finds the right gene by binding
to the right regulatory protein
causing the regulatory proteins sleep the come off exposing the gene
and once again six post i make a copy of a car may
and this is what goes out into the south
and is used for the function and behavior of the south
so what is the conclusion of all of this
and the answer simply this
controls jeans
the jeans did not control themselves the perception was the sentinel that
converted the the sleeper the the d_n_a_ to come off
so the bottom line is
perception not only controls behavior
but perception will actually go wid in select which genes you're going to
now here comes the third part
the first part perception patrol behavior does a protein was there
the second part
the signal shows up in the protein's not there so that perception signal goes to
the jeans inactivating
the repro preaching here's the third part
if i run into a stressful environment
and i don't have the appropriate jeans
to respond to that stress
well then it's absolutely all the way you're going to manage
is to change the jeans
welcome conventional biology the only way the jeans changed
is a process called random mutation this is an all the textbooks what does that
mean that says this
i think chemically cause a mutation to occur but what i can control is the
outcome the outcome is always random
so the bottom line is that's weird darwinian believe comes in
that evolution was random changes in the jeans
that genes are only changing by accident that's conventional believe
nineteen eighty-eight his paper comes out in nature by a man called john
and it changes the entire foundation a biology that we've ever held
for the following reason
he tells us about a new kind of mutation called an adaptive mutation
the point about this may take some
that these genes
are not changing randomly
but the environment is controlling the mutation
so that people always adjusting your genes to fit what you see in the
environment and so that it is not random it's environmentally directed mutations
recently this is a paper just came out within last year the other one was
nineteen eighty eight
this is a very interesting paper because what they showed was asked
you can take a population of bacteria put in the five test tubes
and put the same but very stressful environment into each of the test tubes
causing the bacteria to change their genes to survive
here's the point
in each of the five test tubes the result was exactly the same
well than all the sadness as where's the random nature of that process in the
answer is not
evolutionary changes are always adapting to the environment
these miniature adaptive radiations on for the in the same way everytime
covered by the available environmental natural sp
here's the point
we adjust our genes to fit the environment that we think we lived it
and i say we think we live in because perception may be right now perception
may be wrong
and therefore perception is belief
and if this is true do you understand what this means
its belief that changes your genes
it's your perception
that changes your genes is not an accident
and so this chart out of science
which is a about chances work about genetic changing uh... i can uh... a
remark is well with an asterisk because when this article came out this box was
called genes of d_n_a_ metabolism
there's now a new name for that
itself they're called genetic engineering teams what this means is
we have now found out
that in every one of your cells you'll have jeans
whose function it is
to rewrite the other genes when necessary
so you are all equipped with an ability to adapt
and change your jeans as you respond to the environment
so all this other says this
the environment watch for the arrow goes the environmental signals
activate genetic engineering change they can change your own james
and change urging that i put this one
organisms perception of the environment separate from the environment y
because perception environment maybe two different things
i might say
i live in a toxic hostile environment
but that might be by belief i might be in a very supportive environment
so it says
my perception may different from the reality of the environment
but net nonetheless what his perception do follow the blue error
activates genetic engineering change
your own police
are selecting your genes
and if you don't have the right
genes to handle the stress fracture in
your belief will rewrite your genes
in an effort to do so
so all of a sudden assessed
there's a lot of control over your life
but it's mediated by the
of the environment that's what controlling the whole thing
so our third conclusion is
not only there's a perception activate behavior
not only does a perception activated jeans
but when necessary
re rights jeans
so what's the conclusion
are you genetically controlled are you at the behest of your uh... heredity or
he will become
absolutely not right
because it by adjusting your perception
you can adjust your behavior by adjusting your perception you can select
different genes in your project by adjusting your perception
you can read write your genes
now i wouldn't want to rewrite meetings to get ninety five percent of us dot
here was very appropriate change to survive have a great life
here's the problem
almost always when you rewrite your genes you do in negative process
because your genes were already working
and so lots of illnesses and things like cancer ninety five percent of cancer
has no hurry to carry the linkage
ninety five percent of cancer is actively produced by it
and individuals perception
rewriting their normal james and making cancer genes
of a sudden missile
unfortunately remember when i told you when you're a victim of rigor heredity
you could be responsible because the genes just think that way
if you understand what i'm talking about
analgesic online business
then how i see things
how i believe things are going on
become important answers
well if you think your behavior or the selection of your genes of the rewriting
the jeans aboard and the answer is yes
because all of these are connected to believe
because perception
in newman's is related to believe
so you have the ability to change anything in your body
unfortunately dot you're helping to change it
that usually means you're making it less
uh... affective as a living organism
so the bottom line is this
the perception of the environment your nervous system
cesium firemen and interpreted so here's the real environment
here or the cells
interestingly enough
if i would take this trophy patients and take muscle cells out of the body
in many cases when i took the south out of the body printed to a good
the cells grow beautifully and grow healthy and well
but when they were in the body they didn't want right
because somewhere between the environment
and the south the perception
dot involved with
so our police are altering our biology and every moment at everytime okay
so the question is what kind of
believes in jeans are my affecting here's is beautiful
the real important simple understanding
the genius
in your cell
or the equivalent of programs in a desk in a computer okay
and the bottom line about incest
what kind of programs then car in your body and answer simply this
there are two classes of programs
one classes for growth
and reproduction which is a former broke
and the others for protection
so that the bottom line is this when you walk into the environment
you either gonna select growth programs
or you know select protection programmes and i've explained why it's either or
i'll give you some blunder standing
i put a p s_l_ and the petri dish
and in one petri dish i'd put nutrients here in front of the south
and the another petri dish i put axons in front of the south
and then i went for a period of time
what's gonna happen answers s
sells always move toward her
signals nutrients or whatever positive signals because positive signals
encourage growth
on the other hand
when the cell was confronted with a toxin toxins threatened survival
towards the south though it doesn't move to a toxin was a joke
moves away
and therefore sells always move away from negative signals why is that
the pilots salinger's toxins that there's food here i'm gonna move this
if i'm a salinger's toxins i'm gonna move this way
tuna so move forwards and backwards at the same time
me answers no
why is that relevant
and the answer is simply this
when confronted with environmental signals the cells have to make a
to be in growth
or to be in protection
why is that relevant
because when the sellers and protection it stops growing
and the more protection we think we need
the more we shut off our growth mechanisms
and therefore we start signing
our own health let me give an example
cells move toward positive signals as a motor of growth
cells move away from that could have signals as a means of protection
there are some signals that the samples that we care about as it doesn't bother
its growth towards protection
so there's some signals others who really cares others zero so the bottom
line is that sells removing in growth or cells are moving in protection
but they can't do both at the same time
that's an individual sub i said you were made at a fifty to seventy five trillion
cell so when i look at a human
i have a great and scale
you were either in some degree of growth or you're in some degree of protection
based on the signals
here's the interesting aspect
the most important
growth promoting signal
in the world today for a human
is love
it exceeds nutrition
child getting locked wool wrong
but i'm not getting a lot
will be stymied in its growth
for example in the eastern european orphanages were kids are given a lot of
but no what tension
their growth parameters their intelligence their height every aspect
of their development
is reduced by thirty percent or more
most of them becoming artistic what is an artistic child think about it
not just a child's not responding to the environment why not
because somewhere in his development
it started to put up the walls of protection because it wasn't getting
and at some point
it shuts itself down and is no longer responding to the environment that is
the highest form of protection but look what happens to the child who will die
from the process
initially says
when you're in fear
your shutting down your growth mechanisms
when you're in a while
you're enhancing your growth mechanisms
and it's as simple as that it's a dual strip one way or the other way
and there's a mechanism for
in your system is called the hypothalamus to a terry adrenal access
the hypothalamic s
is the portion of the brain beg gauges the signals
when the environmental signals come into the body
the mine says is that positive resent a negative signal
it has to know
and the ideas as
if it's a negative signal
then what's gonna happen is the stress
is going to activate the pituitary gland
remember the word order gwen and basic basic education
was called on that
aster land
because the pituitary gland
is going to control piche of the party
so this to showcase
or protection
in negative signals what ultimately happens is this is that what's jasmine
negative signals
what happens is this
that the straps
activates the toward are going to get into fight or flight remember fighter
here's the issue
i have two parts of my body
like unsub subdivide free right now
this area has all the organs in it
this is a visceral
what do you think the function of the visser is
this is the muscles in the bond support what else is affordable
so here's the point
when i get into a fight or flight am i going to use my this uh... or muddy is
my muscles to survive
the muscles
so here's what happens the hormones
released by the adrenal glands cause the blood vessels in the desert a squeeze
and push the blog
to the periphery where the muscles are so i can see my muscles and get ready to
and the issue about that is what was a function of the visceral
but if i take the black and send the the bottom of this sort of the muscles what
happens to grow
it stops op
under stress you shut down your growth mechanism
your immune system
is a protection system but the immune system
doesn't protect you from lyons was a protect you from
bacteria and viruses things that get under your skin
so the adrenal system
is for protection against things in the environment that threaten you
the immune system
is to protect you from things they can understand so here's the point
if you're running away from a while and in europe i think flight
do you think you need the immune system
in effect because the immune system uses so much by the energy here's what
when the adrenal hormones get higher
it shots off the immune system as you get under stress not only is stopping
your growth
but your email shutting off your immune system you find that
at work or at school when spoken to the end semester everybody's under stress
that's what everybody starts getting sick
and the reason why he is
stress shuts off
the immune system
it's so affected
that medical doctors use the stress hormones
to inhibit the immune system in people that they grafton shows an organ sindhu
i don't want them to reject the graph so how do i stopped them
well i want to shut off the immune system i'd given stress hormones
well if you're under stress
what do you do into your own biology opening yourself up for
thinks that man come in attacking
and the last interesting aspect about it simply that's
when you're in fight or flight
uh... you can use reflex behavior oregon he's thinking and logic behavior to get
out of the mess
okay why that's important
because the hormones member told to the hormone squeeze the blood vessels into
this room force applied to the periphery
well the same hormone squeeze the blood vessels in the four brain
and push the blood to the hind brain
where reflex behavior comes from
here's the point
under stress you are less intelligent
and you ought to know that the ever taken any school classes and you took
that exam
and he said well i know the dancers right and you sit down
and start doing examining kind of precedent that were seventy dollars
i don't know this one
and guess what you can feel your body tingling live on the first thing is
you're getting blood in your arms and legs ready to run out of the classroom
save your life
but then i just doing this to realizing i can't think it is like you think this
is an opening of the next question
that once the sample when you know what
you don't know the answer that one
and the reason why
when you get under stress
you get ready for reflex behavior you're conscious intelligence is reduced
so what does this mean in the world that we live in
everytime you turn on the news every time you watch the t_v_ every time you
listen to the radio
be afraid the afraid the afraid of this be a friend that the air is bad
flesh-eating bacteria are coming
so the bottom line is that
what do you think about your normal adrenaline levels in the population
their so high we're all under stress
people are getting sicker by the day
and we're getting less intelligent
so in conclusion let me wrap it up and show you the best
here's the point
the body is like a camera for the following reason
whatever the environmental signaling is
it's picked up by the lens
the so that camera sees something
the lens picks it up and translated into the film where you make a complimentary
so that the camera always makes a compliment of what is found in the
well the truth is in biology is the same thing
the sellers like a camera
whatever's in the environment the membrane is like a ones it picks up the
and sends out in which the nucleus where the databases
and that's where the stored images are in the interesting aspect about it is as
the sal will make a physical structure
to complement the environment
so that so if you're diagnosed as shit and you're looking at somebody's out
their physical expression
is a reflection of the environment that they re in
because they're making that mimic so the bottom line is that
when you open your eyes
is this the image you see the reason why
if you open your eyes and live in the stressful situation
what are you going to do here physiology
fighter flight shutdown grows shot down immune system and be less intelligent
but you can easily look at the world in cm much better healthier picture
for example max feel paris's ecstasy when you see those pictures of the
question is
i can see this is world i see this and what do you think of it in growth of
so the bottom line is how i see it is adjusting who i am
well the interesting part about that is as follows
the perception
interfaces between the environment
and your biology
but your perception his belief
and therefore
police act as a filter
between the republican airmen
and your biology
so your belief
interfere if they're not
to repeat your beliefs are off
you're gonna select genes that are inappropriate for the environment
so damn what keeps you wouldn't that once keeping your perception clear
so the bottom line is s
we actually end up with eight filter between the environment
and the camera which has learned we learned these filters
before we were born we were already learning on the weekend course
a talk about conscious parenting
many of your plea for organ install the new before you were born
through the interaction of your mother and heard perception of the environment
because she was helping
of mud mothers and fathers actually provider genetic engineers
they're selecting change in their offspring as they develop
so the offspring fits the environment that the parents live in
interesting point
well the question is this we have to understand how you got envelope sender
in they came with there's a red and green filter let's call these beliefs
and what i would like you to do is put one of the other filters in front of
your ice pick a red wine or green one
whatever one may dot
and hold it up in front of her eyes and look at the screen i'm gonna ask your
question and the coroner keep don't open market their grip double keep 'em
capable that okay
here's here you go
now i would ask that question when you look at the picture tell me at this a
picture of love or fear
when you say it doesn't look like a lot of earth here with the glasses i put the
glasses on
are you living in madre living in fear
r_k_ affect the glass often find the other classes
archaic you had a different set of questions that
packet but i was out
are you reading about reviving in fear
our candidate and not worry about it there
by here's a sample point
this is the beautiful point
life has everything in it
like pat and i think but you're only c
what you have perception filters to say
and you were taught perception filters you were talking about your parents
you were talking school we're taught how to see why
and here's the beautiful part
we can remove these factors that have been appeared with our lives
and it does not take alone and the beautiful partisan after the break
when rob williams comes up here he's going to show you they give you told
of how you can rapidly change your culture and in the process select
healthier more grow satisfying jeans
than the ones that we tend to be selecting
because of our concern about the environment so the bottom line is asked
you are all powerful
not product is knowledge is power
with this knowledge you have power over the unfolded of her own life you have
power over which genes are going to be activated which behaviors are going to
you are all-powerful you were not
victims ob genes
and the beautiful part about it is
all you have to understand is
believes argue selecting jeans with
and if they're not appropriate
you can't change these police
and this is a beautiful part about the second half
of this program
thank you very much for your attention