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Hello my name is Dr. Hoyet Hemphill
I'm the Chairperson of the Department of Instructional Design and Technology
I want to thank you for your interest in the
Instructional Design Technology's Master's Degree
with a Technology Specialist Emphasis
we know this is a critical decision for you so we have developed this DVD
to provide video, graphical text information about the degree requirements
distinctive features of the graduate program and how we'll prepare you for the
state certification as a technology specialist
[Western Illinois University]
The Instructional Design and Technology Master's Degree with a Technology Specialist Emphasis
prepares graduates to provide leadership in the use of technology in
K through 12 classrooms and schools
the program opens up new or expanded career opportunities to educators
graduates will be able to effectively integrate technology in their own classrooms
for teaching and learning and they also become technology specialists
working with educators at a building level
In addition, schoolteachers can apply for an Illinois Type 10 Technology Specialist Certificate
graduates will demonstrate the ability to use instructional methods and strategies
to support content learning through effective use of technology
teach technology concepts and skills related to learning technologies
and technological literacy to students, educators and administrators provide curriculum support
and integration of technology across subject and content areas
for enhanced instruction and learning provide technology support
mentoring and professional development opportunities to educators
apply instructional design principles to assess and create instructional material
using interactive multimedia web-based and other emerging technologies
as well as assist in assessing, acquiring and maintaining hardware
software and network product
the graduate level Technology Specialist program offers two options
the first option is a Master of Science and Education Degree
in Instructional Design and Technology with a Technology Specials emphasis
in which students choose a thirty-two semester hour research plan
or a thirty-five semester hour coursework plan
the second option is a twenty-four-semester hour Post Baccalaureate Certificate
field experiences are arranged by the student in K, 12 settings
most students take two to three courses per semester
completing the program in approximately two to two and a half years
students have six years to complete the program
all candidates for the Master of Science and Instructional Design and Technology
with a Technology Specialist Emphasis must meet the following requirements
admission requirements of the school of Graduate Studies including
the successful completion of undergraduate course work with an overall
undergraduate GPA of at least 2.75 or a GPA of at least 3.0
for the final two years of undergraduate course work
If undergraduate GPA requirements are not met
the department will consider for application applicants who have completed
at least twelve semester hours of graduate course work
with a cumulative GPA of 3.2 or higher from a regionally accredited university
admission requirements of the Instructional Design and Technology department include
submission of a one thousand word essay describing their reasons
for pursuing a graduate degree in the field of IDT
and submission of three letters of recommendation from individuals
who could attest to the candidate’s academic potential
additional requirements include: proof of an Illinois teaching certificate
and proof of passing Illinois Test of Basic Skills within five years of admission
if certified prior to July 1, 1988 or if not accredited in the state of Illinois
if not seeking certification a signed statement attesting to that is required
and demonstration of meeting the National Educational Technology Standards for Teachers
by submitting a self-assessment of competencies
applicants who lack basic competency in microcomputers application software
and/or have identified National Education Technology Standards for Teacher’s Deficiencies
may be required to make additional courses or complete a
faculty approved plan of selected development activities
instead of completing the Master of Science Degree
certificated teachers can complete a twenty-four-semester hour
course of study through a Post-Baccalaureate Certificate
the certificate requires eight courses
EIS 500 – Research Methods
IDT 505 – Foundations of Instructional Technology
IDT 510 - Principles of Instructional Design
IDT 517 – Classroom Integration of the Internet and Multimedia
IDT 529 – Integration of Computer-Based Technology in Schools
IDT 534 – Technology Issues and Professional Development for Educators
IDT 539 – Hardware, Operatiing Systems, and Networking in the Schools and
IDT 595 – Technology Planning and Research
students have three years to complete the Post-Baccalaureate Certificate
after completion of the Post-Baccalaureate Certificate candidates can also apply for
an Illinois Type Ten Technology Specialist Certificate
if they have a valid Illinois teaching certificate and pass the required state test
graduate and faculty members are committed to helping their students enhance their
instructional design technology and professional development skills in the schools
professors in the department have a doctorate in their field
professors in the IDT department also have extensive experience in their fields
and are actively involved in a variety of professional organizations as well as publishing
and presenting at the state, national and international levels
The Illinois Association for Educational Communications
and Technology in the Midwest Journal of Educational
Communication and Technology are housed in the IDT department
graduate students have collaborated with faculty and research studies including
K through 12 technology integration professional development of educators
online course development, international training and collaboration, virtual worlds
web-page and database design and three-dimensional modeling
Western Illinois University is a comprehensive multi campus university
based in West Central Illinois over thirteen thousand undergraduate
and graduate candidates steady a range of subjects and programs
which lead to undergraduate degrees, certificates and post-graduate degrees
the Instructional Design and Technology Department is one of only a handful of programs
in the United Stated that offer an undergraduate degree in
Instructional Design and Technology as well as a Master of Science Degree
our current IDT Master of Science Degree has been offered since 1996
we have graduated over seven hundred students from the program
who now hold job positions through out the United States and eleven other countries
The Instructional Design and Technology Master's program
is housed in the college of Education and Human Services
at Western Illinois University
in addition to offering graduate and undergraduate degree programs
IDT faculty provide leadership with support within the
College of Education and Human Services for the Integration of Technology
and to both campus base and distance instruction
the IDT department also provides a required pre-service
technology integration course for the elementary education
early childhood education, bi-lingual education and special education programs
as well as a required assistive technology course for the early childhood
education and special education programs
the department also provides a required technology integration course
for the doctoral program in the educational leadership department
the Instructional Design and Technology departments
seeks to develop in students the ability to apply new and existing technologies
to achieve educational goals in a wide variety of instructional settings
including but not limited to schools, industry, government
health related agencies and institutions of higher education
students will accomplish these objectives by learning to design, develop
and evaluate affective, efficient and appealing instruction
Instructional materials and information resources in their course of study students
in the IDT will have opportunities to acquire conceptual
and hands on experience with effective teaching, learning and collaborative design
and involvement of professional instructional materials
Furthermore, internships projects and practice will provide students with chances
to apply their skills in real world settings both on and off campus
For more information about undergraduate and graduate programs
offered by the IDT department at WIU.
Please contact our department at 309.298.1952 or visit
our website at IDT.
I trust the information in this DVD has been helpful to you
and you would choose to learn more about our
Masters Degree with a Technology Specialist Emphasis.
Thanks again for your interest in our Masters Degree with a Technology Specialist Emphasis
and I look forward to meeting or hearing from you.