Stuff Orlando Magic Fans Say

Uploaded by ScooterMagruder on 04.02.2012

Dwight’s leaving.
Says here Dwight’s leaving.
Dwight’s staying.
Says here Dwight’s staying.
How do you only score sixty points in the whole game?
Man, no wonder Dwight wants to leave.
In the whole game.
That’s what I’m talking about Ryan Anderson.
Lebron should be the spokesperson for Rogaine.
Think about it, he has nothing to lose except more hair.
That’s what I’m talking about Hedo.
Chris Bosh
Sooooo suspect.
Brooke Lopez and two first round picks for Dwight Howard.
Why did we get rid of Doc Rivers?
Can we trade Otis Smith?
Can you, can you do that?
Big Baby?
We traded for him?
You better give us Deron Williams too.
We traded for Big Baby?
It’s confirmed, Dwight’s leaving.
Gilbert Arenas
Yeah that was a good move.
Can we fire Otis Smith right now?
It’s confirmed, Dwight’s staying.
Grant Hill was the worst trade in the history of all sports!
We suck, I hate the Magic!
Man I hate the Heat!
All those bandwagon fans.
Man I hate Boston!
We are going to the championship!
I don’t know who I hate more:
Boston or Miami?
Let’s go Magic.
Why can’t Dwight just make his own legacy. You don’t need Kobe. You don’t need the
Kobe System.
But did you Lebron’s dunk on John Lucas? Dirty!
Ohh, get wetted on!
Did you see Blake Griffin’s dunk on Kendrick Perkins? Ha, I don’t know which was worse.
John Lucas, please retire.
I don’t know why white girls like J.J. Redick so much.
Kendrick Perkins go home!
I miss Courtney Lee. Why did we trade Courtney Lee. Ryan Anderson is a beast, but why did
we trade Courtney Lee?
The new arena is amazing! Have you been?
Just cut the hair off Lebron!
A headband doesn’t do anything if it’s all the way back here!
You look ridiculous right now Lebron!
If Dwight just didn’t like Jameer Nelson, we could’ve traded him a long time ago.
Jameer Nelson’s all right. Jameer Nelson is so garbage! I mean he’s ok.
Ohho Ohhh! Jameer! Don’t do it Jameer.
I hate all these bandwagon fans. I was there OK! I’m talking about old school: Tracy
McGrady, Bo Outlaw, Darrell “Flash” Armstong, Penny aka Anfernee Hardaway, the original
Superman, Shaq Diesel.
I watched Kazaam it was a terrible movie.
Pass the ball Jameer, dang!
I’m talking Nick Anderson. Four free throws. Nick the Brick Anderson.
I still love Nick though, because he stayed in Orlando.
Give Dwight the ball.
If Dwight Howard leaves, I’m going to buy a Dwight Howard jersey just so I can burn
Give Dwight the ball in the post!
I can understand Dwight wanting to go to LA, but New Jersey? What’s in New Jersey besides
Pass it to Dwight. Dwight’s wide open. That’s why Dwight wants to leave.
Shoot the ball!
Think about it, think about it, think about it: who was worse than Grant Hill?
Just wait a while; J.J.’s going to be a real good player.
Put yourself in Dwight’s situation. He’s just trying to do what’s best for him.
How are you going to quit on us Dwight?
I’m going to tweet Dwight. Way to give up on the team #quitter.
Wooooo! Three! Let’s go!
Dwight just tweeted me back! Now all of Orlando hates me.
Let’s go…let’s go…WHAT!
I’m sorry Dwight. I will buy you two ice creams if you stay. We have Disney.
Sit down! Sit down! Sit…
You know if Dwight leaves, I’ll still be a fan.
LET’S GO! How does it taste? How does it taste? Ohhh….Ohhhhh!
Be a man Dwight. No I don’t care, if Dwight leaves I will hate him forever.
Where are you going? Where are you going? Slo-mo…OHHHHH. Dannnnng! DAAAAANG! DUH….DANNNNNG.
Game two LA, if Courtney Lee makes the alley-oop, we win the game Dwight Howard stays in Orlando
and we don’t have to talk about this.
That’s what I’m talking about J.J. That’s what I’m talking about Dwight! That’s
what I’m talking about Ryan Anderson! That’s what I’m talking about Hedo, Hedu, Hedont,
Let’s go Magic.
Go Gators. Go Gators. Go Gators. Go Gators. Go to Mars. Go write the Great American novel.
Go cure cancer.
Did you take the trash out? When we get home you got to do the dishes. Go take the trash
out. Casey Anthony did it. Go clean your room. You finish your homework?