Charles Manson vs. Teardrop

Uploaded by Shelesnodoroshnaya on 06.02.2010

I live where there's no TV, there's no radio, there's no clocks, there's no electric lights
The girls carry water. They don't wear makeup. They have their babies by themselves.
They go in the shack, and squat down, and have their babies.
I live on the ground; I live on the earth.
I don't live - I lived in Hollywood. And I had all that, the Rolls-Royce and the Ferrari, and the pad in Beverly Hills.
I had the surf board and the Beach Boys and the beaches and the Neil Diamond and ... and Elvis Presley and .. and all of them guys
the Dina Martins and the Nancy Sinatras and the ...
will you do it to me? I hear you do it good, honey, and all that kind of
will you come up to my house later?
So I went through all that, and I seen that was a bigger prison than the one I just got out of,
and I really didn't care to go back to prison.
Prison doesn't begin and end at the gate.
Prison is in your mind.
It's locked.
And one world that's dead and dying or it's open to a world that's free and alive.
Drugs, LSD I don't consider a drug. I don't consider peyote a drug.
Those are more or less religiously significant awareness, mind-expanding apparatuses that come from the intelligence of the universe.
The reason that the girls like me was:
Hey, now, hey, now, I'm all around you, around you,
hey, now, up on your heart I can sing through you.
And I play, and I sing. And they'd say,
"Hey, man, you've got - you've got soul in that music.
And I said, "Yes, I play a little bit, you know? I like music."
"Man, you're really somebody."
I said, "Oh, I am? I just got out of jail. I don't know what somebody is."
They like my music.
They say, "Man, we want to get you over."
I said, "Get me over for what?"
They said, "We take you down here to Beverly Hills, and we want to get you in because you're a star."
I said, "I'm a what?" They said, "You're a star."
So they took me to the Beach Boys,
and I went and I got on a surfboard, and I rode around, and I looked, and said,
"Gee! ...this is more - this is more trouble than what I just got out of."
You got... look at yourself! You've got to wear that, whether you like it or not.
You've got to do things. You've got to get up and go through all kinds of changes; whether you want to or not doesn't matter.
Your whole life is put in your paycheck.
You couldn't pay me all the money in the world to do something I don't want to do.
If I'm shoveling the barn, and you want me to go ... I say,
I say, no, no, no. I'm doing something right here.
I'm helping this blind man. I feel better in doing what I want to do.
I did not break the law!
Jesus Christ told you that 2,000 years ago.
You don't understand me! That's your trouble, not my fault because you don't understand me.
I don't understand you either,
but I don't spend my whole life trying to put the blame over on you because my cigarette didn't light or because something didn't work right.
What do you want to call me a murderer for? I've never killed anyone.
I don't need to kill anyone.
I think it. I have it here.
I don't need to live in this physical realm.
I walk around in the physical realm, and I put on the faces, and I talk, and I play Nganganga...'s just a big act, man.
In the spiritual world is where I live.
I exist in places you've never even dreamed of.
you talk about, you know, just the little physical realm you live in, guilty, and is he in sin?
How's your courts guilty?
How many people do you think you've hung on the ventilators in the nut wards and forced medication on them?
You see what I'm saying? You don't have any idea what the hell is going on.
If you knew what the hell was going on in your own system,
then you'd say, "Now I see what's creating this. Society is creating it."
Society is saying we want these Rambos.
We want these killers.
Oh, wow, man.
Look at that dude there, and you've got little kids looking in the book, and what they are selling, and, "Oh, yes, Sears and Roebuck,"
Rambo from 12 to 15, karate from age 5 through 17.
You've got all your kids out here doing these crazy things
Now you want to come and say, "Charlie Manson is the father of our country.
We're convicting you for being Jesus Christ. We're convicting you for being the devil.
We're convicting you for being responsible for our actions."
I'm not responsible for anyone's actions but my own actions.
In my whole life, I've burglarized a grocery store, stole some nickels and dimes,
busted open a stamp machine, stole a few automobiles, and cashed a couple checks.
I'm a petty car thief.
I've been with prostitutes, and bums, and winos all my life.
The street is my world.
I don't pretend to go uptown and be anything fancy.
I can, but I find more real
in the world that I'm
than I do the tinsel.
And the real world is the one I have to deal with every day, you know?
Believe me, if I started murdering people...
...there would be none of you left.