[DMX] Dota 2 Guide - Chaos Knight (English Subtitles)

Uploaded by DachEtMax on 19.10.2012

Hello everyone this is Max and welcome for this Dota 2 character introduction video.
Today we're going to talk about someone who just want to watch the world burn.
I'm referring to Nessaj, aka Chaos Knight.
The Chaos Knight is a very atypical hero.
He is partially based on luck to inflict huge damage!
He's capable to deal an impressive amount of damage in a few seconds thanks to his illusions and critical strikes.
His high movement speed and his teleportation give him an unbelievable mobility.
Moreover, his stun gives him some really effective control… if he is lucky enough.
So take a horseshoe before going on the battlefield and you will make a carnage!
Nessaj's first spell is Chaos Bolt.
It's a single target ability that will stun your enemy and deal random damage.
At max level, the stun duration can go up from 2 to 4 seconds and deal between 100 and 275 damage.
The difference between a very powerful 4 seconds stun
and a wet firecracker inflicting ridiculous damage is only based on your luck.
This spell is a good crowd control, whatever the duration,
and will be a good way to defend yourself or harass an enemy.
Reality Rift is Chaos Knight's second spell.
This teleportation ability is a little bit special.
When you activate this spell on a unit,
you will teleport yourself and the intended unit randomly on the straight line separating the two of you.
Moreover you'll earn up to 100 bonus damage on your next attack.
Be aware that if you possess illusions, those will also teleport.
This spell is perfect when chasing, and in addition to your stun,
it will be the perfect way to stay close to your target.
Nessaj third skill is also related to luck since it is a critical strike passive ability.
At max level, you will have 10% chances to proc an attack dealing 3 times your normal damage.
This passive is the second most powerful critical strike of the game, even if its activation percentage is low.
It is a guarantee to deal exceptional damage if luck is by your side.
Chaos Knight's Ultimate is one of a kind, it gives him the possibility to create up to 3 illusions of himself.
But these illusions are special: they deal 100% of your hero's damage and last 24 seconds.
Be careful though they take 200% damage.
This skill makes you one of the biggest dps of the whole game since you'll quadruple your damage thanks to it.
Plus, your illusions also benefit from you’re your critical strike passive.
In short, you'll become a B E A S T!
Combine your ultimate with your Reality Rift in order to decimate all your enemies in a few seconds…
Let's talk about the skill order now!
At level 1, take a level of your Chaos Bolt,
a stun always being very useful at the beginning to defend or engage the enemy.
Upgrade your Chaos Bolt to the max level, then your Reality Rift and don't take your Ultimate before the level 9.
Your mana pool is ridiculous and your ultimate won't be effective during the first levels,
so it's better to upgrade your stun and your teleportation which will help you to run away
or chase the opponents during early game.
Once level 10, take a level of your Critical Strike passive, then of your Ultimate,
and upgrade your passive to its highest level.
Chaos Knight is a very powerful carry, so you have to give him items consequently.
Start with a Gauntlet of Strength, 3 Iron Branches, 2 sets of Tangos and a Healing Salve.
Buy your Boots of Speed as soon as you can then upgrade your Branches in a Magic Wand.
Power Treads are clearly the best possible boots for Chaos Knight
since it gives you DPS and tanking for your illusions and yourself.
With your Gauntlet, you can build an Urn of Shadows or a Bracer that you will upgrade into a Drum of Endurance later.
You have several choices for your first "expensive item".
You can play aggressive and take an Armlet of Mordiggian which will grant you a very good DPS,
or you can opt for survivability thanks to a Black King Bar.
If you are going to farm during the major part of the game, a Battlefury can be a very good choice
since it gives you a cleave which is kinda useful and a very appreciable health and mana regeneration.
If you want to have fun, the Manta Style + Diffusal Blade combo can also be nice.
During the end game, you will have to buy items in order to boost your DPS and your survivability.
Heart of Tarrasque is indeed a very good choice.
Sange&Yasha can also be chosen, it will give you health points, movement speed and a slow.
Finally, Assault Cuirass is a very good item and all your illusions will benefit from it.
There it is, it’s over for Chaos Knight!
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