JONAS [HD] - S01EP02 - Groovy Movies (3/3)

Uploaded by jonashdvideos on 12.05.2009

Ok. Here's the scene.
Nick's second birthday
with candles..
Wow, that's a very large highchair.
The camera's over here.
Where's the camera?
I didn't touch it.
That has everything we shot on it.
Find it!

Not it.
We ruin the original home movies and then we lose the new ones.
We're incredible.

Where is it?
Where's what?
The video camera.
Silver and black about this big?
That's the one.
Ok. I got about sixteen dollars.
Joe? Nick? What do you got?
I don't want money.
What do you want?
I want to be in the movies.
But you weren't born yet.
Well, I'm born now.

What's going on?


We know how upset you are about the home videos.
I'm not upset.
Boys. Your mom is not upset.
You are killing us with kindness.
Alright. I'm upset.
Thank you.
But what good does it do to take it out on my boys?
You didn't mean to
cut out a mother's heart.

Well, we realized we can never replace the home videos that Joe destroyed.
You poured the batter.
You got the bowl with the holes in it.
It's a colinder.
It's a calendar.
It's a colander.
Guys. What's this all about? We've got guests coming any minute.
Mom, we redid the home movies.

I don't believe it.

Trick or. Trick or.

Awww. So…
I can't believe you did this.
Sit down! Please sit down.

Is that me? Is that me? Hold on.
Happy Thanksgiving.
Uh oh.
Sad crying?
Happy crying?
Proud crying.

You guys are amazing.
I love you so much.
Thank you.
This is absolutely the best birthday present I have ever had,
and you know what?
I think I may even like the new home movies better than the old ones.
I can't wait to see what you guys ruin next year.
Please don't ruin anything next year.

What's this?
Frankie wanted to direct.

Do I have great boys or what?
Yeah. You got the best boys in the world.
Ok everyone. It's actually not over quite yet.
We have a special feature to show you.
Wait? What? What special feature?
Oh. You'll see.
Very special.

No. No. No. No.
That was my mom's dress. I love that dress.
It's too bad it doesn't fit me.
Too small?
Too big.
Wait a minute?
I told my mom to erase this tape.
Maybe somebody made a copy.
Oh no you didn't.

Yeah you better run.

Oh boy.

I'm wearing heels.