High School Girl's Disappearance Is Linked To An Unsolved Crime - Dark Horse, The Secret: Chapter 2

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TOMMY MORRIS: Hey, how long are we going to sit here
before someone actually talks with us?
You might not have noticed that we're just
a little busy here.
I'm Detective Pierce.
I've read the report turned in by Mrs. Sweeney, and I want to
assure you that we'll do everything
possible to locate Pam.
Let me assure you that most of these cases
turn out to be nothing.
KYLE: Nothing?
Some dude scares the hell out of Pam on the phone and then
shows up at the park looking just like he
walked out of Psycho?
Then the same guy makes a threatening
call to her at school.
And then she disappears without a trace?
But you're right.
It's probably nothing.
She went camping or something and forgot to tell anyone.
But your facts are slightly off.
Pam called the dude, not vice versa, and nothing ties the
man you saw on the park to the phone call.
The call to Pam at school could have been a prank, just
like the call Pam made.
What you don't know is that Pam may have left to be with
her father back East.
She's been having some problems with her mother.
TOMMY: Everything you say is probably true,
but here's Pam cellphone.
The received list has the number of the
guy who called her.
Wouldn't it make sense to at least check the number out?

OFFICER: This is the place.
Belongs to a Mrs. Sarah King.
We tried calling, Detective.
Phone's off the hook.
DETECTIVE PIERCE: One of you head around back just in case.
I'll go up to the front door.

Please come to the door.
I'm Detective Pierce, and I'd like to speak with you.

Mrs. King?

OFFICER: Looks like your Mrs. King left in a big hurry.

OFFICER: Pam may have called as the
crime was being committed.
The man answering the phone could have been the
Pam's call may have made him think that she knew something
about his crime.
We found Pam's number on Mrs King's machine.
It would be easy enough for someone to track her down once
they have that number.
Now, we don't know if the two disappearances are related,
but we're investigating.
MRS. SWEENEY: This is all my fault.
I was in the house when she made that call.
I could have prevented it.
DETECTIVE PIERCE: We'll contact you as soon as we have
any information.
I just need to talk to Tommy for a minute.
When was it that you last saw Pam?
TOMMY: I told you.
When I dropped her off at her house.
DETECTIVE PIERCE: Did anyone see you drop her off?
TOMMY: Why are you asking me?
DETECTIVE PIERCE: And what did the driver of that vehicle you
saw look like?
You were the only one to see him, weren't you?
TOMMY: Wait a minute.
DETECTIVE PIERCE: Where is she, Tommy?
Did you kill her?
TOMMY: No, I didn't.
And I don't have to listen to this.
DETECTIVE PIERCE: Go ahead and leave, boys.
We'll talk soon.
TOMMY: Mrs. Sweeney, you're still here.
MRS. SWEENEY: I'm waiting for a cab.
TOMMY: I'm so sorry about Pam.
I'm sure she's going to turn up OK.
MRS. SWEENEY: I hope you're right.
She's a good kid, even if her mother's not the greatest.
TOMMY: Come on.
I'll give you a ride.

MRS. SWEENEY: Pam's all I've got.
TOMMY: I'm sure she's going to be all right, Mrs. Sweeney.
They're doing everything they can to find her.
TOMMY: Tommy, you're so sweet.
Such a comfort.
TOMMY: Uh, happy to help.
MRS. SWEENEY: I don't want to be alone tonight, Tommy.
I need someone.
I know it's hard for you to understand, but I'm afraid.
TOMMY: I do understand.
I'm afraid too--
for Pam.
MRS. SWEENEY: Then you'll stay?
TOMMY: Sorry, Mrs. Sweeney.
I've really got to go.
MRS. SWEENEY: Goodbye, Tommy.
DETECTIVE PIERCE: At what time did you leave her house?
TOMMY: I've already told you.
What's the point of going over this again and again?
DETECTIVE PIERCE: We're just trying to make sure we have
everything right.
Maybe we missed some little detail.
TOMMY: That's bull!
You suspect me, and you're trying to catch me in a lie!
You won't, so why don't you quit wasting time and find out
what really happened to Pam?
DETECTIVE PIERCE: You're right, son.
You can go now.
We'll call you if we need anything.
TOMMY: Yeah, I know.
KYLE: So what's the latest on Pam?
Heard you were questioned down at the station.
TOMMY: There's nothing new.
KYLE: Cut the crap, Morris.
I think you're the reason she's missing.
And if I find out I'm right, I swear that
you're going to pay.
TOMMY: I told you, there's nothing.
TOMMY: Now get out of my way.
UNCLE PETE: Here's the address.
Truck is loaded and waiting out back.
TOMMY: Got it.
UNCLE PETE: Any word on the girl?
TOMMY: No, nothing.
UNCLE PETE: Well, I'm sure the police will find her safe.
Oh, and hey, try not to get lost again.
TOMMY: Yeah, right.
3125 East Country Drive.
TOMMY: Tommy here.
Yeah, I'll be home about 7:00.
What the--
got to go, Aunt Mary.
I'll call you later.
That's the truck!
TOMMY: I'll be damned if you're going to get away.
TOMMY: I'm going to need help.

My name is Tommy Morris.
I'm following the guy who abducted Pam Sweeney.
No, Pam Sweeney.
She was abducted.
No, I'm not Pam.
My name is Tommy Morris.
I'm at the intersection of 27th and Wilson.
Are you listening?
I can't come into the station.
I'm chasing a vehicle that I believe--
TOMMY: Forget it, the cavalry just arrived.
I'll end this now.
Hey, wait a minute.
I'm the good guy.
OFFICER: Whatever you say.
TOMMY: How long am I supposed to sit here?
Is anyone going to talk to me?
I'll talk to you.
TOMMY: Did he say where Pam is?
DETECTIVE PIERCE: He's not your guy.
TOMMY: What do you mean, he's not the guy?
I saw the car.
DETECTIVE PIERCE: Sit down, Tommy.
You didn't see that car.
The man is an antique car collector.
On the day Pam disappeared, he was 160 miles away at a
classic car show.
We checked.
He was definitely there with that car.
TOMMY: Then explain why he ran from me.
DETECTIVE PIERCE: He's a stranger in town.
So you just started chasing him.
He was afraid.
Think about it.
He's the wrong guy, son.
Why don't you run on home?
Oh, and one last thing--
don't go chasing any more cars.
It's dangerous.
And I'll charge you next time.
Not to mention expensive.
Your suspect plans to sue.

TOMMY: I'm going to make that last delivery.
UNCLE PETE: Well, We get a move on.
It's an out-of-towner, and it'll be dark soon.
Please don't get lost again.
MAN: That's your nephew, isn't it?
UNCLE PETE: Yeah, my sister's boy.
She died a couple of years ago, so he stays with us.
MAN: Thought he was headed off to college.
UNCLE PETE: Yeah, that's what we all thought.
But the disappearance of the Sweeney girl last year knocked
him for a loop.
I just hope something happens to bring closure
to the whole thing.
Then he can get on with his life.
TOMMY: Just enough time for a gut bomb.
Number three.
CASHIER: Super-sized?
TOMMY: Uh, just regular.
KYLE: Hey, Morris.
TOMMY: What's up, Kyle?
KYLE: Not much.
Have you heard anything new about Pam?
TOMMY: No, nothing.
KYLE: How sad is that?
Someone's getting away with murder.
Let's just hope the cops break the case, right, Tommy boy?
TOMMY: Forget the burger.

Uncle Pete's going to kill me.
Damn, cell's dead.

Stupid map.
Miller Road--
where the hell am I on this thing?

I don't believe I'm seeing this.

The truck.

I'm sure of it.
But who's going to believe me?
I've got no credibility with the police.
I've got to be sure.

I've got to see inside that house.