Homemade Tortillas Recipe : How to Roll Out Homemade Flour Tortillas

Uploaded by expertvillage on 22.10.2008

Hi. My name is Brandon Sarkis on behalf of Expert Village. Today I'm going to show you
how to make flour tortillas that taste so good, you'll never buy the ones at the grocery
store ever again. Okay, so we're just going to take our dough here out of the refrigerator
and take this plastic wrap off. And at this point we're going to make sure our hands are
nice and clean, take our ring off. Cause we're about to get our hands dirty. Take a little
bit of flour here. We want to flour up the workspace we're using. In this case it's a
cutting board. And you want to get a pretty fair amount of flour out there. A light dusting
won't work, because that tortilla dough will pick it up immediately. So we're going to
get a ball here about the size of a golf ball, maybe a little smaller, roll that out here
into a ball. And you should also try to work some of the air out when you do this too.
So, here's our ball. We're going to roll it around on the board to pick up some flour
on the outside. We're going to put some more flour down here in a second. So little more
flour. And now we're just going to take the ball and we're just going to flatten it out
with the palm of our hand. Work from the center out, try to get it as even as you can. That
way you don't have to correct it later. Flip it over. We're going to grab our little dainty,
purple mini roller that my wife got me. And we're going to roll from the center out all
the way to the edge every single time. We're going to try our hardest to keep these as
round as possible. Which means you've got to keep working in the center going all the
way out in a circle. And what will happen is you want to make sure you stay well floured
here. Because if it's not enough flour you'll see the tortilla will actually, like it's
doing now, how it stick to the cutting board. It's actually a little helpful for me right
now, but ultimately it'll make it harder to move the tortilla. So let's get some more
flour down there, flip it over, work the other side. Try to work some bubbles out of it.
Make sure you get the edges though, because the last thing you want is a tortilla that's
really thick on the edges and is really thin in the middle. Because if you get these big,
thick like meaty edges out here and then the middle will be really thin, it just, especially
if you're making tacos with them or something, it's a really inconsistent experience. So
that's one tortilla here. We're going to dust this down. And you can store these, as long
as you flour them down really nice. You can store them for later, under refrigeration.
Just throw them on as you need them. But we're going to get this one all nice and floured
up and get ready to drop it here in our pan. Our pan is getting hot right now. So and if
you're going to stack these, you can stack them. Just make sure you keep plenty of flour
on them and keep a towel on top of them, a damp towel on top to keep the moisture in
by covering the top of them. Otherwise they'll dry out on the edges and get crunch and not
taste very good, so. Let's go ahead and get this one ready to go and throw it in the pan
and cook it up.