Unique gifts for dog lovers

Uploaded by FrostingFran on 19.03.2012

Hi. The Frosting Guy here with K9 Katie at the Global Pet Expo talking about a new dog
kit that we have. This is a cake kit for dogs. It's a classic recipe. It comes complete with
an all natural cake mix and an all natural yogurt frosting. The frosting is sugar free,
fat free and designed specifically for dogs. If you're looking for that gift for your friend's
dog, this is the perfect dog gift, it's the perfect dog birthday gift. It's something
that you can't find anywhere else. It's a special treat. It can be made in a microwave,
it can be made in a regular oven, it's a simple dog treat recipe that you can make at home
with no problem. K9 Katie? If you want a nice, quick, easy gift, get yourself a gift bag,
a box of the cake mix, put it in, put a label on the front if you like or write Happy Birthday,
whatever the occasion is, and you've got good to go. Here's your gift. So, the perfect dog
gift is found right here at K9Cakery.com. That's www dog the letter K the number 9 c
a k e r y dot com. See you there.