Sepak Takraw Skills Practicing TUTORIAL

Uploaded by TheDarkdragonwing on 14.06.2012

Hi. My name is Mackey and today I'll be showing you the Sepak Takraw skills.
The basic ones and of course the advanced ones through out this video.
I'm not very good at English, so bare with me, guys.
It appears that I don't have the actual court to show you in this video.
So, it will be just the skills with the Takraw ball.
You will be applying these skills when you're playing in the actual court.
As far as I know, you can use any part of your body to play takraw except your hands
and your arms when the game is playing. You can use your foot, knee, forehead, chest
or even your shoulder to play. Let's start from the foot.
A foot can be used in many different ways. The most common one is the inner foot.
This is the most basic one that you must know if you want to play Takraw.
This is how you practice it. This is how you practice receiving.
The back of your foot is commonly used to receive the ball that is further a head or
deep down. The outside of your foot which is not very
common, but you can still use it. Here are some of the strikes using your foot.
Strike using the inner foot. Strike using the bottom of your foot, this
is the cool and easy one that you should know. Back kick.
Sun back kick. Roll Spike, the deathly strike that many Takraw
players want to master it. Let's move to the knee.
Knee is mostly used to receive a serve. This is how you practice it.
It's better that you use this part just above your knee to receive a serve.
You can also use your knee to strike and play around.
The Forehead can be use to receive and strike. Like the inner kick you have to know how to
use your forehead if you want to play Takraw. Here is hove to receive. Here is how you strike.
Chest can be used in this sport, but it's not very common because you don't want to
use your chest to receive a strike or a serve. However you can still use it.
Your shoulder. Now this can be used too. Mostly used by the street Takraw players.
Now let's get into the serving. Here's how you set your position.
Place your left foot inside the circle and the right foot on the outside of the circle
aiming to swing. Put your hands to state the position of the
ball that you want. From what I know, there are mainly 4 ways
to serve. Inner foot serve.
You must know this if you want to play takraw. Advanced inner foot serve.
Bottom foot serve. Back foot sever.
Mostly used in the big events or used by skilled players
A serve setter is depending on how the sever wants.
If he or she wants it low you set it low, if high you set it high.
And there, I have showed you how to use your foot, knee, forehead, chest, shoulder and
your back. Keep in mind that you can always create new
ways, new tricks or create your own style to play in this sport.
If you got hurt or got sore, just give your body sometimes to rest and come back and play.
When you're re cover form getting hurt or sore, your body will get stronger.
Thank you for the support and requesting this tutorial.
I hope you find this helpful. Thank you and have a nice day.