Baked tapioca custard, Dim sum, 焗西米布甸

Uploaded by wantanmien on 09.10.2011

Today I teach baked tapioca custard
boil up 900 ml water
put in 50 grams thai tapioca pearls
stir with chopsticks, don't let the pearls stick together
when it reboils, turn to medium heat cook for 7 mins
7 mins later, drain it
the pearls are nearly cooked, rinse with cold water and drain them
2 large eggs, take out 1 tsp egg yolk, set aside
beat remaining eggs for 1 minute
20 grams vanilla pudding powder
add 10 grams corn starch
add 100 ml milk, mix together
when powders are dissolved, add beated eggs mix in
put in measuring cup, for easier pouring later
filter out blobs
45 grams sugar, 2 1/2 tsp vanilla sugar
a pinch of salt, 20 grams butter
150 ml milk and 1 tsp milk on top
turn on medium heat, till sugar is dissolved
sugar is dissolved, put in 100 grams fresh cream
stir eggs mixture
slowly pour in and mix it together, cooked it
cook 5 - 7 mins till you see blisters
put in nearly cooked pearls mix well, turn off the heat
add 1/3 tsp vanilla extract stir well, take away from hob
6 moulds greased with butter
put the mixture in the moulds 80% full
shake mould a few times so filling will spread equally
same procedure on the other moulds
clean the sides with a paper
put 3/4 tsp milk in 1 tsp egg yolk, mix well
spread some of it on top of the pudding
preheat oven 200° C
bake 16-18 mins on middle stage, till golden brown
17 mins later, turn off the heat
remain in oven for 15 mins
15 mins later, take it out and leave to chill for 30 mins
after baking it is very soft, preferably wait 30 mins before serving
Thanks for watching see you again next time