vivah part 7 w/eng subs

Uploaded by Sha0allyss on 15.03.2009

Clip: Mujhe Aana Chahti Thi (removed)
Poonam, how do you come to know these smallest things about me?
How did you find out about my cold?
Whenever you got a cold, you do this
Do it again
Song: Mujhe Haq Hai (removed)
Rahul, quickly get inside the car
Got to leave...
Five months on, there'll be no need to make excuses about water
4 months, 2 weeks and 2 days, our wedding's that far away
Until then, I cannot ask you to keep this mobile phone to talk up,
because you'll consider it improper
All-day-chat on the net is out,
so like nice boys do, I'll write you a bunch of letters
And yes, I'll dial you up on your ancestral black phone
stay away from anything icy. You just got over a nasty cold
Not even cold water
Anything else?
Prem, hurry. We'll get late
My love...
My love...
my heart calls out to you...
I have the right
I have the right
I have the right
Good morning, Aunt Maria
Congratulations Prem, you've been given a promotion,
from factory to office. - Thank you and look what I've got...
only for you... from Som Sarovar, delicious and wholesome grapes
A simple gift, I hope you will accept accept and... (In chaste Hindi)
Not to get stuck, Hindi is a very kind language,
you're free to use words from any other language
Accept and please oblige. - Thank you
That's the way Prem, first in the office, sharp at 9 am
Engaged to marry, now work, only work
Concentrate, focus
Munim, let's start making preparations for the wedding right away
Go to Mr Joshi, talk to the tent-makers. - Sure
We'll put up the bridegroom's party in Bansilal's hotel, not at Temple-Inn
Birju, this task is yours. - Done
Look, we should leave nothing undone
And Bitto, compile the list of invitees on the computer, quickly
The job of painting the house should be done in time
Not in a marriage-hall... we're having the wedding at home
They're coming from Delhi. - We'll do a good job
Take a look around
Back from college? I was waiting for you
Of these silver coins, which looks nice?...
...I want to give every guest a memento
I know Sister's choice. This one
Great! It's my choice too
You too make a choice, Rama
Why do you even have to ask me, give everything away
Maa, why do you always talk like that ? Babuji only wants your opinion
Don't you dare talk back at me
Bitto... get along with what you got to do
The kind of wedding you're dreaming of, do you know what it'll cost?
Yes, I know
Relatives we haven't seen in years, are being invited
Confectioners, musicians, florists, being called in from all over,
like you've nothing to look at beyond this wedding
My brother and his wife's every dream will come true
You remember only their dreams
Do you remember, even your daughter is waiting to get married?
I've spoken about Chhoti to so many people
But because she is dark, I find no suitors
Worse now, if we can't provide for her dowry, then she's had it
But why would you worry for that?
To pay for Poonam's wedding you pawned off our Som Sarovar house
Now, sell even this house if you will!
Who is it?
What happened, my child?
I don't want to marry
Bitto... what are you saying?
Come and sit here
Sit... what's the matter?