How to Make a Rolled Paper Photo Frame using Elmer's Glue Sticks

Uploaded by ElmersBrands on Mar 16, 2010

Our first project is a rolled paper frame and you can make it in your
favorite colors here's what you'll need we start out with foam core board
you can choose two colors of construction paper or scrap paper
and then we're going to use different types of glues were using a glue pen
a glue stick and a liquid glue
lastly you'll need a metallic silver marker
and your basic tools you're going to use a craft knife decorative edge scissors a
ruler and a dowel rod
so let's get started
the first thing you want to do is to take your paper and i have a twelve by
twelve sheet and i'm taking the turquoise and i'm going to cut it into
five by three inches and six
six by three-inch and I'll use my ruler to measure across
six inches
indian three inches and then just mark it with my pencil now i want to cut this
out because these are going to form my roll
once you have all of these cut out
i'm going to start glueing those together
so i've got a punch here glued out
and i want to put paper towels down first because you want to protect your
work surface and i also have a cutting mat underneath
now i'm going to take my liquid glue
and that's why my paper towels down i'm gonna roll it down one side
and you're gonna see this glue goes on purple
but it's going to dry clear
and going to put my dowel on the opposite sides
and start rolling
now because i have a liquid glue a little bit is going to squeeze out but I
want it to have a really nice thick
uh... application of glue so that these were very secure
now you might have to hold these in place for a few minutes until it dries
and set that aside there and we'll slide our dowel out
and you can see there's the extra excess glue here
and we'll just hold that together until it's set
now I'll set this one side
because i have some they're all rolled out here
and put these out here
their next step is we want to cut our frame
on our frame we're using a foam core board
and i'm using a craft knife so you want to be careful and have some
adult supervision with this
to cut the board
the easiest ways to take your ruler i've already taken my pattern which is on the
website and this is the six-and-a-half by eight inch frame
i traced it down now i'm going to take my craft knife
and run it along the edge of the ruler
to make a cut and sometimes you have to do a couple cuts to get through there's
also a backing paper on the foam board
or you can just simply
pop it right here
pop it out
and then go back and slice that board
i've got one all cut out and ready for us to use
and then the second thing i'm going to cut if my green paper so I have my lime green
paper and i've got my pattern again
i'm going to trace that with my pencil
all the way around
go back in with my ruler and I'm going to eye them
i'm going to make about a half inch border around it
just put a little tip line
and i'm just going to put a dashed line along here because i'm going to use
this as my cutting edge
rather than the exact edge
did the same on the center I'm going to take my decorative edge scissors it's important when
using decorative edge scissors to cut away from you
cut down
and then line up your scissors again cut all the way around
same thing you'll poke a hole in the center and cut the center out
if you can see here you get that nice decorative edge
i've got one here and now the next step I want to do is to use a silver marker
now these paint markers are an opaque paint if you have to wait till the paint runs
all the way around to the tip of the pen
you can try it out on your paper towel
and I'm gong to also lay this on the edge so i don't get any of my work surface
and i'm going to draw a line on the edge
put my ruler along the edge and get a nice straight line
and then go back in again and you're going to cover
all those little tips on your decorative edge
ultil it's all done you've got that border on the silver so now we have that
and then we come back and each of these rolls and put silver border on these as
just for a nice decorative look
and now we're ready to assemble
i'm going to take my glue stick now
and I'm going to run it along the frame
and putting a nice coat on this
again this is purple but it's going to dry clear
put my frame on top
which is a little bit larger than my actual frame so you can see from the
back because they get that
half-inch border
can reposition that
and then I'm going to start sticking these on and i'm using a glue pen cause then i can get a
nice thin line so i'm going to put a line along the top and apply the
six-inch across
and then i'm going to put a line down the side
and put the five inch down and i continue putting
three across the top and three across the bottom
piece to dan
and the same on each side
let's take a look at the finished one, the last step is to add a grosgrain ribbon to hang it from
and your favorite picture