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Now take off your socks.
And your trousers.
And your underwear.
You won't take it off? Then we'll do it for you.
Open your mouth.
Cooperate, open your mouth. Raise your tongue.
Hands front and back.
Lift up your balls and pecker.
Come on.
Let go of your balls and lift your pecker.
Now turn around and do three deep knee bends.
And one...
Jesus, you asshole.
Goddamn it.
You need to calm down, kid.
All right, go ahead and tell one. -AZionist sends his son to Israel.
When the son comes back, the Zionist asks: 'What was it like, son?'
'It was great, it really was a lot of fun.
But I have a confession to make. I've become a Christian.'
The Zionist goes to the rabbi. The rabbi says: 'What a coincidence.
I sent my son to Israel six months ago and he also came back as a Christian.'
So they rush to the synagogue to pray.
Suddenly God appears and says:
'What a coincidence. I sent my son to Israel 2000 years ago...
and he also came back as a Christian.'
I have something for you.
Cool. -Fishing rods.
To go fishing? -What else do you want to use them for?
Oh, why didn't you fill out the order numbers?
How can I write invoices now?
I'll do it later. It's no problem.
I can't write invoices this way.
Are you okay? -Yes, sure.
Keep going. I'm fine.
Stop that.
What? -Your leg.
Yes, always that leg. -Let's not start about it.
Two scoops? -Yes.
There you go.
He's at it again.
How the hell did he end up over here?
If he thinks he's in the camp, he can run like the wind.
Dad, come on. Dad, turn around.
Hey, Frankie. How are you? -Fine.
Is Jeffrey upstairs? -Yes.
We're having masusa alesi tonight. Will you join us?
Masusa alesi? -Yellow rice with all kinds of good stuff.
Jeffrey's upstairs.
Hey, come on in.
Are you going to smoke all that? -Of course not, fool.
Never get high on your own supply. What I've got here is Afghan.
Three Afghan deals and I'll move on to the big stuff: Speed.
Once you have speed, you'll get rich.
The Oebele Children's Choir with 'Pipo Song' and ' I Wish I'd Stayed At Mom's'.
Jesus, what happened to you? -Nothing.
Three fucking Moluccans beat him up. -Goddamn it.
Guys, some authentic Dutch croquettes? -Sure, Jan.
Are you coming?
I don't feel so well. -Dad won't be pleased.
I'm not part of it anyway. -Neither do I.
Where is he anyway? -Upstairs.
No, he's not upstairs.
He just forgot us. -Don't be absurd.
He always does.
Simon Levi and Jacques Sterrenheim are dead as well. Another two gone.
And no one called to tell me. Unbelievable.
They used to call me. If someone died, they'd call me.
They simply forgot me. Unbelievable.
I think it's terrible. -I don't hear what you're saying.
Simon Levi and Jacques Sterrenheim are dead.
What do I care? -What?
You forget your own son.
He was ready to go and you just forgot him.
It simply slipped my mind. -It slipped your mind?
There are limits, Simon.
You know how much the commemoration means to me.
We've got the point. The whole year revolves around it.
Dude, look at that line.
Are you deaf or what?
Where have you been?
Gee, Mom, why are you still up?
I'm going to bed. -Don't I get a kiss anymore?
Yes, of course you do.
See you tomorrow. -Look at you.
It's nothing. -Put some ice on it.
Mom, it's nothing serious. I just want... Mom.
We had an agreement. If we say one o'clock, you are home at one o'clock.
I went to a party. -Our lordship went to a party.
Some people enjoy life, but you wouldn't know, with that shitty life of yours.
You want to talk about my life? -Yes, let's talk about that again.
You don't know what I've been through. -No, Dad, I really don't know.
You're always nagging about that fucking camp of yours.
Why didn't you just stay there? -Yes, maybe I should have.
Mom? Dad.
Do something. Call an ambulance. Mom?
To the left.
Once more to the left. Go on.
This is your cell. Put that down.
If you need to take a dump there's a pot. I'll take you to the interview later.
There you go. Five guilders. -Here you are. Bye.
Can I help you? -Yes, I want those tall white ones.
The lilies? -Yes.
The Epstein family? You can see her now. She is beginning to talk again.
Will she be all right? -I can't say yet. We'll have to see.
Thank you.
Hey, guys. -Hey, Mom.
Hello. -Hi.
Nice refugee camp you have here.
Hello. -Darling.
How are you? -All right. I'll be okay.
You gave us quite a fright.
And you were as fit as a fiddle. -What kind of nonsense is that?
I mean, we hadn't foreseen this. -No, you didn't.
Frankie, why don't you go find a vase for those beautiful flowers of yours?
Don't worry. Frankie and I will manage fine.
They only have those tiny shitty vases.
Jesus, are you comforting him now?
It doesn't matter. -Whiner.
Let me show you how to do it.
Hey, what's going on there? -We have to break it.
I've been thinking, and I know that you hate me sometimes.
And I can understand.
But now your mother's in the hospital, maybe you could temper your contempt.
Your hatred causes her a lot of pain.
But I don't hate you at all. -Yes, you do.
Good afternoon.
Simon, I heard about Anna. Terrible. -Yes, but we're keeping our hopes up.
I'm glad you have each other. It's not easy for Frankie either, is it?
Let me know if you need any help. Take care, Frank.
You folded it all wrong. -Then do it yourself.
So that animal says: Sakasaka dagu. -Sakasaka daugu?
No, sakasaka dagu. -Daugu.
No, dagu. That means 'dog'. -Aparrot that says 'dog'?
Don't be stupid.
Hey, man. Everything all right?
Everything all right, dude?
Everything cool? Read this out loud.
'Holland must stay white and safe.' -The part below.
'Soon every Dutchman will have his own Surinamese.
So keep your bed and daughter available.'
This is nonsense. -Nonsense?
You know what the problem is? They only come here to make money.
Isn't that right? Look at my girlfriend again and I kill you.
Get lost. -What? Get lost?
You've got to be kidding. -Come on.
Go get some fresh air.
Come on.
Do you know this white ass?
Do you know him?
Fuck off.
Hey, hit him. -Hey, come on.
You're fast at making friends, kid.
Let me do it. -Ten guilders if you get it to start.
Ten guilders? I'll get it done.
Get off. -Isn't it working again?
And again.
Maikel, isn't that the guy that hit you?
Hey, come back here.
Stay here. -Come here, motherfucker.
Motherfucker, stay here.
Stay here.
He's mine, guys. -Come on, hit him.
You're fucked. -You want to fight me?
Get him. Bash his face in.
Maikel, in his face. -Asshole.
Okay, that's enough. -Calm down.
Maikel, dude. -Calm down.
Come on.
Maikel is okay Maikel is okay
Hey, Dad. -Where were you, oaf? Come here.
Never leave the shop unattended. -But I...
What kind of son are you? -I'm sorry.
What the fuck are you doing? -What's it to you? Get lost.
Piss off, man. You don't understand. -He beats you.
Yes, he beats me.
Come on, calm down.
Where are you going? You can't go in. If you do, I'll call security.
I just want to see my mother. -You know visiting hours are from 4 to 6.
Okay, I'll come back later. Bye.
Hey, gorgeous.
Hey, Mom. -Did you sneak past the nurses' station?
Yes. -Come and sit with your mother.
But not too long, okay?
How sweet of you to come. -It's only normal.
Where's your father? -Working.
Aren't you helping him? -Of course I am.
You are getting along, aren't you? -It's fine.
I'm so thirsty.
What did I tell you? -Why does my mother have no water?
You'd better go. -You should do your job.
Shall I call security? -Just get my mother some water, bitch.
All right, guys. One, two, three...
Lee Guynen, your father is here. -Guywen.
Isn't anyone coming for you? -I don't think so.
You think that's funny?
Your parents have given up on you and we can take care of it.
Get out of here.
Hey, Frankie. What's the matter?
Dude, I'm talking to you. -Nothing.
Frankie, what happened? -Nothing.
You're pale as death. What's wrong? -Just leave me alone.
Come on, Frankie, talk to me.
Is there no milk?
Oh well, a real man drinks his coffee black.
Why didn't you pick me up?
We had an agreement. You were supposed to help me.
But I was in a cell. -That's your own fault.
In a cell? -Yes, he was locked up.
Now I know what's it's like. -You don't have the slightest idea.
How long should I be locked up for that?
Don't do it. -Two months?
Don't start about it. -One year, two years?
You know what? I don't want to see you for a while.
Hey, Frankie. How are you, boy? -Fine.
What did I hear? Were you busted?
What are you doing, Frank? Drugs are not the solution, my boy.
Jeffrey, if I ever hear you're involved with that junk I'll break both your legs.
Mom, you know me.
So what's it like in the cell? -Nice and quiet.
How much does such a bald head cost? -You want a bald head?
Frankie wants a bald head. -Does Frankie want a bald head?
Are you sure? -Yes.
You realize that gone is gone. -Let's do it.
Okay then.
What have you done? -Don't you like it?
You look as if you're happy with it. -You have a bald head too, don't you?
Has your father seen it yet? -No.
Hello. Give me your hand, please.
Can I get a shot as well? -No.
Why not? -It's morphine, against the pain.
I know that.
There you go.
I'm really letting you down, aren't I?
Where the hell have you been?
I went to see Mom. -No, you're late again.
I thought you'd help me.
Mom isn't doing well at all.
Are you listening?
You know I need you here, don't you? -I'm here now, aren't I?
You never learn.
What's more important? Mom or your stupid laundry?
What's wrong with you, goddamn it?
Go to hell with your laundry.
1 A, line up.
Hop to it.
And walk.
Come on, close up.
Wait and see. Ali will lean against the ropes and take all his punches...
till Holmes is completely knackered...
and then he'll suddenly knock him KO. Rope-a-dope.
Rope-a-dope. -Rope-a-dope.
Why don't you have your sports shirt on? Take that off.
But this is fine too. -Take it off. Go on.
What are you staring at? Time for sports. Go outside.
Move it, come on.
Filthy Nazi.
It's Jeffrey.
You can sell here. I'll take 50 percent of the profit.
Is that clear? -Deal.
And if you get caught, you pay the price, not me.
Hey, guys.
Guys, get out of here.
Guys, take it easy.
Goddamn it, you motherfuckers.
Piece of shit.
I'll kill you. I'll bash your head in.
I'll get you for this.
Are you okay? -Where were you, man?
My business depends on that guy. -What do I care?
Shut up, you jerk. -You have a problem?
Hey, what's the matter?
You can't trust those guys, you know. Come.
Guys, goddamn it. -Come on, let's raise some hell.
What's the matter with you? -Nothing.
You seem distracted.
Why don't you bring Frankie along? Just to have a chat.
Have you seen that bald head of his? -He's still your son.
Good evening.
Hi. -Darling.
Here's a chair. -Thank you.
Are they taking good care of you? -Very good.
Where's Frankie? -I don't know.
Are you looking after each other? -Yes.
Why did you bring your briefcase? -What?
Your briefcase.
The quarterly balance won't close.
Let me see.
Jesus. What are you doing here? -We're worried.
We? -Yes, your father as well.
I heard you've been in a fight.
It was only a joke. -It doesn't make me laugh, dude.
What do you want? I'm getting sick of everybody's crap.
They say the chemotherapy didn't... -Shut up.
They say the chemotherapy didn't work. -Shut up.
You're just like your Dad, you know.
Give him another chance, Frankie. You're going to need each other badly.
You're such a handsome boy. -Hey, Mom, are you awake again?
Who brought that for you? -Her family brings it for me.
I'm going.
Hey, Frankie. -Hey, Henk.
What's the matter? -Nothing.
Nothing? -No, nothing.
What a coincidence. I know that story.
I only know guys with whom nothing is the matter, all with the same scowl.
Come with us, man. Come on. Go on, move it.
You wait here, okay. Keep an eye on things.
Come on, guys, goddamn it. Let's get those fucking punkers.
Come on, there they are. Let's get them.
Get him.
Look at him crawling, that cockroach. You see how pathetic they are?
Hey, goddamn it, man. Fuck. I knew you had it in you. Goddamn it, man.
Look around you. Here, it's ours.
That's what I mean. -Skinheads rule.
Great, dude. -Well done, boy.
I told you. -You can do it.
Look at that.
May I ask you a question? Is it heavy, your bottom lip?
It's a joke. -Ajoke?
Ajoke? -Are you fucking crazy?
Get lost. Piss off. -I want to make up for it.
Sorry, it was a joke. -Piss off.
Let me make up for it. -You should have said something sooner.
It wasn't serious. -You're too late.
Get lost. -Take it easy. It wasn't serious.
Get lost, dude. -Take it...
Get lost. -Stop it. Go on.
You offended my mother. Get lost. -Go inside.
Now walk through the gate without a beep.
Come back here.
Do you have any metal objects on you? -Only this.
Nothing else? Go through the gate. My colleague will search you.
Bag on the counter. Hands on the counter.
It could be better, but try to be strong.
I'm working on getting you a new lawyer. A very good one.
Hey, Frankie. -Hey, Henk.
Good to see you, dude.
Where did you get that black eye? -I was in a fight. No big deal.
Why isn't Dad here?
You have to give him some time.
I have plenty of time.
What's the matter?
How can you stand it here? I'd go completely mad.
It's not so bad.
You shouldn't be here.
Hang in there. Hang in there for now. It'll be all right.
Next time I'll bring your father along. I'll talk to him.
Hey, loser. -Jerk.
Fish or meatballs? -Meatballs.
What's all this about boxing anyway?
Hey, what's going on? -Sorry, my fault.
Fish or meatballs? -Meatballs.
With gravy? -Yes.
Don't do it. -Are you taking the Nazi's side now?
Goddamn it, come here. Come on, turn around.
Let go of me, I didn't do anything. -Stay calm.
I'm not going to the isolation cell.
Cool off a bit.
Let me out of here. I didn't do anything.
Sorry, I'm just getting something and then I'm out of here.
What's wrong with him? Is he back at the camp or did he have a stroke?
Frankie, have a seat.
Frankie, your mother has died.
Is it true, Dad?
Has Mom died?
I asked you something, Dad.
What is it, motherfucker?
Fuck off. Go on, drive. Go on then.
Fuck off, motherfucker.
We read Psalm 121 , 'A Pilgrim Song'.
I lift up my eyes to the hills. From where does my help come?
My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth.
He will not allow your foot to be moved, He who protects you will not slumber.
Behold, He who protects Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep.
The Lord is your protector, the Lord is your shade at your right hand.
The sun will not harm you by day, nor the moon by night.
The Lord will keep you from all harm He will watch over your life.
The Lord will watch over your coming and going...
What are you guys doing here? -We're here for you, what else?
We consign the body of our dear Anna Epstein to the earth...
and to the loving hands of our Lord.
Fuck off, goddamn it. -Simon, stop it.
Think of Anna.
What are you doing? -You're not my son anymore.
Simon, come on.
How dare he?
His mother's funeral.
Did you see those guys?
Get out, Simon. Get out.
My honor is my loyalty.
My honor is my loyalty.
Frankie. How's it going? -Just fine.
Hey, man. -Everything all right?
Hey, Dad, this is Robbert. -Sir.
Jan. -Robbert.
Stay here. I'll take care of it myself.
Acool dude, that old man of yours.
That's how we do that.
French fries on the house? -Delicious. With mayonnaise, please.
What do you want?
Call an ambulance.
Open the door.
That Moluccan you stabbed...
bled to death.
Well done, kid. Congratulations.
Hey, Henk, good to see you.
Are you pulling my leg? -No, I'm really glad to see you.
To the last drain.
Is your assistant not here?
His parents won't let him come anymore.
Because this is the house where the Nazi grew up.
That's what they call Frankie. Nazi, Nazi, Nazi.
Simon. -Nazi, Nazi.
Say it a hundred times and it loses its luster.
Simon, that kid Frankie stabbed...
he didn't die right away.
The guy hailed a cab.
But it drove off.
The cab driver who didn't take the guy, that was me.
Hello, Simon.
Good of you to come. How are you? -I'm okay.
No, I mean Frankie. How is Frankie? -I have no idea, Amos.
You shouldn't burden him with your own problems. Just let it go, Simon.
Let go? -Yes, just try to let it go.
You know how important it is to live, don't you?
Or did we fight in vain? Do you want them to win after all?
You're crazy. -No, I'm right, Simon, and you know it.
Walk through the gate without a beep.
Come back here.
Do you have any metal objects on you? -No.
Walk through the gate again. My colleague will search you.
Arms raised, legs spread.
Okay, you can go on.
Unbelievable, isn't it, that the match is taking place?
They advised him to stop years ago.
One good punch can be fatal.
Are you talking about Muhammad Ali? -Why doesn't he stop?
Jesus, Dad. I don't even like boxing. -No, neither do I.
All that fuss.
But are you allowed to watch?
Yes, by way of exception we're allowed to watch tonight.
That's good. That's nice for you. -But I don't like boxing.
What I really want to say...
It's all right.
Too bad you're in jail.
Otherwise we could have gone fishing.
Mom would have liked that.
Where are you going?
Dude, leave it.
Fucking Nazi.
Drop that knife. -How long will you protect him?
Drop your knife, now.
You fucking Nazi.
I got you, you fucking Nazi.
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