Chris Christensen's BMX Birthday - Red Bull Birthday Jam

Uploaded by redbull on 07.06.2012

We´re going to give Chris a surprise. He´s turning 16 today, and we´re giving him a BMX course.
We have modified Chris´ old trails...
We´ve made a new asphalt casted turn and a straight race lane, so Chris can practice his racing techniques.
I think the new turn is going to make him super happy.
It´s something that he´s been dreaming about - an impossible wish coming true.
It has been an exiting process to make it work. I started out skeptical. But I think it has turned out great.
He´s going to be really happy and that´s awesome.
He´s going to be super surprised. I don´t think he has a clue of what´s in store for him.
I am curious to see if he becomes a bit sentimental. If he pinches a tear. He´s is not as tough as he looks.
It´s going to go crazy today. You can count on that!
Woaw, what is this?
Red Bull has decided to throw me a surprise party. It´s unreal... I thought it was weird that my "mother in law" was filming
Then I saw the big Red Bull event tent and thought they were here "just " to throw a birthday party. But when i saw that the whole area was modified, finally hit me what was going on. It was crazy to see!
This means that we are going to have more fun than ever this summer
Non stop! We will ride the course all day, everyday.
What a perfect birthday. Couldn't be better!