Why Choose York St John University?

Uploaded by yorkstjohnuni on 09.05.2011

My name is Alanna Cundell I am a third year student studying Primary Education.
If I had to describe York St John in a few words the first one would be friendly I think
is it really nice having a small University because it has a much more friendly atmosphere
I think because it is a small campus University it is a lot easier to make friends and you
have a lot more friends. Obviously you don’t know everyone but because
there are far few people here than other Universities that have like 70,000 students there is always
someone that you know that you bump into. Second word that I would use to describe York
St John would be pretty I think the grounds are like a really nice place to be, it is
not like other cities that I have been to that had just like really tall like grey horrible
buildings. Another word that I would use to describe
York St John is exciting, I think that even though it is a small University there is plenty
of things to do. Obviously being in York being a tourist City
there are plenty of things to do in town itself and also within the University all the different
Sports and Societies, for example I am captain of Cheer Leading and that is something I’d
never done before I came to University but it was a really exciting new opportunity that
I wanted to take up because it was something I thought about doing all my life but never
had the chance. I first heard about York St John University
quite a while ago. I’ve lived quite locally all my life in Harrogate so is not that far
away so it is somewhere I used to come and visit as a child, we used to have a nice day
out in York. So I sort of knew it was here and I knew the
City quite well but when I was in sixth form and properly started looking into coming into
University and I sort of found out a bit more about it and thought it was somewhere I wanted
to go because it was a small University. I was the only person from my high school
that came here so it was nice not to be swamped by thousands and thousands of people because
I was quite shy before I came to University so I wasn’t sure if I was ready for the
experience but being somewhere that was quite small sort of eased me into it rather than
just like throwing me into like a big bunch of hundreds of thousands of Students.
My time at York St John has gone really really quickly I can’t believe how quickly it has
flown by, I can’t believe I am in my third year already
and each year I have been here seems to have gone past quicker than the one before, so
it is crazy that in a few weeks I’ll be finished and will have to go out into the
real world, but it has been a really good time and I have really enjoyed myself.
I have had to try so many news things that I never thought I would have to.
I think York is a really nice City to live in. It is really good for Students especially
if you don’t have a car because you can walk or cycle everywhere you need to go, like
even like the big supermarkets, not like the smaller more expensive ones, there is like
a big Asda and a big Morrison’s and Sainsbury’s that you can easily walk to.
If someone said to me that they were thinking about coming to York St John’s today I would
say that it was a really good idea and they really should think about it a bit more because
for me it has been a really great place to study.
I have really enjoyed my time here and it has been really beneficial, like for me and
for my future career like all the chances and opportunities I’ve had.
Being in a small environment has allowed me to sort of have like meetings with tutors
and meeting with friends to discuss work so that I could push my work as well as my social
life so that’s been good too.