nuCentra - Re-Defining Your Center

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[Whooshing Sound]
and welcome to nuCentra.
nuCentra is a user-friendly system for collecting, processing and reporting on Medicaid encounters.
By leveraging technology such as touch screen kiosks and membership cards scanners
nuCentra allows consumer care facilities to:
- Check consumers in and out of your office or facility.
- Track time and activity.
- Collect information, such as client history and demographics.
- Organize, report and quickly export the data you have collected.
If your consumer care facilities are unable to track encounters...
or if you are still relying on a manual, or inefficient process...
nuCentra IS for you.
Spend your precious time focusing on consumer care. Let nuCentra's simple, efficient, paperless
process take the headache out of tracking and reporting your Medicaid encounters
Consumer care facilities that have implemented nuCentra,
can now capture specific CPT/HCPCS activities and peer specialist interaction.
Simply and accurately.
The user friendly interface, kiosk and membership system allow you to focus on enhancing your
services and providing overall better consumer care.
[User Testimony] "The system has been easy for the entire staff to learn to use. We are saving hours of staff time
[User Testimony cont.] that was spent on data entry . Reduced data entry and paperwork equals
[User Testimony cont.] improved consumer care."
The headquarters reporting dashboard allows you to remotely view your consumer
care facilities in near-real-time.
Review consumer to staffing ratios, activity tracking, overall resource utilization and allocation.
Headquarters administrative users can customize nuCentra
by adding new activity codes and their associated billing amounts.
For historical reference, all additions and modifications are stored within nuCentra's
data systems at your headquarters facility.
When entering a consumer care facility consumers simply scan their membership cards
and select their birth date from the security challenge screen. The membership card does not
contain any personal health information.
When signing in, the option to change your default activity is easily available but not required.
Once the consumer has signed in, peer specialists can reassign their CPT/HCPCS codes at any time.
This allows for more accurate and inclusive tracking of all activity.
[User Testimony 2] "nuCentra automated our information and reporting processes drastically reduced the time we spent on administration services.
[User Testimony 2 cont.] It freed our employees to focus on their clients and ultimately allowed us to accurately collect data that is reported to the state."
nuCentra will help you save time, money, and provide better consumers care.
If you're looking for paperless transactions, accurate reporting and better workflow,
nuCentra is the answer!
nuCentra. Re-Defining Your Center.
Call 1 800 296 3749
to contact a nuCentra representative today.