You Suck at Photoshop - Select Color Range

Uploaded by MyDamnChannel on 01.02.2008

DONNIE (OFFSCREEN): My name is Donnie.
And you suck at Photoshop.
But right now I couldn't give two Arby's French Dips about
that because I'm going on vacation.
So suck that.
I'm going to be doing the next few
tutorials from work because--
MALE SPEAKER (OFFSCREEN): We're trying to have a team
meeting here, if you don't mind?
FEMALE SPEAKER (OFFSCREEN): Please keep it down.
DONNIE (OFFSCREEN): I'm doing the next few tutorials from
work until my advisers can tell me when I can get back
into my house.
So let's start talking-- let's start talking about vacation.
So what I did is I wanted to envision what the perfect
vacation might be.
So let's just say-- and I emailed some images to myself.
So let's just say that you recently came into about $760.
And you accidentally Pricelined a three connection
flight to a discount beach in Mexico.
But that's OK, because the hotel that you're staying in
is having--
hosting half dollar nipple night all week long.
And also you have a friend who thinks he has a friend who
knows a waitress there.
so this is what you're going to be doing on your vacation.
And let's say you're coming back from a--
a night at all you can drink Colombian bun runners, and you
grabbed a bag of sopapillas, and your heading
back to your hotel.
Except your-- you can't get the key to your roo--
your community room until ocho.
So you need to take a-- you need to crash on the beach.
But look at the beach.
It's really awesome.
But there's no.
What if we had a hammock here?
So let's go--
I sent myself a hammock image that I found on the web.
And we'll bring this in.
So let's just paste the hammock in here.
Now, if you look, we've got--
MALE SPEAKER (OFFSCREEN): If you could please keep it down.

DONNIE (OFFSCREEN): We've got a complex object here that we
need to knock the background out.
But it's got a lot of detail.
So what are we gonna do?
oh no, you--
you were reaching for the Magic Wand tool, weren't you?
Yeah, you know, we need to have a little talk about that.
I got some calls and some emails this past week from
some-- from some moms who were upset that I had used the
internet to make their sons feel like they weren't allowed
to use the Magic Wand tool.
And that they got their feelings hurt.
And those little guys just wanted to use
their Magic Wand tool.
Well, I--
you know what?
Actually, if you want to use your Magic
Wand, that is awesome.
And you could go grab a juice box and a fruit roll up.
And we'll be back to check you out in six hours.
In the meantime, I'm going to switch these two layers off in
the background.
And I'm going to go up to Select, Color Range.
I'm going to eyedrop off of the white background.
And I'm going to get the fuzziness up pretty high,
around 190, Set, OK.
Select Inverse, Cut, delete all of that garbage.
And now look what we've done.
Oh, we've got the hammock right there.
And we didn't use the Magic Wand tool.
Oh, little buddy, you--
just a couple of clicks and it was done.
MALE SPEAKER 2 (OFFSCREEN): Yeah, I'm going to
tell him right now.
MALE SPEAKER 2 (OFFSCREEN): Yeah, Donnie, listen, Tanika's
been trying to get a hold of you all day long.
You're going on that presentation next week.
MALE SPEAKER 2 (OFFSCREEN): Yeah, it's been rescheduled.
You're going on the presentation.
MALE SPEAKER 2 (OFFSCREEN): No, yes, you're going.
We need you to go to that safety qualitative analysis,
whatever the hell it is.
I need you to go on that.
Now I know you have your--
your little man self-discovery trip or
whatever you had planned.
But, uh, well, I need you to cancel that.
And I need to you book a flight.
You and I are going to Bulletsville.
We're going to leave Sunday night.
And we're going to take a--
we're going to do that safety presentation.
I can hear him breathing.
I can hear you breathing and clicking.
Are you-- do you need help, Donnie?