Fighting On and Off the Field

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{Lindsay Brown speaking} In Nepal, millions of girls live in extreme poverty,
deprived of their most basic human rights. They never get a chance to go to school or
even learn how to read and write Many are abandoned , abused, or forced into
child labor. When I heard about these conditions I knew
I had to do more than just hope for a better life for these girls - I had to help them
achieve it {Narrator speaking} Notre dame soccer player
Lindsay Brown and her national champion teammates were able to sponsor the education of several
girls at the Kopila Valley school through a series of campus fundraisers.
Determined to make an even bigger impact, Lindsay traveled to Nepal over the summer
to volunteer as a teacher and to start the schools girls soccer team
{Maggie Doyne speaking} It's been amazing to see the girls out there on the soccer field
for the first time in their lives just bursting with confidence.
We want our girls to become the first women of this generation in Nepal to be leaders
and teachers and doctors and you can see the daily impact of what Lindsay has done for
them. {Jack Swarbrick} We are incredibly proud of
the work that Lindsay and the other members of our national championship women's soccer
team have done in Nepal. It really speaks to the mission of the University
and reflects our belief in the power of athletics to educate, to inspire, and to build community
and Lindsay has done all of that. {Lindsay Brown speaking} Helping others is
really at the heart of the Notre Dame experience. That's why I love going to a school where
I can play at such a high level of soccer, pursue my academics and be encouraged to make
difference in someone else's life. {Narrator speaking} The University of Notre
Dame asks what would you fight for? {Lindsay speaking} Fighting on and off the
field. {Kopila kids speaking} We are the Fighting