3. Beekeeper's Video Manual: The beehive without a Queen - 3/3

Uploaded by profulonline on 07.04.2010

Here are several hostess bees around the queen. This one for example is on top of her and doesn't seem to pay her respect. Let's see what will happen next.
The Queen is moving slowly. Is good that she is not moving fast becaue this would create panic and would result in her being squeezed in a tight ball.
It is very interesting to follow this process. We'll try to place the Queen frame closer to the a hosting colony. Let's advance things a little and watch what happens.
This time we introduced her into the hosting colony and let's leave her for a minute to see what happens.
Now she is sourrounded by frames with hostes bees and let's see if she remains on this frame or she will migrate to other frames.
Let's see what happens to our Queen. I think she will be accepted because she should have been squeezed in a ball by now.
The new bees and hostess bees are accustomed. We can see that the Queen has bodyguards who protect her. If I try to touch her with my finger, we see that they immediately jump to defend her.
Watch how the bees are giving way to her. She starts to move little by little on the frame. She is careful but seems to be recognized as the true queen of the beehive.
Many hostess bees are happy with her. They know they are saved but don't know who to thank for. Now they protect her and don't want to attack her.
If they didn't accept her, plan B was to place her in a cage and keep her in the colony for a few days. Now is simpler, note how they are feeding a cleaning her. It's wonderful to see this happening.
These bees going over her don't intend to attack her but to protect her. Observe how they feed and care for her.
I decided they accepted her. We'll introduce her into this colony and let's wish her success. Let me see if I can find a frame to close this colony.
Let's try to close the hive and cover it.
I use this plastic foil to obtain a greenhouse effect because at this time it's cold outside, plus it allows to look through into the hive.
On top of the foil we place a piece of polystyrene and finally wood covers on top of it.
Let's put the hive at its place and hope it was saved for now.
With a new Queen the entire work inside the hive will be reorganized. Some bees will collect pollen others will grow the next generation, others will do the cleaning, etc. Everything has a purpose now.
The work here is done. I shall post more videos and hope to start this project called: The Beekeeper's Video Manual. Your feedback is needed and important to help improve things.
I like many of you put pressure on local authorities to facilitate the appearance in each county of this video manual. Together we will succeed. Thank you.