MANGOES FULL Episode 1 - The Tenants

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Canada is the second largest country in the world
Atlantic ocean in the east, Pacific in the west
Arctic in the north
and in the south, the country with red, white and blue

The natives have lived here for thousand of years
then the Europeans came in large numbers and settled down
French and British cultural influences are dominant
English and French are the official languages, well.. at least till now
but how can the South Asian be left behind in any arena

we have been coming here for the last 100 years
for jobs, to establish businesses and as students

to get university degrees.

Apart from the snow and below freezing temperature
the thing that Canada is most renowned for, are the people
friendly, relaxed and very chilled.
Their mantra is to work hard and party...

But we, who are coming here in droves shows one thing for certain

there is more competition now
at least 100 applicants are running after the same job
competition has definitely increased
but like everyone else
we are here to compete and compete fairly.
And amongst all these hard workers,
I am also one of them, my name is Sami
and still looking for work.

Hello Sami
Hello Rehan Uncle, how are you?
Sami, I don't have much time I am heading to a shareholders meeting
I just wanted to confirm if you got the keys to the house
yes i have them
You must have seen the house
it is in tip top condition
this is my summer retreat,
it is where I come to relax after my hectic schedule
so when I come back
I want to find the house in the same condition that I left it in
I respect Seema bhai a lot and that's the only reason why
I am letting you stay in the house.
but let me make it absolutely clear
you will stay in the house strictly as a guest
which means
no parties
no overnight guests
no pets
and absolutely no rentals
yes uncle, I understand
I will never live in the house as my own
thank you very much, and good bye

Rehan Uncle should have been in the militrary
always ordering around
no parties, no overnight guests, no pets
and absolutely no rentals
ha, of course... no rentals

Hi, I am Sami
another day, another interview
for the last two years I have been wearing the same three ties
but still no luck.

Interviews went well, but still no job offer
at least Rehan uncle moved back to Pakistan for business
and I got his fully furnished house to live
Now if I can land a job the reason to come to Canada will be fulfilled
but till then.. keep trying

Oye! Cut it properly.
How are you Sumbeet?
Sami! its been a while.. got a job ?
Right away "Asking if I got a job?"
Yeah, out of Fortune 500, 499 are my clients
And now I am going to meet the last one
Good, so you are trying to drown the last surviving company?
so.. how is your store? did you get any promotion?
just moved from warehouse to the cash register
just give me a year and this store will have a franchise all over North America
anyways, can I place this ad outside?
what are you selling now?
not selling, renting out
did you buy a house?
yes, its mine
hmm, thats good
when the stars are all lined up then everything gets easy
anyways, I got a plane to catch will see you soon
hmm, yes we will keep bumping into each other

the trap is all set let's see which chicken gets caught

Professor Jenny said "Practice makes a man perfect"
she will need to rephrase that
practice makes a wo-man perfect

ok, let's begin the psychology homework
age? approximately 35 years
Works in banking or finance industry…long hours
..and doesn't get along with his boss
he is single and has a Siamese cat to share his lonliness

around 8 failed relationships
last one was 2 years ago
the girl cheated on him and he is yet to recover
living on take-out food and...

that was a bit awkward
have been hearing since childhood that education is your legal right
It is a right, but only if you can afford it
first the university fees then hostel charges
If student life is so stressful what's going to happen next?

what's this ?

rooms for rent. looks like a good place and the rent is also low

and its very close to the university
if I can get a room here, I can save a lot..
if interested, please take one

I hope there is less competition for the rooms

huh, what just happened? why didn't the bus stop?
I even signaled it to stop

why did it stop there?

wait! wait! wait! bus, wait!


One of Canada's booming industry is its housing market
putting houses on rent
if a person can stand other people
then earning money is not going to get easier than this
many students come here every year
looking for cheap accomodations
and if someone else is the owner of the house
and you are allowed to stay for free
then one can be a bit creative and what follows is
money and more money
Hi, my name is Asha I called you for the shared room. How are you?
not too bad.. yeah sure, come in thanks
are you a realtor?
are you a real estate agent?
not really but I can try to be one.
so Ayesha we are..
the name is Asha not Ayesha
Oh so you are from across the border
why, any problem?
no, no problem.. but Kashmir....
anything but Kashmir
so you stand with your government?
yes, that's how it is in democratic countries
anyways, let me show you around

Hi, I am Rakay
I'm Sami
I think I talked to you over the phone
you have a room for rent?
yeah..come on in

I saw your ad
you finished off the competition
what do you mean?
you are supposed to take one, please take one

let me show you the rooms

this is the first room west open

overlooking the golf course
you can enjoy the panoramic view
and the bus stop is very close too
Do you get bus number 50? it will take me straight to the university
I am not sure. but there is a bus that goes to the university every 15 minutes

you go to university?
yes.. I am a Psychology major
Psycology.. it's a heavy subject
I am very scared of psychologists
yeah I am scared of them too that's why I am taking it
suites you
what are you doing?
14... 15...
15. My show size is 10 inches 15 divided by 10 multiplied by 12.. it's a

14 feet! the size of the room is 14 feet.
you could have asked me
the room in my home is the same size
let me show you the other room.
No! I like this room.
and this is the second room as you can see, its much bigger

Yes!!... Finally my patience helped
and the surprise

a big walk in closet
where you can keep your collection of clothes all different bright colors
I only wear dark colors
Oh, so you like to play safe
that's what experience has taught me
well.. suite yourself
yeah, dark colors do suite me
let me show you the bathroom

wow.. you are already settled
yes, I was just washing my hands
so this is the washroom, you can change the curtains if you like
No, I like it
Ok, then I'll have the other bathroom
there is only one washroom
what do you mean there is only one washroom?
How can I share it with a guy? You said in the ad that there are 2 washrooms
the other one is my personal but you can use it in emergency
what are you saying this whole bathroom is for me to enjoy?
that's deceiving. Your ad said two washrooms
you are talking as if you will be spending all of your time here
that's not fair, the ad said two washrooms
I value that ad as much as you value the Kashmir UN resolutions

Ohhhh, so she is an Indian? nice comeback!!!
some time back our grandparents were also Indian
I am just having fun with her
can I have some fun too?
you can try
Your shirt says that you are from Pakistan, but which city ?
City of Lights, Karachi and you?
really? High five!
Ok, I'll take it but there have to be rules
Ohhh.. First 20 years had to listen to my parents, and now her
He will follow the rules ok, so its all settled
When are you getting your stuff over?
I already brought all my stuff
my things are at the university I'll move-in at night
ok. so its all settled
Ok if it's all settled I need to use the washroom

Mom..its going to be fine
but you can't get along with other people
How are you going to stay with these two girls?
huh, don't worry, it will be a new experience
what did you say the names of the girls were?
Sami..ra and Ra..Rakayana
Rakayana?? Very strange name
yeah..its Italian.. You tell me about youself
Is everything well in Shimla?
yeah everything is ok..
You know our neighbour.. Rija.. she got married
The boy is from London.. very rich family

That's wonderful.
Mr. Patel's son is visiting from California
Their family came over to our place they were asking about you
so did you tell them, not interested!
they are good people
mom.. you know I am not interested right now I want to concentrate on my studies
but good marriage proposals are hard to come by
ok, as you wish
Ok mom.. I gotta go, will talk to you later..ok bye

so the plates go here..
cutlery on the side..
and glasses up here together with the cups

and then put detergent here and close it..and press start
got it?
why do I have to worry about it? The maid will do it
did she get the visa?
what do you mean?
I don't think you called your maid from Pakistan
And the maids here charge so much
that they can offer you a job
ok let Asha know, she can do it I don't have time for all this
Talk of the Devil... What do you call a female devil?
need any help?
yeah, two bags are outisde
huh!! Where did Granny come from?
If she finds out that I have rented the house
Rehan uncle will kick me out tomorrow...
in fact, today..
Huh!! Granny you?
Are you going somewhere?
No, I just came back
from where?
Montreal, from Montreal
you went to Montreal? for what?
for a..a... Job interview
job interview and so many bags?
huh, yeah
anyways, what a coincidence I just saw a girl coming this way holding the bags
yeah.. she is my friend She was helping me out
you make girls carry your bags?
huh, ya, come in?

sweety thank you so much for helping
girls of today walk shoulder to shoulder with men
I feels so happy when I see girls like you
I am so proud of you
Granny this is Asha Asha... granny
huh, thank you Granny
ok.. thank you.. thanks for helping out
Ok.. come. Ok.. very good.
Granny I'll drop them off come

what happened? I am going in
The door is locked
locked?? Yeah its locked
that's what I said
ok let me listen what they are talking about
so Granny what brings you here?
you are very lucky to have such great friends
did we get conned?
Did you pay the deposit?
yes $300
Money is not a problem Will get a job soon
if it's difficult why don't you call Rehan?
he gave you a place to stay can find you work too?
No granny it doesn't look nice I am already indebted to Rehan uncle
think of it this way the only thing Rehan uncle has and I don't is a job
once I get that, I'll return the favor
even here I got conned I could have done so much in $300

tenant agreement.. I'll hire a lawyer!
I'll drag him to court! I'll show the agreement to the judge!
have you signed the agreement?

My 300 dollars!
I was checking the lottery at John's place and saw this ad
looks like this house and the phone number is yours too
and two rooms are available for rent
Huh.. Granny.. actually I'll get the job soon
and once I get it I'll need a bigger place to stay
And this house is a bit small.
So I'll take a big house then this house will be empty
and Rehan uncle would like to rent it out
so I thought putting an ad
this will give me an idea of the rates for rent
one I find that out I'll let Rehan uncle know and he will be happy..
smart thinking right?

Now I know what's happening
will I get my $300 back?
I am sick of your $300!
ok Granny. Huh, you guys are still here?
you can get a bus from close by
it goes straight, never mind I am also heading there I can take you
Why don't you come in? ok granny bye

thank you for helping Sami out
no problem Granny.
take care Sami! Sure bye!

What's going on?
I know what's happening
he can't rent out this place but still renting it
his uncle gave this house to him..
to stay as a guest free of charge
and he is renting the rooms to make money in between
So what's wrong in that?
You won't find a better place at such low rent
If you have a problem

there is the door

well you can let me know in the morning
I like the place

see I told you
creativity goes a long way
renting rooms can be very easy

and its extra income.

the only condition is that you know
how to manage the tenants
and that...
I can easily manage.