○Miss Philippines○ Maria Venus Raj, Major Mistakes, & Your Biggest Failure? ◄

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Not watching this video could be the biggest mistake of your life... but probably not.
[Intro - richardstep.com]
Now I wouldn't normally pay attention to something like Miss Universe. However, my wife is Filipino
and I inherited a quite a few wonderful people and they've got me interested in some people
that I normally wouldn't be interested in.
Pacquiao!!! Woo woo woo woo woo!
...and recently Maria Venus Raj who has apparently answered one of the question s that was proposed
to her in a less than favorable manner... or at least some would have you believe...
and I'm a little bit sad for my people by proxy...
['singing'] ...people by proxy... people by proxy... people by proxy... p p p p people
by proxy.
I started thinking about the whole situation just a little bit more and I thought - "you
know what?" - that's actually not a bad question.
Here recently I have been posting quite a few behavioral interview questions to the
blog [richardstep.com] - I think I'm at 234 now and I've got quite a few more and you
know what? Until I actually have it some thought, I'm not so sure how I would have answered
this question.
Fortunately, I did give it some thought and I've made tons of mistakes in my life. However,
for the purposes of this video I'll try to boil it down to one that was pretty big and
relatively safe for telling.
I chose: not being focused enough as a younger: kid? child? youngin'? whipper-snapper? shenaneganizer?
The instance I focused in on of not being focused... was the six years that I uggggg...
misappropriated into online video games. [Goofy tone] Everquest and World of Warcraft... Beastlords
and Hunters woo woo... respectively. [Tone back to 'normal'] Now I will admit that I
had a lot of great times and great fun and met a lot of great people online and there
are memories I won't forget. It taught me a lot of things, but I do have to wonder what
exactly I could have learned, could have done, and could have focused on during those six
years that I was applying myself less than optimally to all of the other things that
I was doing. Like: college, relationship, family, extracurricular activities, learning,
you name it, oh yeah and job.
Now really and truly I guess you could say that about anything but this is the one I
So, how about you? What's the biggest mistake or your life or one that was pretty big and
that you don't mind sharing? Leave a comment or video response - I'd like to know! Thanks
for watching - have a good one!
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[Cheese alert] Oh and if you want me to be perfectly honest I'd have to say the number
one biggest mistake of my life was not meeting my wife sooner. I love you honey!