Make a Baby Quilt - Part 3 - Preparing and Quilting Your Baby Quilt

Uploaded by MissouriQuiltCo on 24.03.2010

Hi, itís Jenny, from the Missouri Star Quilt Company, and this is part three of, Making
a Baby Quilt from Beginning to End, and this is where we show you how to put your quilt
together so that you can quilt it.
There are three different ways to do that. The easiest way of course is to send it to
us, and weíll quilt it for you on our big machine, or you can quilt it on your sewing
machine, or you can hand quilt it, and Iím going to show you how to stack that together.
You need to find the center of your bottom layer. Youíre going to want to cut that about
10î bigger. We have on our table a little button taped, or you could use a quarter or
whatever. It just letís you know that this is the center.
So, when we find the back of our quilt, weíre going to lay the right side down. Weíre going
to fold it in half, and weíre going to fold it in half again, to find that center. So,
hereís the center point right over here. You can put a pin in there or you can just
hold on to it until you get it unfolded, and laid onto this center button part right here.
Which is going to give you the center of your quilt.
So, there we have that, the next thing weíre going to do is weíve cut a piece of batting
that weíll fit over it, and weíll lay that batting on. So, hereís our batting, and this
is for if youíre going to machine or hand quilt. Then you put your top on.
Now how we attach these together, thereís several ways you can do that, one is basting.
Which is where you take, let me make sure I have this little quilt centered on the top,
you want to do the same thing to the top that you did to the bottom. Where itís centered,
so we find our center, and you can feel for that button, and this centers you up with
the top and your bottom. I remember itís right in that square, right there. So, I feel
for the button, there it is, move this over just a hair, there we go.
Now weíre centered up top and bottom. It really helps to have somebody else help you
on this part, but you can do it on your own. What youíre going to do is, thereís several
ways you can do it, you can baste your quilt, and basting means you could use a sewing machine
needle, and take long stitches that are going to come out really easily, across your quilt,
in all directions, to hold it together, and to do that you want
to make sure the back is pulled tight. You can even tape the back down or have someone
hold it to get a good, tight pull on it, because you donít want any rumples in the back, but
the way I do it generally is that I will pin it. I use safety pins or regular pins, and
I will just pin it, every square through the whole thing. Really pin it all over the place.
Just lotís of them, so that it doesnít come apart. Youíre pinning all three together,
and then if Iím going to hand quilt this Iíll use an
embroidery hoop and Iíll start in the middle and work my way out. So, those are really
the two ways that you could do it for quilting it together.
Now here at the shop what we do is we attach the bottom and top, of course to our machine,
and it makes a beautiful pattern, and it gets done really quickly, and it holds together
very well. Whenever weíre doing our baby quilts on the quilts for kids, it has to be
machine quilted, so that it holds together well.
So, thatís how we like to do it, but if Iím doing an heirloom quilt for one
of my precious grandchildren then I probably will hand quilt that quilt so that they have
a part of me in that quilt as well, but whatever works for you! You can do it on your sewing
machine. If your quilt gets to big you can roll up the edge of it. This wonít work unless
you have a pretty good sized sewing machine, and you can just stitch in the ditch, or stitch
ºî in, you could use a fancy pattern if your machine comes with that, and quilt the
quilt that way. Once its pinned together it should all hold together, it should be flat.
You shouldnít have any gaps in the bottom. It should work really well, and thatís how
you sandwich a quilt.
So, here we are at the sewing machine and weíre quilting a pattern. This one happens
to be, Baby Rattles and Pacifiers. Itís an adorable little pattern. If you can see that
closely you can see some of those baby rattles and pacifiers on there. So just a recap, when
youíre putting your quilt together, you can do it by hand, you can do it by machine, you
can find patterns to trace, you can put it on your sewing machine, you could stitch in
the ditch, or you could just go along the edge, or you could trace your own pattern
on here, and do it yourself. Let the quilt speak to you be creative and youíll do just
what youíre able to do, best for your quilt!
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