How To Stick To A Diet Pt. 2 - Changing Dietary Habits

Uploaded by ExcuseProof on 24.10.2012

Hey it's Derek Doepker with Excuse Proof Fitness here in part 2 in an on-going series of how
to stick to a diet.
In the last video I talked about the importance of your mindset and how you approach a diet.
This is absolutely critical to get right from the start. That means you approach diet of
making it a lifestyle.
If you haven't checked out that video, be sure to go back and watch it.
Now in this video, I'm going to be covering how you can actually start to change your
habits. Even if these habits, you've had with you for almost your entire life.
Keep in mind for the first half of my life, I ate junk food all the time and fast food
constantly, and I completely did a 180 and shifted to being a fairly avid health food
But it's not just about changing your habits, it's about learning how to change your habits
effectively without constantly trying to force it. This idea of having to force and struggle
and use all your willpower to make a change, that's almost always going to fail.
The first technique is the foundation for what we're going to use in the later, very
powerful exercises that I'm about to reveal in the future videos.
Now the first step to change is awareness.
Awareness, mindfulness if you want to call it that, is something that is necessary to
get you out of the "auto-pilot" sort of mode that most of us are operating in in our day
to day lives.
A lot of times someone will, let's say, pig out and eat something and then they'll look
back later and be like, "What was I doing?" "What was I thinking?
They'll tell themselves, "I'm just gonna have one bite," and next thing they know they've
gone through and entire tub of ice cream or whatever.
This is what happens when a person is not practicing mindfulness or awareness, and they're
just operating on auto pilot. Or they're letting their habits run their life.
So here's how you practice mindfulness or awareness and get into the technique. All
you need to do is start to consciously notice your thoughts and your feelings throughout
the day whenever it comes to your diet, making dietary decisions, even just when you're thinking
about your diet.
Now the very important thing here is that you're just observing at this moment. You're
not trying to change anything. You're not trying to stop yourself from doing anything.
So if you see a bunch of cookies and you feel like you just can't help yourself; you've
got to have them, go ahead and have them.
At this point all you're doing is noticing what comes up inside of your body. You don't
judge it as right or wrong. It's just being a curious observer of yourself and what's
going on internally.
One of the reasons why mindfulness or awareness works is that you have to bring yourself to
the present moment. And most of the time we're not in the present moment. We're thinking
about the future. We're thinking about the past. Or we're just sort of running on auto
pilot not really giving much conscious thought to what we're doing.
Well over 90% of our behavior is not made with conscious thought, it's just done habitually.
So by practicing awareness, you're going to start to break that cycle.
The key word here is practice. It's not going to happen instantaneous the first time you
try it. On a daily basis you're going to have to continuously remind yourself to be aware,
to be mindful.
One of the benefits of practicing mindfulness or awareness is that, just this practice alone,
is enough for many people to break old habits and make changes.
If you did nothing else but start to practice awareness throughout your day, and just noticing
all the thoughts and feelings that come up inside of you whenever you're making decisions.
And whenever you're going throughout your normal day to day business, you would start
to notice some significant changes start to take place in your life.
Once you've been doing this for a couple days, you'll start to get better. This is an on-going
practice. This never really ends. This is the key. One of the most effective foundational
things to making change in any area of your life.
But for now, start to apply this to your diet, and then stay tuned for a future video in
the series where we're going to be taking your results from this and really supercharging
the change that you can make in your diet.
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