OBPA Board Meeting Part 3. May 7, 2012.

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And you said it's made in New York, right? Yes, it is a New York company, too, I keep forgetting that.
And you believe this sign is going to be a great
asset for us. Inform me a little more about it.
Because I'm not fully convinced yet. Sure. Well,
it was budgeted for in our capital program,
it's purpose is to
basically increase our advertising reach,
and also welcome the visitors to Ogdensburg, New York.
You can put all sorts of
messages up there, too, couldn't you? Yes, it's equivelant...
I'd describe it as...you've seen in Kinneys, or Walmart, these
photo frames? That rotates photos, and things like that?
Yes. That's essentially what this does, it's a photo frame "on steroids".
You can control it in-house, right? Exactly. You can update it wirelessly...
So, you're going to be sitting in here, saying: "Wade says hey!" (laughter)
No. (laughter)
Is the idea, that you put
in 3 or 4 messages, and they rotate? You can put 3 or 4
rotating messages in there, you could advertise space in the Park. You could say
welcome to Ogdensburg, you could, I don't believe this has the weather option, but,
you could have, like a weather report on there.
A variety of different things. Sam could give a message?
The Chairman could give us a message on that thing?
(laughter) ...We talked about truck traffic?
Now, you could talk about truck traffic, and how it gets there. You can sort of
digitally explain to me why this would be a better
option, than going all the way down to the Thousand Islands. You know what I mean? Yeah, I think that's a plus.
Whether the...the truckers that see it,
you know, they all talk. "Do you save money here, and do you know how to get to this point?"
You could even put directions on - how to get to where you want to go on that thing. Yeah.
Directional signs are most important.
And, the other thing that the Facilities Committee looked at today was the
maintenance agreement on the border station. And, recommended
the approval of Trane.
I see unfinished approval of
use permit for Kimberly Richards? That's going to hold for the time being.
Okay. We'll pass on that.
Next Board Meeting is listed as June 11. I think we were all
just tentative on that if I remember correctly? June 11?
As long as you're okay with it.
Fine with me.
All right? Okay? Sure.
That's a Monday again? Would it be possible to start the...
I was going to say, could we...Start that a little earlier? The reason being, is that
I've got some things that the Deputy Executive Director, and CFO, (Yeah.) needs to be present for.
Yeah. That's...
that's a potential issue here. The 10th is a Monday, though?
Yes. We're all on Monday night, though.
They meet twice a month, I think. Well, we went from
Tuesdays to Wednesday, now we're on for Mondays...Well, we went to Monday this time,
because everybody was...not on the books. You can always
go back to Tuesday. Or, Wednesday? Tuesday? Wednesday's a bad day
for me. How about Tuesday? Would that be better
if Tuesday? I remember Fred said today that, reports or the things that
he...Mondays were more difficult for him? Yeah, I can't do the 12th.
Stay with 11th then. The second Tuesday. Yeah, lets stay with 11th.
You want Facilities at what, 2? If we could do Facilities at 2,
and the Board Meeting at 3, I think that would be good. That's fine.
The reason I asked, is for example, on one of the issues we'll talk about
tonights executive session, the Deputy Director was also present in those
discussions. And, when I give you my opinion,
that's only one perspective. And, I'd like you to have more perspectives
on this, that's why I asked.
That's all...how about a Thursday night meeting then?
I thought last time, when we got
our Board together, somebody had something going on then? Nobody seems
to have a problem with Thursday.
Are you talking the 14th, Fred? Yeah.
Friday? That won't interfere with my golf game...
What do you all say to that? (laughter) A little more time to...(unintelligible)
Monday's a bad day to come of the, out as a group. I think so too.
Thursday's a good time. Okay, then we'll go Thursday?
Everybody? Yeah. Thursday the 14th.
We're still doing it at 3? Well? 3 O'clock?
Works for everybody? For the Board Meeting. Yes.
2 O'clock for...will we go back to start early again? The Summertime
Summer hours. I'll vote the July month.
Let's take care of that one. Because that's got to go for a Monday also.
(sneeze) Bless you. Excuse me. Lets do Thursday.
You want to switch it to....That would be Thursday the 12th? Yeah.
That work for everybody? Okay. Do you want to keep it the same time?
2 O'clock. Facilities, 3 o'clock Board?
You know, if our friend Mr. Dawson was still with us,
he'd be whining! (chuckles)
...Moving the meetings around too much. Well, my
self, that's why I had asked this before, I
would rather go to the morning meetings.
From 9 to noon. And, get it done.
That's what we used to have. And it seemed to work better for everybody that was here,
then the people like yourself, who want to have the afternoon
to do what they had to do. You know? You guys want to change to
morning...I like the Summer hours. I like to use my...
I like to use my dates. I understand that. Well, lets talk about
it in July. We'll talk about it in July. Okay.
So we're at July 12th, then. July 12th, at 2 O'clock,
and 3 O'clock. Yeah.
Okay, business items, Wade?
Okay, the first business item is the approval of the industrial building lease
with DTA Systems Corporation, it's over on page 4 of your
packet. And, where this is, this is the
conceptually, this the front half of what used to be
Don's old loft, it's upstairs. To kind of give you an idea where you are in the building.
It's 130 square feet. At the rates, terms, and conditions
you see before you. And, those in here, they
automatically include utility, they don't...(unintelligible) Yes, that's correct.
Any moves? I'll move that.
I'll second. Any further discussion?
All in favor signifiy by saying Aye? Aye.
This small Ottawa-based company that designs
components for sonar and radar systems.
So, maybe that's from a...
pretty big-named U.S. military customers. This is just
This is just like a U.S. office, and...
they're going to hire 1 or 2 people to man phones, and...
to start. Yeah? Good.
Do you think there'll be more to come out of this then, or we don't know?
Oh, yes. We'll hopefully they'll outgrow their space and need something in the park.
That's what I'm saying, yeah. That would be ideal. Nice job with that.
Okay, second up,
the item A2 over on page 6 of the packet. This is a supplemental
lease agreement with Dr. Carol Griffith, and Harold Lambert.
They need additional space. And, as you can see on page 7,
this would be the back corner office adjacent to
where they already are. Next to
the Border Station. At the rates, terms, and conditions you see before you.
This is, a different rate, John? (unintelligible)
(cross talk - unintelligible)
Now, do you mean from...That's the utilities.
Same rate as they presently pay on their existing space. Okay.
1199, is that what they're paying? 91.
I'll make a motion, Mr. Chairman. I'd appreciate that, Mr. Chairman.
...And I need a second? I'll second. Steve seconds. Any further discussion?
All those in favor signify by saying aye? Aye.
On page 8 of your packet, agenda item A3, this is approval of an industrial building,
lease agreement with Hayes Stuart. This is a Marine Surveyor at the Port, they needed
office space, they're looking for office space.
Terms are July 1, 2012, through June 30, 2013. And, this would be in the other half of
John's former office upstairs. Making good use of your old office, John.
Yeah. I make a motion for approval. I'll second.
Good. Second by Ramona. Any further discussion?
Incidentally, just to point out, this brings the occupancy of this building to 100%, we are out of space
in this building. When they say "Marine Surveying", Varick was asking me
about this the other day, because these people contacted us all of the sudden. And, I didn't know what to tell them.
Are they surveying the bottom of the river, or what are they doing? No, this deals with
surveying the...basically, I don't know how to describe it without using the word
"survey" in it. It's...decibal surveys. Their function is super cargo
they're actually overseeing the Longshoreman, to make sure
everything's done properly as far as the hook-ups, to ensure that there's no damage
to the equipment there. Kind of like our human insurance policy.
They work for Steve, and just protect us...So, this
is...can we expect them to stay here after the
present shipments are finished? It's possible, but unlikely at this point.
I mean they generally will be where...where they had brought the cargo.
If we continue to increase our business here, it's very possible. I'll tell you, they
contacted us about setting them with the U.S. corporation, doing all the
accounting settling. They do have other business up and down,
the Great Lake area, so...Well what you just said, sorry, John...
John, I'm sorry to interrupt you, did you say...No. I just said that's what they were thinking of, was
getting a U.S. company, so they can
serve this side of the river. Wade, what you just said
in areas, is there any buildings over there, that all of the sudden we could...
make into office space, or adapt those buildings
in for office space, or is there anything there that we can now move? We have a lot of offices that are available
in Building 1, in particular, lends itself to that type of configuration.
Okay. With a hallway, and individual offices. Okay, so we're, not done, so we can - still we'll have some room.
Okay, so then I just want to say we're just....okay.
Did we pass that? No. (laughter)
We had a motion...okay, lets move it...
All those in favor signify by saying aye? Aye. Very good everyone.
Okay, so we'll jump right over to page 11.
This is item B1. This is approval of a Regional Council Award.
This is the...let me just explain this in general. This is the
$450,000 that was originally intended for rail repairs, that we got
through the help of our local elected officials. And,
agencies that we deal with. We got this reprogrammed to fund the Port access road, on the
reimbursable basis. This offer's good through May 11, and
is attached there in behind. I'll be happy to answer any questitons that you have in regard to this.
(unintelligible) No. Oh, okay,
I kind of wondered...(interrupts) This is money that Jim Wright...(interrupts) Yeah. I want you to go on that, go ahead.
...Job pool for us, when Tony Collins, and (unintelligible) did this, they and Wade and them were all working on this.
And this 450,000 come in with that
120 buy-in, whatever it was, for the whole area.
And, what Jim Wright did is, after we had our meeting with the D.O.T. that day
down there, well, we went in to see if Dan could help us out in anyway.
And, Jim looked into a couple things Wade had already covered
in both of that. We were kind of like in a "stop" position in Watertown.
That guy said could be done, but he would bring it and refer it and do whatever.
And, that Friday night, the following week, Jim was
at the Executive Meeting in Lake Placid. And, Tony Townes (?)
I believe it was, and he's the President? Yes. And, Jim is on the Executive Committee
they re-routed this money, took it out of the rail,
and routed it back to the road. So, they had to change all that, and they did.
We will probably be looking for, more money later on
to put back into the rail, of this 450,000. But, this
money now is better spent where it's being spent. And, it actually takes in
the rail, it's because we've got crossings and everything else. Well, and it really matches
the intent of the Regional Council Award in the first place. The intent was, get it out
on the street; get it creating jobs. Well, it will. It's creating 70 jobs down at the
Port of Ogdensburg right now. Not to mention what it will do for us looking forward.
I can tell you one thing, as far as I'm concerned...I'd like to say
it on the record: Jim Wright had allowed for us to get this money turned around
and coming back in the right direction. That's my opinion.
I just want to make sure that...(interrupts) I would concur with that, and I'd also say this about
you, Fred. Is you sitting in the seat, and with your past experience with...
and then being on the Bank Board, have been very important to us here, so,
it's much thanks to you, what your contacts, and how you've worked
with the process, allows us to be thankful for you, Fred.
Appreciate it. Okay,
I'd make a motion to approve it. Second.
Anymore questions, comments? All those in favor signify by saying aye.
Aye. These are very good, thank you.
Okay, on page 20, item B2. This is approval of agreement with
St. Lawrence County Industrial Development Agency.
This is Wades. This is again, of the $630,000, it was short
400...it was actually 450, it was covered by
ESD money. I'm sorry, the ESD reimbursable grant. It's not money, but...
it is the shortfall of
182,000, was filled from 2 sources.
That's a $95,000 grant through St. Lawrence County
IDA. I'm sorry, $95,000 grant through the River
Valley Redevelopment Authority. And, an $87,000
grant through the Civic Development Corporation of St. Lawrence County IDA.
And, what this resolution does, it accepts both
parts of that funding. Wade, before you go any further,
I think everybody needs [you] to , explain what the River Valley Redevelopment
Agency is. Because I didn't know about this until, we started working this
process. I didn't know this was a structure going on, or a program going on
until maybe...There's a pot of funds out there, they're NYPA-related funds
that come to 4 towns, that were impacted and relieved
by the New York Power Authority. We are
located in one of those towns.
Therefore, we're eligible to put in for an application. We did so,
we sacrificed 2 of our other
applications to make this happen. And,
fill the funding gap.
And, this is the 2...grant and the loan,
was, some of the help came from Senator Ritchie. She got involved and
tried to do her best for us, to make sure that this went through for us.
And, on these 2, I'd have to say thanks to Senator Ritchie, we got them approved.
She worked on [them] hard. Now, the grant is claim money to us, but the loan
has to be paid back. It's not a forgivable loan.
So, we do have to pay the $87,000 back.
And, on top of that, I'm just giving you some of my background here.
We also, the Authority's
also picking up 182,000,
or maybe less than that...134,000
for the inspection part of it, and stuff.
(unintelligible cross talk) I know where you're getting that number from.
Well, let me stop and go back up a step.
We have a 1.3 million dollar budget on the project, we got a
1.9 million dollar bill, on the project. We had to fill the gap.
Of the $630,000. We've done that, but in the meantime, you'll also recall we took some steps
like, hiring a field a inspector, as opposed to having the engineer
do it. And, bottom line, we've taken what would have been
$108,000 bill, and we have shrunken that down significantly.
So, as a result, the numbers, it changes the
gap over time. So, the gap, was 630, is now something
smaller than 630. So, I hope that helps to
answer your question there, Fred. Well, it does, because we're still
a hundred and some thousand dollars we have to pick up out of our treasury, which
was a 134, before, if we would've had the
engineering company do it. My comment was, why would we hire
the same guy to inspect his own work? And, that's why we decided to go the way we went.
So, all these costs will come eventually, so, that's all I'm saying. It's been a couple of days since I've looked
at it, but if I recall, that 180,000 had been knocked down to around 54,000.
When we added it all up. But we're not counting that.
To that, I make a motion to approve. I'll second.
Any further questions? Mr. Chairman, I need to inform you I have to abstain
on this. Okay. Both these are audit clients of my firm. Okay.
So, acknowledged. All those in favor signify by saying aye? Aye.
And one abstain. Okay, so that brings us over to page 29
of the document. This is approval of a
handling and storage aggreement with BBC Charter.
Let's just back up a step here, and, this wind turbin project
we have a customer that is doing the logistics
that customer is named Transera. That's the agreement that you saw last time. We also have
to have an agreement with the ship, and this is the agreement with the ship, this is BBC Charter.
Terms and agreements, from May 1, 2012 through December 31, 2012.
The details are provided on the next page.
And, are consistent with the rates, terms, and conditions that were in the
Transera agreement, that you've seen previously.
One thing I noticed down here was, the discount.
Yes, that's a very good point. The ships come in loaded, and leave empty.
One of the things we're working on; we have 11 unique occurrances where that happens.
We are working both with the ship owner,
St. Lawrence County IDA, and various businesses in our area to try and send them out
of here, loaded. Again, we have some free storage that we
can provide, and we did provide a discount for outbound cargo.
Good. That's a very important point, thank you Mr. Chairman, I had forgotten about that.
Do we have a motion? I'll motion. I'll second. Steve has seconed? Further questions,
comments? All those in favor signifiy by saying aye? Aye.
Okay, attend to item B4 on page 37.
This is a ratification of appointment the field inspector. You'll recall at the last meeting, the Board
authorized myself to hire a qualified field inspector for the Port access road project.
We did that, the individual was Mr. Fred Badlam.
April 6, 2012, to provide field inspection
services for the Port access road at the rates, terms, and conditions you see
before you. I'll make a motion to approve.
Second. Second.
Any comments, from anyone? I'll make one, as far as
I know that Mr. Badlam, with his talents and abilities being
available, and Wade, we needed somebody right away, to have there. And, also
he was employed here earlier than today, they start to realize, having knowledge and expertise of that land and area,
what logisitical problems it is, and obviously it's excellent to have him on board to do that also.
So, my comment about him. So, I know he's got his hands full!
(laughter) He's been a very big help at the Port.
All those in favor signify by saying aye? Aye.
Okay, on page 38, in B5, is approval of handling and storage agreement
with Poulin Grain, at the rates, terms, and conditions you see before you. The period would start
May 1 2012, through April 30, 2013.
I'll make a motion to approve it. Second. Seconed by Doug.
Questions, comments? And so, there is none, now all those in favor signify
by saying aye? Aye. Okay on page
39, it's in item B6, this an agreement with Blount Small Ship Adventures.
There's a typo in there that should be Blount: B-L-O-U-N-T.
On the report section. You've seen this before as American-Canadian Caribbean lines.
And, what they do is they ask each year to dock at the Port of Ogdensburg,
for approximately one hour per visit to clear customs.
They don't fuel up or anything on our dock, right? No. It's just a straight,
right in-right out. 200 bucks? 200 bucks. Oh.
We got that fingerprint system for them so...(laughter)
They touch in; they touch out, and we know they've only been here an hour? (laughter)
Do we keep accurate time of an hour, or they just give a flat fee, really?
It's just a flat fee. I know it's from my experience, they've never been here that long. Yeah.
I'll put it this way, I've gone down to see them before, and by the time I got down to the Port, they're gone. They're gone.
I hope you didn't drive all the way from Potsdam! (laughter)
I'll make a motion to approve it. I'll second that. Second from Steve?
Any comments?
All those in favor signify by saying aye? Aye. Very good.
Item B7 on page 40, this is ratification of an agreement with Hayes Stuart.
Again, this is for Marine Surveying services at the Port of Ogdensburg.
This is our, for lack of a better term human insurance policy,
At the Port to make sure that we don't have damage, it helps oversee our Longshoreman.
And, it has some unique capabilities; expertise,
that we don't have ourselves.
So, how many hours does this thing work?
He's down there while the ship is Port. He gets paid for all the time that ship's in Port? Yes.
While he's working. As long as the ship's in Port?
He get's $110 an hour, so how many hours does he work? As far as I know
he's not getting paid while he sleeps, but he is getting paid while he works down there, yes.
That ain't answering my question. Maybe I'm not asking it the right way.
Now we pay him $110 per hour for the hours he actually
work? Yes. Or, are we paying $110 an hour for how long as the ship has been in?
We're paying for hours worked. Not for how long the ship is in.
Is that an 8 hour day? Or less? Well, for
Saturday, for example, that was a 10 hour shift, on Saturday...
(Interrupts)...and the pay is, you're paying a thousand bucks? I'm sure there was probably
some form-up time in the beginning, and at the end as well.
That's straight-up cost? And weekend is not overtime or something?
That would be after 8 hours, probably. That is...Wade, lets switch gears and lets see
Just a second...Where's the (unintelligible) on that (untelligible)
Justifcation. I don't see the back up here.
Do you have that...(unintelligible) yet? One second. Okay.
I'm sorry, I apologize, you're missing a page in between 40 and 41, here.
Mr. Chairman, I apologize because I have no... (door slam - unintelligible) ...I don't even know what this...
I have no idea, I've read my report, and I'm assuming that,
earlier in my questions, I had asked who was the guys that was inspecting the ship, before it was...
to make sure the cargo, and the ship, in transit, to make sure that no damage, etcetera.
It goes to our Longshoreman...are doing that inspection and stuff. That's what I was
concerned about. And, the concern is the way the ships work, and my
education here on this thing. Listening to these people. Once you hook and drop, or pull that off
the ship, it's your "baby". Don't come back to the ship and say it was damaged.
So you got ship insurance, versus our insurance. If that thing is damaged on the ship,
it's the ship's insurance; it pays that, or whatever, I don't know how it works.
But, now, this, I don't know about yet. I don't know why
we had to hire this professional fee, and I don't know what the deal is,
and long at shore we're paying this guy. Now this ship has been in here,
a total of 46 hours?
So, if we're paying this guy 5 grand?
That's right. Well, I want to look...I don't know how long it would take,
this guy to inspect the ship. From what I'm hearing, is this guy does more than this? He does what...
Yes he does, he oversees the Longshoremen, he does....(interrupts) I don't...what's he oversee?
That's why I want to get Steve Lawrence on the phone. Now see, we never knew about this
position. Well, this position, it's not a position, this is a
service that's being provided. This was in our quotation, this was in
our Transera discussion. So we budgeted it. This is not a surprise. This same
individual was hear last time, as well. So, we're back-charging...
the windmill company for all this? We are not back-charging
it is built-in to the quote. It is built-in there as one of the anticipated costs.
Do you want Steve to assist? Yes, is he on the phone?
Yes. Yeah, put him on speaker and bring it over here, please?
How do we put it on speaker?
Steve? Hello?
Steve, you there?
All right, Steve, are you there?
Is there a microphone needed there?
Can you hear me now? No.
(phone rings)
Hello? Hey Steve, Wade Davis - Board of Directors here, how are you doing?
Okay, what's up? All right, a question has come up, we're on the
ratification of the agreement with Hayes Stuart. The question is,
what does a Marine Surveyor do? And, they also have a
copy of the Marine Surveyor Services Justification, in front of us,
at this point. Can you explain a little bit more about
in generic terms, what a Marine Surveyor does, and how that helps us at Port?
Well, basically, they supervise the lift on our behalf, as far as
logistics of taking off the components. A lot of those
issues with windmill components belong to the Port,
and right now, we're just trying to get the experience, from the last project in '08.
They were representing, they were with....
John Hanigans group, Correct. And in this case, we needed to hire
them to help supervise the lift, because that responsibility was on us, on this project.
So, what unique service do they provide us that we wouldn't
have otherwise? Can you give us a couple of concrete examples to work with?
Oh yeah, all the Maritime terms, and dealings with the Crew, and the
Firstmate, we need an interface to make...when you've got that many
people and equipment, relying on keeping things moving.
You need that coordination wtih the vessel. And, a lot of times you've got people
speaking different languages, you've got Port Captains, and then you've got people on the ground,
with all of the cranes and the equipment, and you need to keep that going, and you need that
experience with...where to go next, and kind of looking a few steps ahead.
And also, how to handle, it's really, this isn't everyday cargo, it's
just a high-value cargo, and you've got to know where the next move is.
A lot of it has to do with getting it off on time, so that
things move smoothly. Why wouldn't the windmill people be paying
this instead of us? I mean, he's basically there for...how many hours is he
there for, Steve? He's there for...
maybe up to 2 shifts for 8 hours a shift. So,
where paying him $110 per hour, plus all these other expenses?
Well, but we past that cost on to...that's part of the supervision
and training. We're trying to get some training for our people and myself. So, is this cost passed
on to the shipping company, er to the vessel company? They're indirectly paying for it.
Transera. I think it goes to BBC. Yeah, Transera and BBC, the combination pay that.
So, they don't get the total amount of hours the ship is at dock, do they?
They only get what they work? Exactly. So, they only get what they
work? That's correct. Okay. So, he must have a time or something?
No, I just...we document, like if I've got to
OS&D report that we do every day that kind of goes through the whole day, kind of a
rough diary of what's going on in the upper part of the ship, and the undership,
and so we bill based on that. They're here when we're here
off-loading. But, you know, when the vessel's...there's other, new activities
going on...they don't do anything when that happens.
Now where are these folks from? Canada? They're from Montreal.
They're all from Montreal. So, we're paying for their mileage, and
traveling, and all of that stuff too? Yeah. And, that was all figured in
when you guys did the budgeting on this? Yes. That's correct.
How many people are involved, Steve, on this? For..a crew?
Yes. There are, they've got 3 people on rotation dending on, you know...Okay.
...on what their schedule is, they've got other places that they work. But if someone, you know,
who's available, they kind of rotate, but they've got 3 people that are available throughout the
11 vessels here. So, who's keeping track of their time? I am.
Okay, so you're going to sign them time cards?
Yeah, we have...we'll have a...(interrupts) You're going to sign those time cards?
Right Steve? You're going to sign them time cards, that they're accurate, right?
Correct. Thank you. So, Steve, just to
point of clarification, there's only one here at a time. There's not all 3 of them here at one time, correct? No, I don't
have...during any one hour of work, there's only one hour charged
supervision. Okay. Thank you.
But they don't travel back and forth. No, They come down, what they'll do is...the idea is like...
say they come down in the mid-day, and then they might stay over night,
2 nights, and then, they leave on the 3rd day. They don't go up and back, no. Okay.
Because, they'll stay, and then, they're working on trying to keep those costs down, and
I asked them if they could do that. And, they've been pretty good about that so far.
Well , we're going to be keeping track of that, buddy. Thank you very much. (chuckles) You're welcome. Thank you, Steve.
Thanks Steve, any other questions out there? Thank you very much, Steve. You're welcome.
Okay, bye bye. I make a motion
to pass this resolution under the clearance and clarification that we have, and the
time card are going to be signed by Steve. And, there'll be active time cards for us. Because this
will come to haunt you down the road, if you don't have that information.
When you have auditors come in here. Or, you have the company that we're working for say, "no, we're not
paying all them hours. We don't think these guys"...you must have records.
So to make it certified, Steve's got to sign those records.
Are there actual time cards? I didn't get that part, where he said he's taking...(interrupts) He's keeping a log.
He's keeping a log. He's got basically a book down there, of all the activity that's going on.
He's keeping track of everything. So within that...
he's got something saying this guy was here for a certain number of hours, on this day.
Well, Steve's on the jobsite all day, right? Yes.
Yeah, he's down there for as long as it takes, so he would know who's there or not.
I don't know who he's got working for him when he's not there. He must have somebody down there
with the Longshoremen. No, he's been down...I was down there most of the day on
Saturday, part of the day on Sunday. He's covering the whole thing.
The thing's he's telling me that these guys are doing here, is their actually telling him
and guiding the lifts. Yes.
(Continued in Part 4)