Review Super Mario Kart

Uploaded by Karkaradon on 19.06.2009

Hi everybody it's Hooper
today we meet on superNes, with a masterpiece...
Supel Malio Kalt
one of the great game made by Nintendo
for me, one of the best game on superNes
for me, the best Mario Kart ever
I say that straight, the best because the most skill-based one
released in 1992, developed by Nintendo, of course
you all know mario kart, but you might not know the supernes version
or else you think this game is outdated
and that the N64/GameCube/Ds versions are way better...
but NO ! no... you're kidding yourself
it's still the better one, I'm not saying that because I'm an old jerk
I'm NOT an old jerk, and I'm not nostalgic
This one's the best ! that's it ! don't try to understand
of course, it can be played by 2 players
or by 4 players, but on supernes, only 2
but I'm all alone so...
I'll play the GP mode, I'll explain you the other modes later
the engine size : 50,100 or 150 cc
it affects both the difficulty and the speed of the game
50cc is way slower than 150cc
in view to the fact that I spent hundreds of hours on that game...
to take anything but 150cc would be a shame
the driver selection screen
it has never been so important to choose his driver
than in this first Mario Kart, on snes
because all the drivers are really different
I mean 4 kinds of driving-style
mario/luigi, princess/yoshi, bowser/donkey kong, toad/koopa troppa
they work by 2
for instance, bowser/donkey kong have the exact same attributes
but you have to choose your character wisely
toad and koopa are the most... not the better to handle
because all the characters are great to handle
but they don't skid a lot
therefore easy to play with
so they're the beginners choice
as I said, I spent hundreds of hours on this game,
I've always played toad...
yet I don't consider myself as a beginner anymore...
maybe because I never had the guts to choose the two PRO characters of this game :
bowser and donkey kong
their style : skid, skid, skid...
if you can handle the skids, you handle these two
and if handle the skids, you the champion of this game
if you want to be the Big Boss, you have to master these two characters
then, princess/yoshi : not great, good acceleration, but that's all
and mario/luigi : average for all skills
the most remarkable ones are these two
they have a hudge top speed, but hard to handle
and these two, good for beginners, but yet
not so easy to handle, even if they're the easiest to handle in the game
I've just contradicted myself, but I don't give a damn
a good thing to know : by pressing Y + A
look : you get a handicap
by beeing small, you're as fast, but you can be crushed by the other ones
if you think you're so tough on this game...
select bowser, with the small mode, on the Special Cup...
and we'll see who's the boss !
anyway, I choose toad
there are 4 cups, one must be unlocked
the special cup must be unlocked, as in the other mario kart
it might have another name in the other games though...
there are 5 races in each cup
20 races in all, let's take the mushroom cup
I was about to make the special cup, but I thought I'd rather show you the 5 races
I'll have fun, and be sure to be first in each race
I missed the start up, that's a good start...
first thing : the goal is of course to be the first,
or at least in the first 4, to get to the next race
you can see I collect coins on the track... there !
what the hell am I doing ?
the coins simply make you go faster
that's their only use... you see on the right : I've got 11 coins
max speed is 10 : it's useless to have more than ten coins
when you get hit, you lose coins of course...
he's annoying me with his star...
the second thing about this game is : Items
I just smoked the gorilla
you get the items... There !
on what I would call a « question mark square »
I don't really know how to call it...
and on the top, you can see a square with a spinning bonus
like a jackpot, I got a green shell
in your face luigi !
I won't explain all the items...
I suppose everybody knows the green/red shells, lightning, the feather
that must be the only mario kart where you've got feathers
they allow you to make a long jump
what else ? bananas... the ghost...
the points : 1st : 9, 2d : 6 etc..
the last four : not a bloody thing
The goal is of course to be the first at the end of the 5 races
in order to get the gold/silver/bronze cup...
I think you got it... damn I missed the start again
to do a great start you gotta press the button at a precise...
what the hell am I doing ?
I'm ashamed, I swear
so you have to accelerate just after...
I play sooo bad
the secret of mario kart is skid
I'm not at top speed now, to get to the top speed...
I'm pissed off to play so bad at this game
let's concentrate, no more chit-chat
I don't want to miss, the mushroom cup is the easier, on top of that !
the special cup is really hard, even if once you know the circuits...
I don't believe it !
you bastard !
on thing to know is that the ennemies... I'm so hopeless
see ! he's on star mode
mario and luigi have a special skill : the star mode
which thay use when we're close of course
donkey kong can throw bananas
the princess can throw mushrooms that decrease your size
that's it I'm first, I was scared
the lower screen switched to be a rearview mirror
FUCK ! I don't believe it...
I'm fourth ! NO, NO... you fucker !!!
we must be that close, let's see
1' 48'' 81 to 1' 48'' 83 : 2 hundredth...
he almost fucked me
it's often like that, so tight
the princess is now first, and I'm second...
I'm pissed off
that's an easy race
the game is in mode 7... I missed my start AGAIN...
so it uses the Snes mode 7, not 100%
other games released later will use it full power
but it's still very beautiful
we don't really care about the graphics, fun is more important
mario kart is : life length and fun
this one has an infinite life length
I've got a mushroom, I'll keep it to show you
a secret passage
watch !
Hooo shit, I had to brake
in this game ou usually never brake
I don't even know why there's a brake button
you can brake by pressing Y
and skid with R like that
to gain speed, the more you skid the faster you go
unless you hit a wall
bowser is the last, I've got a lap ahead on him
the game modes : there's a time trial, to play alone
to make the best time, usualy you're not alone, but with a friend
to see who's the best
this game is the first to use the ghost system to see the best time
many games did it after, such as the gran turismo serie
you can race against the ghost on the track
I missed my start AGAIN....
I hope I'll be able to show it on the last race
so, mario invented the ghost system
I love that race
I forgot to tell you : all the races are based on
the characters of the game
for instance, this is the bowser castle
it's suppose to be his castle, even if it doesn't look like it...
it's really better in the N64 version
I got the banana
the N64 bowser race is one of the most beautiful
my ass is getting kicked...
the first race we made, was based on the mario character
ok... that was bad... I have to focus on the game
I don't talk anymore, I must concentrate
fuck !
excuse me, I haven't played that game for a looong time
many years...
shit... I will smoke you...
wow, I hope I won't get it back
the green ones are tricky, if miss you can get it back in the face
ho, shit ! wait... NO !
I'm so fucked...
if I want to get back, I need a lightning...
now, I'm fucked !
it's pathetic ! I'm so pathetic, it's a shame...
I don't believe it !
when you play toad/koopa troopa, you must not touch the other ones
cause your so small they stop you
especially bowser or donkey kong
If I had played bowser or donkey kong...
that's it, I loose a life...
I'm 6th, you must be in the top 4 to get to the next race
I use one of my 3 lives
you can have, wait, I think I did the good start...
nooo... ok...
you can get an extra life,
if you finish first 3 times
I'm not sure, I don't remember
I will play better
I can also drop the green shells behind me
shit, I was too close I missed
as I told you, you have to be skilled to play that game
you must play for hours
the N64 and gamecube versions are excellent games
but on a skill aspect, they're no as good
I understand nintendo, they wanted to make more mass appeal games
I can understand it
you have to train hard on this one, and if you find someone
who is as good as you
then you can play forever...
I was lucky because I was as good as my brother
and for a year, we played championships for 1 hour very evening
and we never got bored...
then we played the N64 version, we spent hours too,
but we finally got bored
then on gamecube, we had a lot of fun
I woundn't expect to have so much fun
you see, I haven't spoken to much,
and I'm the first one, that's it !
what else ?
the soundtrack is classical mario soundtrack
you won't remember all your life, but it's ok
I think I said it all
an excellent game, one of the mainstay of the snes
it's one of the first game that has an infinite life length, for two players
I forgot to talk about the battle mode
it was done again in all the next versions
you're in an arena... I missed my start again...
too bad you haven't one single good start
so, you're in an arena with 3 ballons around you,
on this mode, 2 players only, no computer
the goal is to destroy the ennemies balloon with all the weapons
a lot of fun, it's really great
a great accomplishment for that game
look, I'll to get to top speed
listen to the engine, I know I can go much faster
if I drive well, you'll see,
you might think I'm quite good, if you don't know the game...
but I'm not very good.. shit
anyway to say you're the boss of mario kart, you have to play bowser/donkey
if you know someone who says he can handle mario kart, but doesn't play bowser/donkey
he's full of shit...
I don't know if I'm the first on the championship
I didn't look at the board, I dunno
let see...
yes ! that's it ! But I'm not satisfied of my driving skill
looking at the number of hours I spent on that game, I should have been better
what else ? The european version, this version, cause I really play on a real snes
it was a bit slower, even if you think I was going fast
in fact, it was not top speed because it was 50 Hz
like for all games
But it's really obvious in that game, once you've tasted the 60 Hz version
You can really see the difference
in 60 Hz, it's faster and you don't have the black strips on the top and the low
For mario kart, it changes everything
I still have 1 and a half min, I'll show you a great race
the rainbow road, also here in the other mario kart games
this one is excellent, you can go full speed
it's also one of the most difficult race
I wanted to show you that race because it was a snes version symbol
and it was wreaked in the N64 version
I'll try not to fall
the N64 version is a piece of shit
not the game, the rainbow road on N64
it's amazing how they fucked up that race !
it's bad, uninteresting, boring...
hopefully the gamecube version is a bit better
it's even quite good
the N64 version is a shame : they put fences on the sides so that you can't fall !
in here, you fuck up, you fall, you lose the race
they did a good job on the gamecube version though
let's stop right there, it was supel malio kalt
I've never spent so much time on snes
it's a video game monument
the best mario kart for me, the more skilled one
I'll make a video on the other versions, I know them well
I don't really know the GB/DS versions
bye bye... see you soon