What Is An Internist? Memorial Hospital Gulfport, MS

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[SUSAN] Welcome to Memorial Health & You.
Your first line of defense to protect your longterm health
involves your personal physician, usually a primary care doctor
who might also be an internal medicine specialist.
Dr. Nyron Marshall, with Memorial Physician Clinics
is this type of specialist, also called an internist.
Dr. Marshall, would you define internist for us?
[DR. MARSHALL] Sure. Internists are doctors who have had special training
which focuses on preventing, diagnosing and treating non-surgical
conditions in adults.
So unlike a family practitioner,
my practice does not include delivering
babies or treating children under the age of thirteen.
[SUSAN] I see. As an internist, are there specific illnesses you see at your practice?
[DR. MARSHALL] Conditions I treat could be anything from
minor injuries and illnesses like colds, fevers,
and stomachaches,
to severe chronic conditions,
even a circumstance where several illnesses may strike at
the same time.
An internist has a comprehensive knowledge of the whole body
and is equipped to deal with whatever problems the patient brings—
I frequently treat conditions that involve women's health, substance abuse
and mental health
as well as common problems of the eyes, ears, skin, nervous system
and reproductive organs.
We have also been trained when to refer to a specialist.
It's important to recognise when a particular disease process is out of our league
and therefore, referral is necessary.
Basically, internists are the gatekeepers, managing a patient's care
from age thirteen to end of life.
[SUSAN]Thank you, Dr. Marshall.
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