Arden convinces some real Girls to take her home - Take Me Home video

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ARDEN MYRIN: What's up Spaces?
This is Arden Myrin.
I am coming to you from Tompkins Square
Park in New York City.
I'm going to approach some hunky New York strangers, or
some ladies on the street, and see if I can get someone to
Take Me Home.
Do they want a blonde girl in their home at
Tompkins Square Park?
We're going to find out.

Would you be willing to show us your apartment?
PARK VISITOR: Right now?
ARDEN MYRIN: We can give you 10 minutes to hide anything
you need to hide.
PARK VISITOR: I think I need more than 10 minutes.
ARDEN MYRIN: Would you be willing to show us you
apartment today?
PARK VISITOR: Sorry, no.

ARDEN MYRIN: Hi, gals.
My name's Arden Myrin.
Hi, nice to meet you.
Do you guys live near here?
SARAH: Yes, we do.
ARDEN MYRIN: Would you be willing to
take m to your house?
SARAH: Yeah, why not?
Come see it.
ARDEN MYRIN: Come on, gals!
We've got our ladies.
You guys went to high school together.
You're 22.
You're totally just living the Carrie Bradshaw, like, you're
out on the town.
How accurate am I?
LAUREN: Not accurate at all.
ARDEN MYRIN: OK, how old are you guys, if you
don't mind me asking.
LAUREN: We're 23.
So close.
Do you have any roommates that are there right now?
SARAH: I do.
I have one roommate that's there right now.
ARDEN MYRIN: Do you think she's awake?
ARDEN MYRIN: Do you think I could spoon her in bed and
wake her up?
Here we go!
SARAH: Here we are.

LAUREN: She's going to kill us.
What's your name?
BROOKE: I'm Brooke.
I like your room.
Oh my god.
Your roommates brought me home so I can see your apartment.
ARDEN MYRIN: Can I try on your furry hat?
ARDEN MYRIN: Oh my god.
This is so awesome.
Look at the inside.
Are you kidding me?
Oh my god.
You are sassy.
I don't know what you do for a living.
If you want to join us, feel free.
We like you as is, but you do your jam.
BROOKE: I'm not my best right now.
ARDEN MYRIN: Well I just fulfilled my
other job the day.
I'm Brooke's professional wake up person.
So that worked out well, right?
So this place is adorable.
OK, give us the grand tour.
Give us the big spaces TV tour.
Living with four people, what do you like about your space,
and what do you wish you had done differently?
SARAH: I like that has just a little bit of everybody.
Like everyone kind of put in their own-- like for example,
this carpet down here is mine.
This coffee table, someone else brought.
That table over there is someone else's.
LAUREN: What's up Brooke?
ARDEN MYRIN: Yeah you did.
Get in here.
I'm glad you made it.
So this rug is your contribution.
What part would you say is yours?
BROOKE: This was mine.
And then the table.
And pretty much anything, like the viking helmets.
ARDEN MYRIN: Is there any area--
viking helmet is a good touch.
And viewers at home, if you have a viking helmet, it
should be prominently displayed on top of a
mantle, like that.
So this is your room, Ms. Sarah.
SARAH: Yes, this is my room.
ARDEN MYRIN: Somebody is tidy.
Are you a Virgo?
SARAH: No, I'm a Pisces.
ARDEN MYRIN: I love your painted brick wall.
Did you paint it?
SARAH: No, it came painted like that.
ARDEN MYRIN: And what you like best about around your room?
SARAH: The light.
ARDEN MYRIN: The light.
SARAH: Yeah.
ARDEN MYRIN: I'll tell you, a string of fairy lights in any
place, particularly if you're renting, it can just make it
magic at night.
SARAH: Yeah, at night it's really pretty.
ARDEN MYRIN: Oh my god.
It's so awesome.

And we need to go upstairs.
SARAH: Yeah, of course.
ARDEN MYRIN: OK, I'm heading upstairs.
Cubby is going to be my guide in Lauren and Brooke and
Sarah's apartment.
And oh my god, this is so cute.
This place is huge.
Is there a bathroom up here?
SARAH: Yeah, she has her own bathroom back there.
ARDEN MYRIN: Oh my god.
What a cute comforter.
Now who is this person?
Who lives here?
BROOKE: This is Jessie's room.
She works in a law firm.
ARDEN MYRIN: She works at a law firm.
Jessie works at a law firm for sure.
Look at this.
OK, this is a really good space solution right here.
I don't know about you, but I like my stuff.
I'm a girl.
I like my jewelry.
I like to play dress up.
I've got a little bit of Zsa Zsa Gabor in me.
So I have to say, this is a really good space solution.
If you're living in a small space, not only is it
practical, but it also looks really cute.
I don't know how to organize to actually do that.
But I feel like if I was maybe a lawyer, or had my stuff
together more than being a girl who makes fart jokes for
a living, I would like to hire your lawyer roommate to come
in and organize my life like this.
I had honestly no expectation that we would ever see a four
bedroom apartment in the East Village.
So I'm going to actually say that you guys give the Friends
people a run for their money.
Up top, ladies.
Come on.
Thank you guys so much for taking me home.
You guys have a great place.
It's so fun.
And I wanted to say that to me, this is what a real New
York apartment looks like.
It's a little bit bigger.
But it's our first apartment in New York, there are four
gals living together having a good time.
I feel like a lot of parties have happened.
And I will just tell you this.
Never go to a home without a housewarming present.
So I got you guys a present.
ALL: Oh!
ARDEN MYRIN: You look like you would enjoy alcohol.
It's very expensive vintage, as you can tell by the
ALL: Thank you.
ARDEN MYRIN: Over and out.
Say bye, guys.
ALL: Bye.
ARDEN MYRIN: What's up Spaces TV?
It's Arden Myrin, and these girls, these pretty girls,
were brave enough to take me home.
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