You Suck at Photoshop - Repoussé

Uploaded by MyDamnChannel on 09.05.2012


My name is Donnie.
And you suck at Photoshop.
But that's not a me problem.
That's a you problem.
First of all, I'd like to extend an honorable mention to
all of the kinder shoppers who didn't fudge their pull-ups
when I asked them to help me spread the word to my attorney
that the ad we created was placed in legitimate
advertising places and that we fulfilled our obligation in
trade to our lawyer.
So congratulations, D minus.
You passed.
But now it's time for you to take a journey.
It's time for both of us to take a journey.
Let's open up a photo, a photo that says a
second chance has begun.
A photo of a cat that your ex-wife rescued without
telling you and turned your house into a shit-quarium and
created all sorts of turmoil.
But now has returned to you across many continents and
tens of thousands of leagues to bring you a token.
A ring.
A ring whose powers had once been only used for evil but
now we know can be used once more for good.
And so, we want to create an image that says the
ring-bearer has returned the ring to its rightful owner.
And he is going to return to reclaim his throne.
And we want to put the ring on a pedestal to say,
I'm ready to love.
I-- or I'm-- at least I'm ready to spoon and listen to
Ashford and Simpson.
We've got to start somewhere.
So grab the marquee tool and select a rectangle of the
stone floor.
We're going to use a tool called Repousse, and we're
going duplicate the background.
Go to 3D, Repousse, Current Selection.
And Photoshop is going to turn this into a 3D object, a 3D
object that we can manipulate in space.
And actually turn into this stone pedestal, one that is
worthy of the power of the ring that sits upon it.
And we can, we can use the 3D manipulator tool to turn it in
space, to--
to scale it, to change its size, to, to even move it back
against the wall to suggest that it's
leaning up against there.
We can even change the materials.
We can change the shape.
The bevels and--
and all sorts of details here.
Something I'm sure you're almond-sized brain is
incapable of understanding.
I created this material from some of the stone wall.
We won't take the time to clean this up.
We would make it look incredibly awesome, of course.
But time is of the essence.
And so, we want to place the ring upon the pedestal.
And Pu Tai, can you no-- you can keep my robe.
But I want my Members Only jacket back.
Our journey begins momentarily.
And now we want to do something bold.
Bolder than a cat traveling 17,000 miles to bring a ring
back to its rightful owner.
We want to create a challenge.
A challenge to the man and his son, the only two people who
are standing in the way of our happiness.

The only two people that we need to take care of.

Do aw.

Did you just pee pee?
did you just pee pee?
I heard you.
Just take a deep breath.
Get a wet nap.
Swab it up.
Let's do some grownup Photoshop.
It's not that hard.