Unstoppable Marriage (못말리는 결혼 ) Part 1 (Eng Subs)

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Distributed by Lotte Entertainment
KIM Soo-mi LIM Chae-mu
YOO Jim HA Suk-jin
YOON Da-hoon (guest appearance) AHN Yun-hong
Producer CHOl Soon-sik, CHOl Kwang-ho
Co-producer PARK Gwang-won
Planning KIM Gwang-su
Cinematographer LEE Ki-won Lighting KIM Yoo-shin
What a beautiful day!
How much farther do we have to go?
Be patient, honey.
You won't get to feel like flying that easily.
Feel like flying?
Yes, baby.
I'll make you feel like flying in the sky!
Director KIM Sung-wook
Alright! Let's go quickly!
Unstoppable Marriage
Mommy... mommy~
How do you like flying in the sky!
Isn't it awesome!
My greatest project in life,
Grace Golf course!
You'll see.
This will be the best luxurious golf course ever!
Yes, ma'am.
What the hell is that?
How dare they fly across my land!
Get lost!
Did you come for tea in the mountains?
You're pretty but you tend to dress for the wrong occasions.
Anyway, did you buy up all the land?
Ah, that is...
All except for the land by the tree and the tomb way over there.
The owner won't sell for the life of him.
What? He'd rather die than sell it?
Is he insane!
He wants a fight with me?
Give me his number!
He can't be reached. I think he went into hiding.
What? Then I'll find him and slap some sense into him!
- He's a man, right? - Yes.
He just dug his own grave!
Whoa, it's slippery here, bro.
Someone must be talking about me. I got shivers down my back.
Don't say that near a tomb.
That's scary.
Hey, bro. Why'd you change your cell phone number?
Some crazy bastard was hassling me to sell this land.
What? We should be thankful!
Sell it and build something in Seoul.
Ow, my stomach.
I have to go badly... Here it is. But it's too dry...
Help me! Sir! Let me down!
Stop! Let me down!
Damn it!
You're a woman?
That explains the bad driving.
I'll sue you for attempted murder!
Why you little!
You freak!
I have acrophobia...
You touched by breasts!
No one's touched them, you freak!
It's not my fault! You came on to me!
come on, take me with you.
Name your price!
Fine, I'll give you $1000.
Do you know where you're going anyway?
My shoes are all scratched!
No problem~
Thank you.
I can never understand Andrew for some reason.
You need more work on listening mom.
10 years of studying didn't do much.
Shut up!
Why'd you send your car back?
Mr. Kim when we get back call Andrew and get his email.
Yes, ma'am.
Tell me the truth. Is my English that bad?
Of course not.
It's not like I'll give a speech at UN or something.
A speech wouldn't be a problem.
You sucked up too much there.
- Dad! You pulled it again! - Not again...
Let's go inside, dad.
You always pull your arm on that move.
The bag that chick's holding,
it's the Louis Vuitton Special, right?
Yeah, remember that model
and have it ordered from France.
I'll order the matching shoes, too!
Stop shinning his shoes. Let the maid do it.
Shut up!
I won't let anyone else do this.
There's my Dr. Hwang in his Gucci style today.
At your service, my prince!
Nice choice, mom.
I love you~
Me, too~
- See you mom. - Bye.
I feel like I'm overdoing it.
It started as a hobby but now takes up most of my time.
I put this building on sale for cheap
but no one will buy in the bad economy.
With all that land and building,
you must be so happy Mrs. Shim.
- And your son is... - I guess...
Who needs a husband,
when you're this successful?
Yes, it's better than having a husband
who cheats on his wife all the time.
Mr. choi? It's me.
You know the building you asked me to take a look at?
I think it'd be better to look somewhere else.
- There's more... - The catch is not good here.
Sure it is, bro! Look!
Just look at those legs!
I've never seen anything like 'em...
He brought back a $20,000 tiger fur coat this time.
Quite the unfortunate face...
She's sure to chase away any luck that comes her way.
Oh my god.
What the hell is that wretched old man looking at?
Ruining the mood at my shop...
I want something simple.
As big as KIM Hae-su...
As voluptuous as HAN chae-young
and as firm as LEE Hyo-li.
And I want it to be natural looking. Natural!
N, A, T, E,
I got it ma'am. Natural.
I'll just put 300ml in each breast
and make it just the way you want.
300 each? 600 in total? My car's engine is 800ml.
I guess it'll be like carrying around a car's engine then.
There's a problem...
You wet your pants, didn't you!
I knew it
when you gulped down that big thing of water!
You're 7 years old! I can't believe you!
Did you collect the salt for peeing your pants?
How can you go around peeing your pants like that!
When will you ever grow up!
Stop it!
Who wets his pants because he wants to!
It came out automatically!
Blue Corner Workshop
Where the hell is it!
It looks just like him.
I knew it.
A doll maker for a paragliding instructor...
I didn't even know and risked my life
What's this world coming to.
What brings you here pants-wetting jerk?
Get that away.
I kept my promise so don't send any more stupid pictures!
Take it back! I don't want it.
It's your pay for guiding me back down the mountain.
All the more reason why I can't take it.
Take it.
Looks like you could use the money.
Fine, here's the deal.
Register as a student here at my shop.
- A student? - That's right.
As you said, I could use more students and more money.
I can't do this.
And I can't take anything for free.
So sign on for a year.
I'll fill out the form for you.
I, HWANG Ki-baek, don't do things like this!
HWANG Ki-baek.
I already have your number...
Address, please.
I'm not doing it!
chungdam-dong 75-1 Kangnam-gu, Seoul.
I'm not doing it!
It'd be an honor to meet their daughter.
But our Dr. Hwang is so busy these days I don't know...
Yes, I'll be in touch.
The bitch! The nerve of that bitch!
Trying to set my son up with a worn-out old battery!
I can't right now.
I said, I'm busy.
I set up everything.
Just come by and see, man.
You'll regret it if you don't come.
I'll finish up and go.
Which waiter? PARK Ji-sung?
Okay, I got it.
See 'ya later.
Is this a joke to you?
You're not going home until you finish this right!
You want a fight!
PARK Eun-ho
Fine! Let's see who's the first to shit blood!
Burn baby burn...
What's wrong?
My foot feels hot all of a sudden.
You usually have cold hands and feet.
Stop. Maybe you're tired.
You probably won't be able to sleep
without your usual massage.
Silly kid...
I'm home, big brother.
come in.
I have returned.
You're a little late.
I was distressed about the bad economy
and lost track of time.
So how many did you sell today?
I sold one on credit this morning
then rested the whole day.
Just say you sold nothing.
If you flip this around,
this will be the back of the hand.
But some glue on the paper beside it.
And press it down like this to make the fingers.
And you'll get a pretty hand like this.
- By the way... - Yes?
Where's Ki-baek these days?
I hope there's nothing wrong...
I'm worried about him.
It was a lot more fun with him here.
The other ladies don't want to come 'cuz he's not around anymore.
Why don't you try giving him a call?
- I can do it for you. - I'll call him.
- What are you doing! - Let me call him.
- My phone's the best. - No way! I'm calling him!
- I pressed the numbers! - You crazy!
Paper girl Park
Well, if it isn't my teacher!
Paper girl Park!
Why don't you answer my calls?
You've missed so many classes!
How kind of you to check in on me.
I'm so sorry but I'm a little tied up right now.
can you come here for a lesson?
I'll pay you double.
Fine, where are you?
Yes! She took the bait!
- cheers! - cheers!
Start the wave starting with Ji-eun.
- Here we go. - Alright.
You're a good drinker.
- I know someone in there. - I told you to wait outside!
What? You called in a driver already?
You somehow managed to get in, huh?
Where are the standards here?
Don't they screen who gets in or not?
What the hell are you doing?
- You told me to come for your lesson. - What's that?
And where did she get her clothes?
Maybe she's Ki-baek's stalker.
Maybe she's on him for a bad breast job he did or something.
What the hell!
You think I'd do a job like that?
Excuse me, I can hear everything you're saying.
I'm not Ki-baek's stalker or a former patient.
My name's PARK Eun-ho.
I teach him how to make paper dolls.
What? Dolls?
You play with dolls, man?
Where's your dick, man?
It all started when he came paragliding...
- Hey! Hey! - Then what?
Don't say anything.
Ki-baek was so scared he wet...
- Let's go dance. - You wet your pants?
- You don't like to dance. - I do now.
Let's go.
- I'm so sorry! - What the hell...
I'm sorry. Are you okay?
Do you have your eyes in your butt or something, country girl?
What did you say?
Shabby looking bitch comes in and ruins my style.
Shitty luck.
What did you say? Shabby bitch?
That's right!
Look how you're dressed compared to the rest of us!
What are you staring at me for, bitch?
You got a ping-pong for an eye or something?
So what if I do! You miserable bastard!
Do something!
- Ki-baek? - Why did you push me...
Let me come with you.
Are you speed walking?
What woman walks so fast?
Who asked you to follow me?
You should be thankful.
I don't send women back home alone at nights.
Thanks but no thanks.
We're here so go back.
Is that you, Eun-ho?
Hurry up and go!
My dad might see you.
- Hurry! Go! - Eun-ho?
Hi, daddy.
No, dad. He's just a...
come inside!
One more bow, sir?
I have years to go before I'm dead.
Oh, right.
1 bow for greetings. 2 bows at memorial services.
How long has it been?
What, sir?
Since you two met.
I can't say exactly when, sir.
But it's been a while.
You forgot my chopsticks and glass. I brought 'em.
I don't drink so-ju...
There's whisky.
What is your name?
HWANG Ki-baek, sir.
Drink up.
Hwang...Are you a sinitic?
No, I'm a Christian.
We're Buddhists.
- He asked about your family name. - Hwang?
It means King.
Forget it. Just drink.
- cheers. - Sure.
What do you do for a living?
I run a private hospital. I'm a doctor.
Good. Healing the sick is
a very respectable profession.
So, as a doctor, any word on Eun-ho's condition?
Eun-ho's in perfect condition, bro.
Actually, it doesn't look too good, sir.
It'd be best for her to have surgery as soon as possible.
A surgery?
She'd be a big disappointment
for her future husband or boyfriend.
What are you talking about?
What's that?
Look here.
The length from here to here
is shorter than from here to here.
That means this one is slightly up
and this one slightly drooping.
He's right. This one's drooping.
He has a good eye. They are unbalanced.
- You can see it better from the side. - Please!
In sum, your daughter's breasts are lopsided.
Why you!
I need to go pee, where's the bathroom?
How dare you!
come here you!
How dare you talk of my daughter that way!
Not on the same spot...
- You rotten bastard! - The ink stone is okay.
You should've gone when you had the chance.
Stop chafing.
You're lucky I didn't sue you!
Go on! Try me!
What parent would stand someone talking
about his daughter's breasts!
Parents? Good idea.
You have your dad.
I have my mom at home!
My dear Dr. Hwang.
Where are you this time of night?
What? Did you say girlfriend?
Just got out from meeting her dad.
Yup. She's with me right now.
Of course I'll introduce her to you.
How about tomorrow?
You two decide. Hold on, I'll put her on.
Are you insane?
Now, it's your turn to meet my mom!
Ah... Hello?
Are you really Dr. Hwang's girlfriend?
A new girl again?
Who is she?
Shut up! She'll hear you.
- I can't wait to meet you~ - Where does she live?
How's noon tomorrow? Good.
She doesn't sound like a bimbo this time.
It's set for tomorrow?
Make sure you dress up.
Mom hates anything that looks cornpone.
Are you insane! Why should I go?
I'm not the one who set the date.
You did!
See 'ya tomorrow~
I'm not going! Never!
How can you get so lost!
Turn left at the hospital and turn right at the first street.
Damn it.
- Stupid cab driver. - Thank you.
can't you follow directions?
Are you an insurance broker?
15,000 disorders covered in one call.
If you don't hurry, you'll get lost.
Did you knock her up?
No. Just be mean to her, sis.
What a pretty little lady. come in.
You're a little young. Been to places like this often?
No, it's my first time.
You'll have to do for now.
I called on short notice.
Go get changed and help our maid in the kitchen.
Mom, this is her.
Oh my god.
My name is PARK Eun-ho.
Ah, excuse me.
Are you by any chance an insurance broker?
No, I run a workshop that makes dolls out of paper mulberry.
Mulberry? I'm sorry.
I don't know the commoner's way of life.
So you make paper dolls and supply
them to street markets, is that it?
You mean you deliver the goods yourself?
Oh my...
But she's still a CEO.
No, I make Korean traditional dolls...
What do your parents do?
Mom passed away when I was young.
Dad studies divination on topography.
You mean... like a fortune-teller?
No, it's a Korean traditional way of...
Just moment, please, please,
You know our Dr. Hwang is a doctor?
Of course. He already asked me seriously to have a surgery.
He is a breast surgeon, right?
Why you little twerp!
How dare you mock my son!
You lured him to touch your breasts!
- How dare you! - I'm sorry.
Die, bitch! Die! You came on to him! Didn't you!
You're after the money, aren't you!
Let's do lunch.
You eat... so traditionally.
Too bad we don't have any Korean sauce.
Would you like more A1 , instead?
I'm fine. It's really good this way.
Would you like to try one?
You go ahead and enjoy.
Mrs. Lee? could you bring us the wine
we brought from Paris?
What if her stomach hurts, not used to drinking
our water from the Alps?
Let's toast!
I apologize.
We drink wine at meals and talk in French
about the arts and culture.
Does that make you uncomfortable?
No, I'm okay.
Then let's toast again and drink.
Why? Don't you like it?
I like Korean raspberry wine.
This is a little strong for me.
People say that about chateau wines when they drink it for the first time.
For me, this brings back memories from the Seine River.
Me, too.
But I don't think this wine's from France.
cabernet sauvignon and shiraz...
wine of Australia.
This wine's Australian.
Ah, because...
Mrs. Lee! I told you to bring me the wine from Paris!
What? Australian wine will make you croak?
I didn't want to come empty handed. Here.
You eat them.
You didn't have to.
And you don't need to come to the shop anymore.
So we're even, right?
Take care.
That's the wrong way...
Ki-baek brought these baby tomatoes.
Baby tomatoes from France are the best!
I can taste the scent of the Seine River.
That girl had no appreciation for taste.
Right, mommy?
Right, baby.
The best fruit in the world comes
from the Pret Tarte farm in France.
Eun-ho brought that earlier.
Why are you telling us that now! You shit!
Get some water to gargle this out!
Me, too!
- Disgusting. - How gross!
- I knew it tasted funny. - Yeah!
Why didn't you tell me! You know I can't eat domestic!
What brings you here?
I never would've guessed, but it's very addictive.
What is?
What's the secret to being unafraid?
Think the paraglide as wings attached to your body.
Then you can fly like the birds!
There's something else I got addicted to.
What's that?
What is it?
It's nothing.
- come on. - It's nothing, really.
- Let me see. - No.
Give it to me.
Well... it's not done yet
so it looks a little awkward.
Mr. Kim! Mr. Kim!
Yes, ma'am.
You know what happens if we don't have the land
before Andrew comes next month?
Yes, ma'am.
I'll lose $50 million! Did you find out the number?
Yes, ma'am. The owner's not budging
but his brother is dying to sell it.
- Just give me his number. - Yes, ma'am.
Zero, one, zero.
Three, three, one.
- What's 4 in English? - Four, ma'am.
- Right, four. - 88...
Damn it. I should get rid cell phones.
Hello? Is this Mr. PARK Ji-mahn?
Yes. Who's calling please?
This is SHlM Mar-nyun,
president of Grace Development.
I was wondering if we could meet.
No need to trouble yourself.
If you want to play golf, go live in the States.
Why dig up valuable land like some mole
in this small country of ours?
A mole? Did you just call me a mole?
You're the rotten crook!
Trying to scam more money off me!
How much do you want! Name your price!
I won't sell even if you give me double your entire fortune.
What! You rotten thief!
- Hysterical wench. - Rotten cancer to the economy!
Of course I know a little more about my brother than you.
Help us please, uncle.
No need to get too close just yet.
Do you need registered seals, by chance?
We just got in some good ivory.
Want me to make you a seal?
Oh, there's no need for you to make me one, sir.
- Buy one. - Huh?
In that case, I'll take three. For my whole family.
I really like his cool personality.
One, two, three.
There are only two things that will win him over.
What's that?
- Ink stone. - Ink stone?
Right! My dad loves collecting old ink stones.
And the second?
Let me ask you again.
How many workers do you have? come here for a second.
Three nurses and a consultant.
Good. I have good jujube tree seals right here.
There are exactly 4 of 'em. That'd be $400.
- Perfect. - I'll take 'em.
A big spender. I really like that.
- 4 for $400. - Right.
You go to class reunions, right son?
You scared me. Okay, forget the reunion.
The second is the marines!
So, you were in the marines?
Sir, yes sir!
Once a marine always a marine, sir!
So what's your term?
Ah... the marine's representative symbols are
ribbon, eagle, and star, sir!
No, I asked what term you were in.
We are the brave man of the...
Don't you know your term!
Term 101 1 R.O.K.M.c. Sir!
Where were you located?
That's military secret, sir.
Oh, really?
You fool!
How dare you lie to me!
I'm sorry, sir.
But I speak the truth in loving your daughter.
Please, it's a gift from my heart.
This won't work on me!
We marines can't be bought!
Where'd you learn to do something so foolish!
- Sir! - Daddy!
Get lost! I don't want...
Wow, it's an ink stone!
Where did you get this, son?
You got a good eye, son.
This is very precious.
Very nice...
Sir, I forgot to take the price tag off.
It's okay. I'll get it.
- It was $3000. - Whoa!
I got it.
I got money coming.
You're home early.
A guest is coming...
Mom, Eun-ho's here.
Why's she here so often? come on in.
No, no, no, no!
Just moment! Just moment!
Wait! Not yet!
Get the cigarettes!
Eun-ho made this herself.
It helps with digestion.
It's the best fermented food our ancestors ever created.
The stench... Isn't that something commoners eat?
Yeah, how can you eat something like that?
It stinks.
How can you think of bringing that here?
But mom, you wanted to eat chung-gook-jahn before?
Who me?
When we used to be poor...
Shut up!
We weren't poor! Dr. Hwang!
I'll never eat that in my life!
Throw it out!
Really, mom?
The families should meet, don't you think?
Good job mommy~
Stop it.
What's with you.
Mommy! Mommy!
I'll crush him like a bug. He'll wish he was never born.
You'll be sorry... I can't be beat.
You'll make you regret coming here.
What a beautiful daughter you have.
Why thank you, madam.
Eun-ho looks like she never dated anyone all her life.
On the other hand, my son is smart,
rich, has a great job, good-looking...
My head hurt from all the woman chasing after him.
But Eun-ho looks like she grew up quietly
without anything like that.
I really like that about her.
I like that Ki-baek has initiative and is sharp.
Well, his IQ is only 158.
I found that when he sets on something he goes at it
without regard for others.
Being exempted from military service,
I wonder where he gets the courage...
He's flatfooted.
I offered the army $1 million to take him anyway,
but they said no.
She makes paper dolls, right?
Who cares if you don't make money
and are at social status bottom.
Doing what other people laugh
at takes a lot of courage and heart.
He's a breast surgeon, right?
Who cares if he touches women's breasts and make 'em like cows.
He makes money.
That takes determination, too.
What flattering words...
None intended...
There you are. I'm sorry I'm late.
- What are you doing here? - It's a family affair.
Who might this be?
He is ah... my father's younger brother.
Nice to meet you. I am PARK Ji-roo from Insa-dong.
You're name is Ji-roo? How unique.
It's better than a name like Dick, isn't it?
Oh my god.
What do you do, uncle Ji-roo?
I contribute to the growth of Korean traditional sculpting arts.
I sculpt wood, crystals, ivory etc. with letters...