Getting Started: Wireless N Network Camera (DCS-930L) Mac Edition

Uploaded by DLinkTV on 09.02.2011

The DCS-930L Wireless N Network Camera by D-Link.
Inside the box you'll find the
DCS-930L Wireless N Network Camera,
the power adapter, and an ethernet cable.
Also included is the manual and software install CD with a quick start guide.
For this installation, I'll show you where to download and how to install
the Mac Beta Utility from the website.
Some of the features of the DCS-930L
are the power LED light, the microphone,
the camera lens, the WPS button, the WPS LED, the reset, power and ethernet port.
Ok, let's start the installation process.
We have our router, ethernet cable,
DCS-930L camera, and power cable
plugged into the wall. Take the router and plug the
ethernet cable into an empty LAN port.
Take the other end and plug it
into the back of the DCS-930L.
At this time, go ahead and plug in the power.
Your router and DCS-930L will begin to communicate with one another.
It may take a minute or two for the light to turn green, so please be patient.
Now that we have the hard ware setup, lets configure the software.
Launch your internet browser and navigate to the website.
First thing I see is some information on the DCS-930L.
With mydlink enabled, See Your Home on your laptop, iphone, iPad.
And that's exactly what we'll be doing. Click on Home and Home Office.
Click on Network Cameras. Select Learn More.
Here is the DCS-930L web page. We'll be scrolling down to Additional Downloads,
select it which takes us to Support Resources. Here select Additional Downloads
and we’ll select the Mac OS X Setup Utility Version 1.0.03 Beta Version
which requires Mac OS X 10.5 to run.
Click on Download Now, once the download
completes close your internet browser.
Open up your downloads folder and drag the mydlink setup folder to your desktop.
Open the folder, it contains two items; an install guide and the compressed
zip file of the mydilnk setup utility. Double click on the utility zip
folder to uncompress and the mydlink
setup utility is ready to be used.
Double click on it and if you get a prompt saying,
"Are you sure you want to open?"
Select Open.
Close this window and here's our D-Link Camera Setup Utility Beta window, select Start.
The prompt will ask if the camera has a green light, select Yes.
Here our camera will be listed with the Device name, MAC ID and IP Address.
Jot down the IP Address because we'll be using
it later to configure our wireless settings.
We're gonna select our camera that is not configured yet and select next.
Set your camera's password. For security reasons you should always set a password.
Even if you try to select next without entering a password, the utility
will prompt you for a password. Fill in a password and select next.
Let's add your camera to a mydlink account. With a mydlink account you'll be able to
view your camera from your iOS device or other mobile device. If you do not
have a mydlink account, select "No" and fill in the information and select the box
with I accept the mydlink terms and conditions. If you already have an account, select "Yes"
and fill in the information and hit next.
That's it, utility setup is complete!
Let's go to our internet browser and log into our camera's user interface to view
our camera and setup the wireless settings. Did you remember to jot down the IP address?
Because this is where we’ll be using it.
Enter in the IP address into the address bar of your browser.
Enter in your information
and there's an image from the DCS-930L!
Alright, let's setup the wireless settings. Click on Setup and then to wireless setup.
Let’s enable our wireless settings. Click on Site Survey button and hit refresh.
Select the name of the router your DCS-930L will be connecting to.
Hit select.
Lastly, click on Save Settings and that's it! We're done!
Now that our setup is complete unplug the wireless camera and move it anywhere
in your home next to an outlet.