Na`Vi.DotA - Stars of StarLadder

Uploaded by natusvinceretv on Jun 8, 2012

Well i think we will surprise the public a bit
19 games, 19 wins, no losses
two time world champions
yes this is 1st minute roshan, eidolons will be made out of volves...but!
PR dont have a clue so far, but they should have a hint
no, they wont go there, wont even try
right after roshan there might be a big fight
look, Illidan goes there? no, he doesnt
Puppey only one with low hp again, Rosh dies, and here is SK
he sees the whole crowd, will he burrow? burrowstrike on two! Puppey gets hit
Shaker stun, Puppey can die...Potm finishes him
Lycan volves get a kill, 1:1, meanwhile Bane kills Shaker
Dendi gets chased by Illidan, he can die, he hides, heals up and shoots his poison dagger
Meanwhile Smile chases potm, war continues, Dendi finishes Illidan!! This is awesome
Smile chases potm near her base and gets the fourth kill, what a beginning
First minute 5 kills and minus Roshan
Opa, XBOCT gets attacked but casts his spells, casts sleep on Shaker
Venom has low hp but ulties, Shaker manages to ulti, minus 2
Puppey hits Rain, Rain also dies, minus 5 by NaVi, simply dealt with!
Plus Puppey stays alive somehow, its some miracle
Bugs fly, minus venge, shackle misses Light, Ronin must be taken out
Oh! What a black hole by Puppey on two!
No chance! Simply no chance is given to the opponent by NaVi!
Venomancer dies too
Opa, YPP.iVaN or NaVi.PPY on the chase with haste after MaNia
Slices him with his hammer, MaNia got mana for stun
Sunstriiike! Dendi!
Dendi finds SK with dd, few more hits from the ulti, Dendi is simply a king!
Dendi turns on CHLENIX and begins to own
Dendi with haste, hits Akke and needs to shackle, Miracle with a nice fissure
gets shackled, Dendi dives with haste, Akke hides.. Dendi!! nice
NaVi gather, Light also here, chicken brings something
Whatsgoing on? Dendi!! Simply legendary play by Daniil!
PGG tosses Dendi away, nobody died on DTS side, shackle!!
great powershot, minus 1, minus 2, minus 3, minus 4? no minus 3, Dendi still here!
Dendi kills one, kills another one!! Pgg jumps in...Dendi blink out!
Dendi minus three! Oh wow!! No way!
Opa, SK with haste finds son1, this is a kill
Oh! Deny by Viper! Awesome
This is XBOCT!!
Ward is here, any moment now Korok can simply come or Tiny can stun
And diabolic is on, Light recieves damage, spiders are saving him, will he hide?
Web gets dropped...Puppey gets the first blood, simple furion tp, will this be a...double kill!
What a tp from Furion! two spiders, they saved Light from diabolic
Oh Smile..hex? he is disabled and cant hex, gets lifted by Tornado..
He is forced out!! Good! He's alive
Here Dendi is caught, Veno ultis and gets damaged by Light
Miracle killed by XBOCT, Puppey alive, all good, Bulba can be killed
Bulba hexed, minus Bulba, Pajkatt! Stun him! Xboct minus Akke
Dendi! Live! Smile uses stun and ultimate...Yes!! Minus 5 by NaVi!
Pgg sees Smile but no reaction
Dagger and Smile will juke him, Dendi is here...opa, Bloodangel is near...
One coil on Bloodangel, second one...third!! What a kill
Dendi can make a double kill... and he makes it!!
Veno is here, SK burrows away, Dendi must catch him...
Dagger by Smile, Dendi shouts - minus, Gordan, carefull, potm jumps
Smile is after him and simply finishes him with an average strike
CM...fighting with Smile...
Nice!! Check out that move by Smile!
Blocking the path, minus Viktor, Smile is the King!
Opa, shackle, chainfrost also here
nice jumps of the ultimate on Socks, Socks ultis, Puppey is cursed
Dendi doublekill! chase begins, one more shackle by XBOCT!! triplekill! perfect
NaVi decide time for play is over, Dendi does a triplekill...
36 day long season
120 matches, hours of broadcast, unlreal games
4 day long lan finals, and we are finally ready to find out
the name of the 1st season StarladderTV champions!
Miracle spots Seer, stun hits, Ppy calmly survives
Enemy can be caught here, burrowstrike on two!! XBOCT casts the ulti!!
Minus one, minus two, this is XBOCT!
This is XBOCT...
Burrowstrike on Misery, Dendi forces himself, coldsnap, sunstrike.. Dendi sunstrike!!
Fifth sunstrike! Miracle, Pajkatt and Akke are here, XBOCT gets caught...
XBOCT manages to burrow out! but gets shackled...
Puppey pulls them away! In the last seconds! stun is here, Dendi continues to fight
Akke tries to run, XBOCT stuns him, Dendi, DENDI! another kill, unstoppable
Dendi cant be stopped today...Look at what Puppey pulls off!
Shackle misses, good pull by DS
Miracle is barely alive... SAND KING!! meteor, XBOCT does a doublekill
Akke tries to run but theres nowhere to go, Smile also gets the kill
Killing spree Smile, killing spree XBOCT, minus 3
Barracks, last chance for CLG, Loda turns on bkb too early
Everyone runs away, Light simply eats Loda, Misery ultis on two bkb's
XBOCT minus Miracle, Loda dies from Dendi, Dendi godlike and makes a doublekill
Akke also dies, minus four by NaVi, CLG type GG, bravo NaVi!
NaVi approach t2 tower...
Misery comes out, uses gush and ultimate on four...
Theres a ward! it deals so much damage...
Antimage minus 1, what a meteor! Wow...
Doublekill smile, 3 for 1 exchange
Xboct runs like he doesnt give a crap about anything, kills Loda
Tries to fall back but PJ kills him..
Smile tp out..? Yes, last second TP by Smile
At the bottom, Light and Dendi play their own Dota as usual...
PJ is alive, but he wont do anything solo here... Roots will own him...
ROOTS!! roots, sunstrike!! Minus Pajkatt!
Pj runs off, noo, not PJ but Akke dies
NaVi gather, 5x4, curses fly
XBOCT runs and gets a ton of damage and can die...and gets forced out!!
Perfect force staff by Dendi!
Tide ultis on the whole crowd!! XBOCT can die...
Cheese!! Heres the cheese at the last moment!
Ulti by Loda, mantastyle, XBOCT with bkb minus Misery, minus Miracle...
Smiles flies to the lane, fire breath used, enemy is pulled closer
Silent gets attacked, few more hits, Silent is taken out!
Opa, Pgg! Sunstrike flies in!
Pgg on haste chases Smile, Smile isnt able to do anything!
Now they chase Light, Pgg is chasing with no mana for stun
Vigoss also here, surge can be used by Light...
Light pulls them together... Oh Light!!!
They understand that theres problems near Roshan... 5 second silence on all
NaVi enter, Light is first! Pulls all of them... Where's black hole???
Oh my!! This is incredible...
NaVi do a minus six.
XBOCT is caught, there will be silence, XBOCT uses manta and runs
Silent hexed, pull on all, DS ultis!!!!
Was it my imagination or did Dendi just block 5 people with his wards?
NaVi turn on NaVi mode!
What a play by Light! Fifth kill by NaVi
Look at XBOCT, this is the item we were waiting for!
This is THE Knife, dear friends!!
Swap on Dendi, Dendi blinks out!! Minus pgg
XBOCT jumps, first hit, second hit...
XBOCT with a doublekill, Dendi steals the kill, XBOCT jumps on Bloodangel and uses ulti!
Moscow5 type GG, 1:2 is the score.
Bloodangel speeds up...
Light gets caught and is attacked by all enemies, minus Light...
He uses buyback! and will come back
Meanwhile morph flies in, minus Inmate, Tide enters and casts the ultimate on three!
Pgg barely alive, Light is back, Light minus 1, Light minus 2, Light minus 3!!
M5 type GG!! NaVi are the champions!!
First place of the 1st season of StarLadder!
Daniil Ishutin from Lvov, Klement Ivanov - Estonia, Talin
Sergei Revin - Moscow Russia, Alexander XBOCT Dashkevich - Kyiv Ukraine,
Dmitri LightOfHeaven Kurpiyanov - Moscow Russia
This is NaVi!